Apple's new office

Apple's new office

Not long ago, Apple announced the construction of a new office. It's just the usual news. You know, we have a lot of new offices being built in our city every day. But no, this office, not even an office, not even a building, is a work of art, this new Apple office. You don't even need to say anything, just look at it.Apple Cupertino new office

Apple Cupertino new office

Apple Cupertino new office

Apple Cupertino new office

Apple Cupertino new office

And now some numbers and statistics.

  • Planned construction period - 2014-2016.
  • Number of employees - 13 thousand people.
  • Total area - 71 hectares
  • Green area - 41 hectares
  • Fitness center - for 1 thousand people.
  • Conference hall for 1 thousand people.
  • Restaurant and canteen - 4.4 thousand.
  • Parking - 10.5 thousand spaces.
  • Project cost - $ 5 billion

The project was developed by the famous British architect Norman Foster. He is the author of a number of high-profile projects in recent years. For example, he reconstructed the famous Wembley StadiumHe designed the Hearst Tower in New York City and designed the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin.

To date, it is clear that the realization of Jobs' last dream has been delayed. His successor Cook proved to be no less of a perfectionist than his former boss. Attention to detail has led to an extreme complication of the project. The deadline to move into the new campus has been pushed back to 2017. And the figure for the total cost of the work has reached a fabulous $ 5 billion. But Cook is not afraid and believes that he will succeed.

As conceived by Jobs, the giant ring-shaped, four-story-high building should house 13,000 employees.

Around the building-ring it is planned to arrange a landscape park and equip surface parking lots (there will also be underground ones underneath), as well as premises of the research center with the area of 28 thousand square meters and a large fitness center for the employees. More than 6 thousand trees will completely cover the access roads from the office building.

There will also be a natural gas-fired power plant on campus. According to Jobs' plan, the campus should belong to the net-zero category. This is how the U.S. calls houses that provide their own energy without using the citywide power grid. In addition to the power plant, solar panels of 65 thousand square meters will also be involved in this process. They will produce 8 MW of energy - enough to illuminate 4,000 private homes in the area.

The total area of the new Apple campus will be 700 thousand square meters. This is about two-thirds of the area occupied by the Pentagon building.

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