iOS 12 concept

The new iOS 12 concept - what has changed?

The new concept of iOS 12 from Apple will be officially unveiled in May, but in the network there has already appeared data on what the main changes have touched. For example, it is known that the developers have paid special attention to eliminating deficiencies and improving the stability of the mobile operating system. At the same time, it may change its appearance.

What's new in iOS 12?

New iOS 12 concept: desktop and lock screen

Starting with the desktop, it is immediately clear what a clean iOS 12 will look like, without app names. As for the lock screen, users will be able to read the weather and more: the menu will drop down with a swipe from the front camera.

iOS 12 concept

This drop-down menu was the result of a popular request from users: many iPhone X owners complained about the need to swipe up to unlock the phone and go to the home screen. In addition, it gives users the ability to lock certain apps.

iOS 12 concept

Sound panel

Another common request is for an improved way to control volume in iOS. The new iOS 12 concept implies a Sound Bar button as "the best way to adjust volume. Not much has changed here, except for the interface.

iOS 12 concept

Guest Mode

One of the biggest frustrations with Face ID is the fact that it does not support more than one user, unlike Touch ID. The new Guest mode solves this problem. It is ideal for everyday use as well as in emergency situations.

iOS 12 concept

Application Panel

3D Touch and right-to-left swipes will be used to quickly switch between your favorite apps. This method is ideal for controlling social networks as well as any other apps and even your favorite games.

iOS 12 concept

Other features

The new iOS 12 concept includes a response to many other user requests. While it would be very interesting to see all the new announced features, many feel that it is unlikely that we will see even a close number of them in iOS 12. Especially given the recent rumor that Apple will focus on improving performance and stability.

iOS 12 concept

But in any case, the concept includes: updated FaceTime with a dark theme and support for group calls, a new Split-View with iPhone output, updates to Safari with attached tabs (or quick links as you call them), several timers , system-wide dark mode, camera app updates, notification updates, new notification customization, and more.

And finally, a short video about the new iOS 12 concept.


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