Apple's new wireless headphones: an overview of AirPods 2019 features

Apple's new wireless headphones: an overview of AirPods 2019 features

Presentation of the "fresh" wireless headphones Apple a few months

The presentation of Apple's "fresh" wireless headphones a few months ago traditionally caused a flurry of lively discussions and a continuous stream of approving comments. To read a detailed description and find out how much the new configuration of Apple wireless headphones will cost, please visit .

For a short period of time the updated AirPods 2 managed to acquire a large army of fans.

Visually, they do not differ much from the predecessor model, but internally - prepare for potential users several pleasant surprises.

Apple decided not to change the design, already loved by fans of branded equipment, but made some significant changes in the mechanism of operation of the headphones. Accordingly, the ergonomic form factor remained the same, but the "stuffing" has been improved.

Apple's new wireless headphones: an overview of AirPods 2019 features

Features of the AirPods 2

How exactly has the update affected the functioning of Apple's second-generation headphones?

  1. AirPods 2 got an improved H1 chip and built-in audio codec, which helped increase their connection speed to a smartphone, laptop or tablet by almost one and a half times. Users have already noted that the quality of the connection has also improved noticeably, and the problem of failures in the connection process has almost completely disappeared.

  2. Also, the updated CPU has made voice control truly voice-activated. Owners of AirPods 2019 just need to clearly voice the phrase "Hello, Siri" to start voice commands, while owners of AirPods 1 also have to "tap" on their body.

  3. Thanks to the increased autonomy, the second-generation headphones can be used for long calls. For example, they can withstand approximately 3 hours of active conversation on the phone. If you listen to music continuously, the headphones last approximately 4 hours.

  4. AirPods are characterized by high sound quality. They perfectly reproduce the "instrumental" and correctly transmit sound during conversations. The headphones play loudly enough and provide a continuous "broadcast" of audio books and music. The problem of sudden loss of sound seems to be unfamiliar to them.

  5. You can buy new headphones with the so-called basic case, as well as with a case that supports the wireless charging option. The second version of the case is also available in many gadget stores as a standalone product, that is, it is available for purchase separately from the headphones themselves. Such a case can be charged using any station of the Qi standard.

Of course, you will have to pay extra for the possibility of charging without extra wires For example, the headphones with wireless case will cost about 30% more than the same model in a standard case, which is charged exclusively through a Lightning cable.

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