New mobile app from PrivatBank

PrivatBank released a new mobile app "PrivatBudget"developed by for financial management. This was reported on his page at Facebook Dmitry Dubilet, the bank's IT director, said the company had been developing the application for more than a year. Due to various circumstances, the process was intermittent, but now PrivatBank ready to present to the public who use the system Androidto test the beta version of the program. The expert added that in a few weeks the version under iOSThe beta version of the app "PrivatBudget" please follow this link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/91233927/privatbudget.apkThe main purpose of the application is to give users convenient tools to effectively control personal or family finances. The program shows statements, balances and charts both for individual cards and for all accounts simultaneously. The user has the option to add other clients' cards to control the budget in a concentrated way. All transactions are automatically categorized. For each transaction, you can change the categories yourself or create your own. In addition, the user has the ability to add expenses manually using the Cash account.

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