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Novelties of the week: what to play

Novelties of the week delight us with variety - we are waiting for role-playing games and action games, original platformers and real-time strategy. In general - the choice is great, we just have to decide.

The novelties of the week are pleasingly diverse - role-playing games and action games, original platformers and real-time strategies are waiting for us. In general - the choice is great, we just have to decide.So, what were the novelties of the week in the App Store:1. SHADOW BUG111111111111To become a ninja beetle - it sounds strange, but the game in which you find such a protagonist will be quite fascinating. You will have to defend your native forest from evil forces, to chop monsters to pieces and to become a real hero. And all this will take place on the background of magnificent landscapes, which will decorate the action gameplay of this development. PRESTON STERLING222222222This adventure game is dedicated to English myths and legends and offers fascinating puzzles, disposing characters, interesting and varied locations and an exciting plot. Your hero-traveler is searching for mystical artifacts from English history, namely the legendary sword Excalibur, and you have to help him in this search.3. CATTCH333333333This cute 2D platformer invites you into an open world with lots of original, constantly changing levels, colorful, unusual and challenging to pass. Your hero will be a brave cat who goes in search of his friends with the aim of rescuing them. On the way he is waiting for obstacles and traps, many adventures, unique physics, beautiful graphics and sound - what more do you need for a real entertainment! WAR AND ORDER44444444444This is a military strategy game with a ton of action, fantasy elements, and animated real-time battles. In keeping with the tradition of this genre, you'll find territorial conquest and defense of your own kingdom, alliances and raids, care of your subjects, and training your army. LEGO® STAR WARS™ FORCE BUILDER555555555555Master the Force and build Lego space ships. Recreate legendary ships from the Star Wars saga, or, alternatively, create your own - there's plenty of room for creativity. Then choose a pilot and launch your creation into a test tunnel, avoiding obstacles and reaching high speeds. CHAMELEON RUN6666666666Autorunners and platformers is already unreal neither to surprise, nor to please gamers, but exceptions sometimes happen. Chameleon Run is just such a game, it is able to bring something new to these two genres, refreshing their mix by original gameplay elements. In it, you'll have to change the color of your character depending on which platform he has to jump on. It looks so bright, beautiful, and spectacular that it's almost impossible to tear yourself away from it.Have a great game! 

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