Nonstop Heroes - Guide and Proper Character Deployment

In the AppStore there is a new interesting game. From the first screenshots it looks a lot like Nonstop KnightI even thought it was a sequel or a clone. But no. Yes, the mechanics of the game is quite similar, but with its own features and chips. We had time to play, register a guild - Ukraina (the correct name was already taken), which keeps in the top three and can tell you about our experience. We wrote a guide for those who have just started playing or for those who are looking for a non-stressful game in transport or before going to sleep. We promise it's fun.

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Nonstop Heroes - Guide and Proper Character Deployment

What are the similarities and differences between Nonstop Heroes and Nonstop Knight

As I said, the game is very similar to Nonstop Knight, I'll figure out what's what.

Games are very similar The fact that the hero plays without your personal involvement. Passing level after level and increasing his skills, he fights without you. The maximum level of the hero is infinite. Both have a pet (a pet that fights at the side of the hero). Gold, quests, armor and weapons are all the same and equal.

And now let's go over the differences, and they turned out to be quite decent on the apparent similarity.

Nonstop Heroes is a truly endless game, and you don't have to reset the player level to start over for the purchase of some perks. You play one character from beginning to end. The character has classes - Knight, archer, mage and berserker. Each has its own minuses and pluses. I started with an archer, then connected a knight and a mage, berserker did not play yet. Slots for characters are opened for completing certain tasks.

Nonstop Heroes - Guide and Proper Character Deployment

Collected loot (armor, weapons) can be sold (automatically) or melted to get better armor or melt points for which you can buy better equipment.


Each class has its own skills, talents and those attributes that are unique to it. For example:

  • Archer: Dexterity + Fortitude
  • Knight: Spirit + Fortitude
  • Mage: Mind + Fortitude
  • Berserk: Strength + Fortitude

At the same time, attributes increase such characteristics:

  • Powers: Life and Antiphysis Attack
  • Mind: Evasion, Crete, Magical Attack, Magical Defense
  • Fortitude: Life, Antiphysis Attack and Magical Defense
  • Dexterity: Gradient, Crete, Antiphysis Attack
  • Spirit: Life, Antiphysis Attack, Magical Attack, Magical Defense
  • Luck: Marksmanship, Gradient, Crit, Durability, Physical Piercing, Magical Piercing

Clearly, you can use any set of attributes based on what you want to end up with. So far I've got everything in Spirit for Knight, in Dexterity (more) and Fortitude (less) for Archer according to game recommendations, and the same for Wizard, only with Intelligence instead of Dexterity. It turns out normal.

To switch between the characters - there is no other way but to end the game forcibly - unload from the phone memory. Re-launch and select another character. To the developers a big hello 🙂

Talents are a very useful and important thing. At first only one is available, then you can use 4 at once. Choose one to match your hero. Well, for example, almost everyone at the beginning of the game gets a talent "Schism", which suits only the Knight, because he has such a skill, and the same does not suit the archer. I would call it a game bug 🙂 And of course it's better to use orange or purple skills.


Rebirth - at first I thought it was the same thing as in Nonstop Knight, when all the levels are reset and everything starts from scratch. But no. It's just an up of a character upon achieving certain tasks, which you can read about in the "Rebirth" tab. And the rebirth itself is:

  1. Existing gold will be exchanged for diamonds
  2. Passage progress, character level and, ammunition clearing level, artifacts and skill levels will be reset
  3. Pet levels will be reset, but 60% feed will return
  4. All ammunition will be converted to fusion units
  5. All materials, except steel, will be utilized
  6. Talents, skills and fame will be fully preserved
  7. This will open an additional box for using the talent

Nonstop Heroes is a very social game, unlike, well, you know what game I mean.

Guild, World Boss, PvP, Dungeons together are just a small slice of why you need friends in the game. I created a guild in the game, so you're welcome - Ukraine (that's the name). The clan steadily holds itself in the top 3-4.

Nonstop Heroes is a very social game, unlike, well, you know what game I mean.

In the "Group Rift" section, pets are collected. When you fully pass each rift, an egg is given, which sees some kind of animal. Clearly, the purple one is the stronger one. So I got a panther on one character, and an Imp for an archer. They just have more skills + they bite harder.

If you complete all required baileys every day, you get VIP points. When you get enough of them, you will get VIP, which will give you some perks. Now rapidly gaining points for VIP2, a little, but nice.

Otherwise, it's interesting to figure out the game on your own. If I remember any other tricks in the game, I'll write.

As for donation - so far absolutely does not require. In competitions I'm in the top 100 and steadily getting closer to the top 50.

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