Nominees for the 11th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards

Information about the nominees for the 11th annual award has finally emerged International Mobile Gaming Awards. The event was judged by more than 1,000 participants from around the world. The jury, which deliberated for almost 48 hours, included such gurus of the computer game business as Tommy Palm - former creator at King and one of the developers of the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga, and Brianna Wu - head of development at startup studio Giant Spacekat.The jury carefully watched all the trailers of the submitted games, and also tested all the games themselves. Categories were mercilessly cut and then there was heated debate about who would make it to the finals.In the end, the number of nominees was reduced to 93 in 10 categories, including best narrative, technology and design. The final awards ceremony will be held March 3 in San Francisco.So, the nominees.Best innovationsSoccer PhysicsStrung AlongSometimes You DieThrees! Notespace BeatMonument ValleyFramedBoundenWatchdogs CompanionQuicker games are better.PakoUsiDoroboAlone ...ZoiCrossy RoadThrees! RetryDumb Ways to Die 2TimbermanSecret PleasurePair SolitaireZombie Highway 2Tap TitansCandy Crush Soda SagaGoat SimulatorGoLINE: Disney Tsum TsumDesert GolfingKitty Powers' MatchmakerFootLOL: Crazy SoccerFlappy Bird2048The best game with meaningScrap SquadValiant Hearts: The Great WarPapers, PleaseTwelveCounting KingdomFirst StrikeDumb Ways to Die 2The Best NarrativeThomas Was AloneThe Banner SagaValiant Hearts: The Great War50 DaysFramedGames of ThronesThe Wolf Among UsOut ThereKim Kardashian: HollywoodBest gameplayLeo's FortuneHearthstoneWayward SoulsPapers, PleaseFaster Than LightTable Tennis TouchMujoRoyal Revolt 2Motor Sports ManagerSmash Hit!Best Technical AchievementAerena: Clash of ChampionsSnowboard PartyAce Fishing: Wild CatchXCOM: Enemy WithinBoundenWorld of TanksGalcon 2VainglorySkylanders Trap TeamThe best audio, video and designGodfireNotespace BeatHaunt the House: TerrortownMonument ValleyTengamiLeo's FortuneRival KnightsFramedAlone...ChronologyBest multiplayer gameFates ForeverBrain WarsHearthstoneVaingloryBoundenMucho PartyTrivia CrackSoccer PhysicsWorld of TanksBoom BeachThe best game under developmentTropical WarsPrunePrismaticaSpace NoonKoiWings of FireTowerslashSwapquestMikmaHoardmaster

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