November 2018. What to buy: iPhone X, XS or XR. What's the difference

November 2018. What to buy: iPhone X, XS or XR. What's the difference

How much is it? What phone do you want? Why? I put it on the shelves.

As usual, after the release of new iPhone models there is a legitimate question - what iPhone to buy? If there is money, there is not much of a choice - you buy the one you like best: red or gold, for example. And if the budget is limited, but you really want to. I will try to lay out everything, especially since I am also interested in this question. I want to switch from 7 Plus and buy something out of the new phones. I choose between iPhone Xs or iPhone X or iPhone Xr, I show you the difference step by step and decide on the choice.

UPD. I bought an iPhone Xs. Exclusively so that a couple of years to not think about the choice - what to buy the iPhone Xs or something newer, like iPhone XIS. Well, I wish you a speedy choice.

What is the difference between the iPhone X, XS and XR

What is the difference between the iPhone X, XS and XR

Budget to buy

To begin with, it is worth at least roughly outlining the budget for the purchase. And to do this, let's figure out the cost of the iPhone today. We consider the cheapest model, then abandon this idea, about this later. We take a random store, so that there are no ads.

  • iPhone X 64Gb - 26 133 UAH
  • iPhone Xs 64Gb - 33 348 UAH
  • iPhone Xr 64Gb - 25 852 UAH

Based on the minimum cost, the iPhone Xr is the leader. Last year's iPhone X is breathing down our necks, but still there is a small savings of 900 UAH. Let us move on. We need to compare technical specifications to understand what we would overpay for if we buy the iPhone X or iPhone Xs.

Difference in technical specifications

I have no goal now to list all the characteristics and compare them. I will choose only those which in my opinion are essential. Besides, it is worth considering that the X is last year's flagship, and the Xs is this year's. And the Xr is just an average cheaper model.

November 2018. What to buy: iPhone X, XS or XR


X and Xs are identical in size. They are. The XR, on the other hand, is larger. The Xs is 143.6*70.9*7.7mm, the Xr is 150.9*75.7*8.3mm;


The Xs is 3 grams heavier - 177 grams. The Xr is 194 grams. All in all, you won't feel any difference.

Display diagonal

The iPhone X and Xs are 5.8'', the iPhone Xr is 6.1''. You can see that the Xr is slightly larger, but there is an important thing - the X and Xs have a smaller frame and it turns out that the visible and working part of the screen of the X and Xs is larger.

Display type

The iPhone X and Xs are OLED Super Retina HD, the iPhone Xr is IPS LCD. The OLED screen is more saturated and brighter. And the matrix on the Xr is obsolete, although frankly, to the eye it is not noticeable, in a global sense. But it is important to someone.

3D Touch Support

The Xr doesn't have support. But the older models do.

Main camera

iPhone Xs - dual, 12 MPx (F1.8, 1.4 µm - was 1.2 in X) + 12 MPx telephoto. iPhone Xr - single (F1.8, 1.4 µm). Roughly speaking, the Xs shoots slightly better in low light and you can adjust the depth of field on portrait shots. Otherwise they are the same as the X. The Xr, on the other hand, with its 1 camera stays.


The processor is better, the RAM has been added. But let's face it, no one will notice much. People use iOS 12 on the iPhone 5 just fine and don't notice any lags. So yes, it is faster, but will you use all this power to the fullest? I don't think so.

Protection against water

iPhone Xs - IP68, immersion up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. iPhone X and Xr - IP67, immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This is surely critical to you? 🙂 Especially since it is important to consider the following thing. Apple honestly warns that the warranty on the phone is not valid if water is detected in the case. Convenient, right?

Standalone operating time

(talk time): X - 19 hours Xs - 20 hours, Xr - 25 hours; surfing the Internet: X - 11 hours, Xs - 12 hours, Xr - 15 hours. It is important to understand that these data are a bit ceiling, because Apple has not said for a long time how long the smartphone should last. They only say that the battery is better and the battery life has increased by 20%, for example. Conveniently.

Wireless charging

Supports all of the above models.

That is, the Xs is almost the same as the X. Yes, a little faster. New camera chips. Slightly longer battery life, ha ha. Oh yeah, stereo sound recording and bokeh effect when shooting in Portrait mode. You can also get one with 512 Gb memory and a nice gold color. That's it. The Xr clearly loses out to last year's flagship.

Therefore, at this stage, the choice goes to the iPhone X. It is clear that for 900 hryvnias on top I get a more modern and faster device.

November 2018. What to buy: iPhone X, XS or XR. What's the difference

Phone memory

You remember that you can't increase the memory with a memory card, so you have to buy a phone with extra memory. I highly recommend not to buy a phone with 64Gb. It is not enough. It is not enough. The minimum is 128Gb, but they stopped making models like this starting with the iPhone X. Let's look at models with 256Gb and Xr with 128Gb.

  • iPhone X 256Gb - 28662 UAH
  • iPhone Xs 256Gb - 34563 UAH
  • iPhone Xr 256Gb - 30629 UAH
  • iPhone Xr 128Gb - 26414 UAH

Our decision that the iPhone X will be the best option is further reinforced by the cost. The iPhone X is cheaper than the Xr by 2,000 UAH.

The difference between the iPhone X and iPhone Xs is 6000 UAH. It's practically 20%. For my taste, the upgrades in the Xs are quite cosmetic for this cost, so I would do so.

And there is one more important point. Apple has discontinued the iPhone X. This was not the case before, usually a successful model was produced for a few more years, in this case somehow not so. It does not mean that they will not support this model, just looks a little strange. And that's a minus towards the iPhone X.

November 2018. What to buy: iPhone X, XS or XR. What's the difference


Briefly summarize.

  • If you have an X, I would continue to stay with this model.
  • If you are buying a new iPhone phone for the first time, and you are on a tight budget, the iPhone X would be a great buy.
  • If you can find 6000 UAH and at the same time you and your children will not go hungry, then buy the iPhone Xs - the best phone in 2018.
  • If you have an iPhone 6, 7 or 8, you should sell the previous one and buy a new one, depending on your budget. Like I said, I have the 7 Plus, if I sell well, I'll get the Xs.
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