Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - The Witch's Guide

The witch is a powerful melee attacker, with good speed and attacks that deal damage in her range, but low defense, which can make her a liability. She casts numerous debuffs on enemies, which can allow a party to take advantage of the situation, but is generally a selfish attacker and prototypical glass cannon.

Single Game

The witch is easy to use in single player due to her high attack and speed, allowing her to get in and out of combat quickly. She can absorb some attack damage in the form of HP, which gives her moderate toughness. Putting debuffs on enemies will also make battles safer.

Party game

The witch is a rather selfish attacking player; she provides no support to the party, and her healing only helps herself. Her enemy debuffs can be useful to create opportunities for the rest of the party, but mostly she will be used to provide firepower.

Class Skills

These are the Witch's attacking skills. They can be upgraded each time the Witcher raises his level. The skill element always depends on the equipped weapon.

These skills are always equipped in the class skill section of the attack wheel.

The piercing storm

Effects: The witch throws her spear in front of her, striking several times in a wide column in front of her. Enemies are knocked down.

Time of action: 13 seconds

Dancing Spear

Effects: The witch spins the spear around herself, dealing large damage to the area around the witch. A shield forms around the witch while the skill is active.

Time of action: 15 seconds

Wind Spear

Effects: The witch attacks with a fan-shaped area in front of her. Causes a decrease in movement speed. (Note: despite the name, the attack element depends on your current equipped weapon.)

Time of action: 12 seconds

Burst Skill

This attack is charged when using your weapon's normal attack and can be unleashed when the weapon meter is full. The skill item is always based on the current weapon.

This skill is enhanced by class rank bonuses, which occur every 20 levels up to level 100.

Perpetual Spear

Witch tosses a large number of spears into the sky, which rain down on the area around the witch. Increased damage against monsters.

Special active skills specific to the class

These are class-specific active skills for the Witch class. You can equip up to three skills in the Active Skills section of the attack wheel, and they can be combined with general active skills.

Purgatory Killer

Effect: Causes fire damage right in front of the Witch and reduces defense.

Time of action: 25 seconds

Leveling: Initial active skill; buy skill books from the Subjugation Token Store (500 tokens, limit 3 per week).

Recommendation: Great for single player as well as party play, providing a strong debuff of the enemy.

Advice to raise levels: Very useful skill for early development to increase the damage inflicted.

Twilight Nova

Effect: Causes 3 waves of light damage from the witch. Part of the damage dealt is absorbed by the witch as HP.

Time of action: 33 seconds

Alignment: Initial active skill; buy skill books from the Subjugation Token Store (1,000 tokens, limit 3 per week).

Recommendation: Great in single player to provide a good level of support for the Witch. Not very useful in a party if you have a healer, and the slot can be used for a more attacking skill.

Advice on raising levels: It is useful to raise the level if you plan to use the Witch often in single-player games.

The Deadly Spike

Effect: Deals dark damage to a large area around the selected enemy; increases the damage received by enemies.

Time of action: 40 seconds

Alignment: Buy skill books from the Subjugation Token Store (3,500 tokens, limit 3 per week).

Recommendation: A good area damage skill that can be used at a distance and also gives a strong debuff that increases your damage (or your party's damage). The main limitation is how fast you can earn tokens for it.

Tips for leveling up: Due to the high cost of tokens, it is better to hold off on this skill until you get a few levels of the less expensive Purgatory Killer or Twilight Nova.


Effect: Teleports the witch a short distance and makes her invulnerable to damage for a short time. After 5 seconds the witch teleports back to her original position.

Time of action: 25 seconds

Alignment: Reward for class rank (level 80), rare prize from an alchemical genie; battle in the Metropolitan Kingdom

Recommendation: Allows the Witch to get in and out of the middle of combat at lightning speed, and gives her temporary invulnerability so she can do so safely. Its usefulness depends a lot on who you are fighting and should be balanced using a slot for one of the Witch's attacking skills.

Advice on raising levels: Raise levels as soon as you get the books, but it will take some time.

Crystal Wave

Effect: Causes several hits of ice (water) damage in a small area around the Witch; stuns.

Time of action: 55 seconds

Alignment: Exchanging pages in the store; rare drop from the chest of a world boss level 2 or higher.

Recommendation: A powerful skill with a powerful debuff, but requires payment or a lot of luck to get a drop from World Boss.

Recommendations for leveling up: Level it up if you get the books, but it's up to you to decide if you want to spend money on it in the game.

Special class-specific passive skills

These are class-specific passive skills for the Witcher. In the passive skills section you can equip up to three skills, and they can be combined with general passive skills.

Rapid Flow

Effect: When attacking, chance to increase the attack speed of yourself and your opponent.

Alignment: Initial passive skill; buy skill books from the Subjugation Token Store (1,000 tokens, limit 3 per week).

Recommendation: A useful skill both solo and in a party to increase damage.

Advice on raising levels: It doesn't cost too many tokens to buy books, so balance it with buying books for the Purgatory Killer or Twilight Nova.

Armor destruction

Effect: When making normal attacks, it reduces the opponent's defense for 6 seconds. The effect stacks up to 5 times.

Upgrade: Buy skill books from the Subjugation Token Store (1,250 tokens, limit 3 per week); Reward from class rank (100 level).

Recommendation: A way for the Witch to passively reduce her opponent's defense, better in games where everyone can benefit from reduced defense.

Tips for leveling up: It costs a moderate amount of tokens, so focus on improving the less expensive Purgatory Assassin first. Whether you focus on it or Twilight Nova depends on whether you focus on single player or party.

Bright mirror; silent water

Effect: Every 8 regular attacks increase attack damage and guarantee a critical hit.

Alignment: Rare prize from an alchemy genie; entrance to the kingdom

Recommendation: Given the high attack speed of the Witch, this skill can significantly increase her damage. Good solo and useful in parties if your main goal is to provide firepower.

Tips for raising levels: Use the books when you get them.

The ultimate illusion

Effect: When HP drops below 20%, it briefly becomes transparent and increases protection.

Time of action: 120 seconds from the last activation.

Alignment: Exchange pages in the package store

Advice: Although this spell provides the last line of defense for the Witch, it may not be enough to keep her from dying. Its duration is very long, so it should not be relied upon in most battles if you take a lot of damage.

Advice on raising levels: If you're using currency to buy skills, you're better off buying a Crystal Wave.

Emergency maneuvers

Effect: When taking damage it changes to evasion gain (stacks up to 5 times).

Time of action: 3 seconds from last activation

Alignment: Exchange pages in the package store

Recommendation: A strong way to protect the Witch, as she has low defense, but requires spending money in the pack store.

Advice for raising levels: Decide for yourself whether you want to spend money on the skill page.

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