Touchscreen doesn't work on iPhone 5/5S: Sensor glitches

What if the touchscreen doesn't work on iPhone 5/5S

Gadgets from Apple corporation are distinguished not only by a cool interface, style and innovation, but also by consistently high quality. But owners of iPhone 5/5S quite often encounter a problem when the sensor on the iPhone does not work. Some immediately run to the service center, while others try to save their favorite device on their own. To make the right decision, you need to understand the causes.

What if the touchscreen doesn't work on iPhone 5/5S

Signs of failure

The main signs of touch module malfunction are as follows:

  • The sensor does not respond to touch or only responds in certain areas. This happens regularly or periodically.
  • There is a response, but the response to touch is delayed.
  • The display ignores any touch.
  • The device has a life of its own. It randomly opens applications, flips through documents, types characters.

To fix the problem, you need to find out why it happened.

Causes of malfunction

Usually the causes are mechanical, and they arise from the impact of some object. That is why it is recommended to buy a protective glass together with the purchase of your smartphone. Without additional protection in the event of a fall, the iPhone 5 and 5S series sensor stops functioning normally with a high probability (98% out of 100).

Water entering the housing is also likely to cause a malfunction.

The problem lies in the operating system itself, in particular, if the display is only partially inoperable. If the sensor on the iPhone glitches, the cause may be an incorrect update, freeze, temporary failure. The malfunction can be caused by software downloaded from unverified sites on the Internet. Not the fact that it is bad, just will be incompatible with the current version or will be blocked by the protection.

If there was a "machine uprising" and your iPhone 5/5S lives its own life, and even has acquired its own intelligence, then most likely it is the intrigue of the virus.

In such cases, rebooting, removing unlicensed software, reflashing the iPhone helps.

How to fix the breakage yourself

In a situation where the touch module still works, despite the large number of errors and inaccuracies, the problem is solved by a complete reboot of the smartphone. The instructions in this case are simple. We start by pressing the two keys: "Power" and "Home" and hold them for twenty seconds. After that, the device will start rebooting. If you see an apple at the end, then the action is successful.

Touchscreen doesn't work on iPhone 5/5S: Sensor glitches

Sometimes poorly matched accessories can cause the display to malfunction. If the film is not glued properly, dirt can get under it. In this case, take it off, wipe the screen and replace it with a new one.

Today there is a huge range of fashionable bumpers for smartphones, but not all of them are made with high quality. When the protective glass does not completely cover the touchscreen, it prevents the normal operation of the latter. To be sure of this, you need to remove it and check the work of the touch module again. If there is no change, you should look for the cause further.

Smartphones do not have a cooling system, so overheating of the processor can occur. The protection will be triggered and the control functions will be disabled. Simply turn off the device and let it cool down.

When you need replacement and repair

When the above steps have not led to a positive result and the display still does not respond to touch, it is likely that you need to replace the sensor.

If the touchscreen display has been replaced as a result of wear and tear, it may be that it has been misplaced or is of poor quality. Then you will have to go to the service center again.

What else affects the operation of the display? Failure of the screen matrix or microcircuits. There may be a short circuit due to internal contamination. In these cases, you can't do without the help of a specialist.

In Apple devices, the touchscreen and the screen are one unit. Therefore, if even 1mm² of the touchscreen fails, it will lead to a complete malfunction in the future. If the sensor is not replaced in time, there will be even more problems, and they are unlikely to be solved.

Installing a new sensor module

The iPhone screen cannot be replaced separately from the sensor. The touchscreen is part of the display module, which also includes the touchscreen and the display, and is part of it. Therefore, when the sensor fails, you have to replace the entire module. Broken display - again the entire module is replaced. If the protective glass is broken, the result is the same.

Qualified technicians will be able to determine the exact cause of the problem by performing computer diagnostics and mechanical diagnostics. If rebooting and other methods do not give results, the display still does not respond to touch, the technicians will professionally perform replacement of the screen module on any model. Do not expose your device to danger and trust repairs only to professionals.

Service centers may be authorized by Apple to provide service. In this case, they will perform comprehensive repairs with original spare parts, as the parts are ordered from official representatives of the company.

After completing the work, you will be given a warranty statement in writing and a receipt with the serial number of your mobile device.

You have the right to request a report from the specialists of the center about the actions performed with your smartphone.

It may happen that when the touchscreen on your iPhone does not work, replacing it will not be enough. The center's staff will definitely inform you about it.

You will choose between a complete repair or the purchase of a new machine. 

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