NBA LIVE Mobile is the best basketball simulator on iOS

NBA LIVE Mobile is the best basketball simulator on iOS

The coolest and most affordable basketball on iOS

Every year in the App Store there are as many as 2 basketball simulators - NBA 2Kxx (for example, NBA 2K19) and NBA LIVE Mobile, but the "hero" of today's review will be just NBA LIVE Mobile. And all because the developer of the game is EA Sports, it is more popular than its competitor, and, frankly, it is interesting not only as a sports simulator, but also as a project that unobtrusively knows how to extract money from users. About all this we will try to tell you, and at the same time share some useful information that will help you to be much more efficient in the game.

Gameplay in NBA LIVE Mobile

EA Sports has created a full-fledged basketball simulator that has everything except a real PvP-mode - periodically renewed campaign, daily "routine" in the form of live competitions and trainings, constant thematic events and even games with real opponents. It can't be said that NBA LIVE Mobile is a purely sports game, because it's also a collectible card game, because all the players are represented as cards with certain characteristics. The cards come in four levels - bronze, silver, gold, and epic (colored red), and each player has his own "overall" - a rating compiled as the arithmetic average of all the indicators. The higher the player's rating, the higher the overall team rating, the greater the chance of beating your opponents. Of course, users are interested in cards with the highest rating, but some rare "collectibles" are valued as much as the top players.

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The difficulty in understanding is the organization of the gameplay. In soccer everything is clear - you run around the field as a player (there is a joystick to the left), kick the ball into the goal (you direct it with the joystick and press the shot button), take the ball away from the opponent in a rollover. In basketball the gameplay is a little bit more complicated - the understandable process of moving around the court is supplemented by a rather complicated implementation of the shot, and in basketball there are two- and three-point shots, dunks, line-ups and shots from under the ring. Every player has different strengths and weaknesses: Curry, for example, is an excellent three-point shooter who can shoot from midcourt, but has no real talent for dunking; Yannis Adetokumbo is a dunker but has problems with the three-pointer; Ben Simmons has no ability to shoot. All of these characteristics have to be taken into account in determining each player's throwing characteristics, and in our opinion, the adjustments have to be much more subtle than in soccer. That's why there is a certain scale on the shot, which shows with what probability the ball will hit the basket, the player himself determines the quality of the release. To put it simply, you have to get the runner in the circle to make the shot - then the shot is perfect, and the rest depends on the shooter's characteristics.

Each player also has a preferred style of play, which you should consider and use to your advantage: snipers (they are good at long and mid-range shots), passers (they have a high percentage of passing, which is useful for passes), defenders (good block and rebounds) and "miracle" (those who break through to the ring and set up dunks). The same player can have several cards with different styles and positions.

Basketball fans aside, the gameplay itself should appeal to anyone who loves competitive sports games. In addition, there is another, practical aspect - there are only 10 players on the court, and they are much easier to scale than 22 players. Therefore, soccer has very small sprites, which on small screens are not very visible - you have to strain your eyesight to distinguish not only the players, but also the flying ball. In short, basketball is less damaging to the eyes - I tested it myself, and that's the reason I stopped playing FIFA Mobile.

And finally, despite their best efforts, the developers failed to make the game realistic. That's because Ben Simmons, who has never had a shot in his career, is throwing three-pointers, and Curry and Thomas can dunk. It looks funny, but EA Sports doesn't pay attention to these things, and they should.

A little bit about the game modes:


Developers can't just release cards for nothing-they come out as part of competitions that are timed to coincide with an event. These are usually Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eastern New Year, or well-known holidays. Top cards are very difficult to get - you either have to invest real money (quite a good amount), or a very (really oooh) long time to play the same competition to fill sets. And the top cards are released several pieces, and the opportunity to collect without money appears only for one. Frustrating, of course, but players never lose hope - from the very beginning of the event they calculate the amount of energy needed, set alarms at night, constantly watching advertising. However, most events allow you to unlock one top player without such fanaticism.

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An interesting mode that simulates the game with a real opponent, but with a small limitation - you do not play each other for real. Both players start a match, the game picks up opponents with plus or minus the same rating. Each player then has some time to play a 2-minute match, but plays each with the computer. Then the results are added up, and the one with the most points in the end wins. Apparently, the servers don't allow for a normal match, so we have to use this option. Every week the "season" resets, and you have to start over. For the victory, the player earns fans and goes up in the rating - the first 200 players get unique cards with cool players, the rest win "packs" with random players at the end of the season. And the higher the rating, the better the chance of getting a cool player.

Players in NBA LIVE Mobile

EA Sports has digitized and implemented almost every player who plays now and who played a few decades ago. So it's realistic to put together a team with Johnson, Harden, Pippen, Duncan and Shaq - that lineup looks very serious. But some players haven't agreed to use their own names, like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Which is a shame, of course, because having Michael alone would provide a steady flow of money into the game - even I, who play without a donation, would be willing to give real money for a virtual Jordan figurine in the game.

players in nba live mobile

NBA LIVE Mobile Season Zeroing

The developers made an unexpected decision in 2017 - instead of releasing an annual standalone client, they simply started zeroing out the game seasons. That is, after the season ends (just after the NBA Finals), all progress will be deleted, and only the players you saved in the current lineup will remain. All the credits, money, other players, experience, and more will be erased - a shame, of course, but active users are still participating in the game for the third season in a row. How long this loyalty will last is unknown.

How to make a lot of money in NBA LIVE Mobile

There are several options, and here's what we offer:

Participate in events every day. The easiest way is to take part in the events every day, because they give an impressive amount of coins for the first victory.

Trading in the market. You can collect players and sell them on the market, thus making money. The second option is more complicated - the so-called "sniping", when a rare player is sold at a bargain price, re-bought, and then sold for a normal amount. Sniping is hard, but it is possible - you need a special configuration of price filters, which are constantly changing.

Donate. It is also a viable option.

Here's another helpful video on how to score goals to the basket all the time in NBA LIVE Mobile:

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