The most anticipated feature in iOS 12 has been named

The most anticipated feature in iOS 12 has been named

It's hard to believe now, but in the first versions of iOS operating system, which was installed on the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, there was not even the simplest multitasking, that is, the phone could only work with one application at a time. Since then, the capabilities of Apple's proprietary OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have expanded hundreds of times, so now the owners of "Apple" mobile devices can do many things that were previously available only on Android. The operating system iOS 11 is no exception, as many new features have appeared in it.

At WWDC 2018 next June, it is expected that the The official announcement of the iOS 12 operating systemwhich will get some innovations. Its final build, available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch-based devices that meet minimum system requirements, will be released sometime in September. Amid early rumors of a future OS for Apple-branded devices, users have named the most anticipated feature they want to see in it.

As strange and funny as it may sound, but iPhone and iPad owners hope that the operating system iOS 12 will not receive any significant innovations at all. They want developers to spend all their free time on improving and optimizing iOS 11, that it works incredibly fast, stable, and has no problems whatsoever. Users are willing to sacrifice new functionality and other innovations for the sake of stable and smooth operation.

Such desires of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners are quite understandable, because the operating system iOS 11, the first final build of which was released two months ago, turned out to be one of the most unstable firmware since the appearance of iOS 7. The owners of Apple devices are used to the fact that branded products will never fail, but in practice it turns out that even the average smartphone on Android, which are 3-4 times cheaper, glitch less and work longer. Yes, if the "Apple" corporation will introduce such a "new feature", it will be very much a surprise, but this decision will be fully justified.

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