How to enable and configure the screen lock on the iPhone, set the disable interval

iPhone screen lock settings

The iPhone has been the leader among smartphones for several years now. This success is due to its high performance and quality, the variety of tasks performed and ease of use. But not all owners of this line of smartphones use its full capabilities, even the performance of the simplest actions sometimes cause certain difficulties. It is to these should be attributed screen locking.

Auto lock time

The screen is the main power consumer in a smartphone. No matter how good the mobile device is, if the brightness of the screen is maximal, the battery will last 4-5 hours at most. Automatic display locking solves this problem. The iPhone operating system has a function that is responsible for auto-lock. To turn it on is not difficult. It's enough to open "Settings", select "Screen and Brightness" and then "Autolock". Here you can see the time intervals. This is the time of inactivity of the smartphone, after which its screen will turn off automatically. The best choice is three minutes. A few seconds before the appointed time, the display will fade, after which the device will lock. Although if the early locking of the iPhone does not bother you, then you can choose 30 seconds. I, for example, set 1 minute. That's enough time.

Auto lock time

By the way, the same time is used in games. That is, when you are in the game, put the phone down and leave for business, after the set time auto-lock the screen will go out. Some games forcibly turn off this function, you need to watch for this at least.

If "Never" is selected, the autolock function will not be available.

You can also use Assistive Touch to lock your phone. It can be activated from "Universal Access" via the "Settings" application. Its activation causes a key to appear on the display on top of the desktop. With its help you can not only lock the device, but also adjust the sound, press the "Home" button, etc. This can be very useful if for some reason these keys fail to work.

Why the automatic lock does not work

After the release of iOS 9, power saving mode became available in the iPhone, allowing the operating system to impose restrictions on the operation of certain services. The mode is activated via the "Settings" application, where you need to select "Control item". The display will lock after 30 seconds of inactivity, and it will be impossible to change the time.

Auto Brightness function

This feature is enabled by default in modern smartphones. There are several sensors inside the cell phone, each of which performs different tasks. And one of them is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the display. It lowers it in dark places, and increases it in the light. The brightness slider changes its position depending on the light.

Auto Brightness function

In version 11 of Apple's OS, you can disable the "Auto-brightness" function by going like this: Settings ˃ Main ˃ Universal Access, and then "Display Adaptation". In iOS 10 or 11 and other, earlier versions, this is done through the Settings app, where you need to select "Screen and Brightness". Or you can do it through the "Control Panel", when on a locked phone swipe to the bottom - the Panel screen will appear, manually reduce the brightness of the screen. It is highly recommended in the dark time of the day and when the charge is low.

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