What the Apple Watch can do without connecting to an iPhone

The Apple Watch is designed to be both fashionable and practical. It is safe to say that we are facing the best and most perfect gadget of those that are worn on the wrist of the hand. Competitors' products cannot be even close to the Apple device.But the Apple Watch can not stay alone for a long time, it needs to be paired with the iPhone. The key function of the wearable device is to broadcast notifications from your smartphone. As soon as an event occurs, a notification appears on the smartwatch's screen with a simultaneous vibration from the line drive, a sensation reminiscent of touching the skin of your hand. You will never miss an incoming call, incoming message, new mail - for always available swipe down gesture, opening the notification center, which collects all notifications. The Apple Watch can warn you ahead of time about upcoming calendar events, as well as advise you when it's best to leave the house to get to the right place in time with the traffic situation.But how will the Apple Watch behave if they are weaned from the iPhone. In this case, the device loses most of its functionality, although it is still able to perform a number of tasks.Report timeThe Apple Watch is first and foremost a precision watch. It can do everything that a wrist chronometer should be able to do, but in a completely new way. The gadget works with the calendar and contacts. The watch faces are available in a rich assortment, and each of them is incredibly deep and detailed customizable to any tastes and preferences. You can display alarm clocks, weather, sunrise and sunset times, change colors, and detail the minutes, seconds and milliseconds. A glance at your wrist will show the time exactly as you like it.Play music and show photosThe internal storage capacity of the Apple Watch is 8 GB. But Apple has imposed restrictions on the internal memory of the device: it is divided into parts. So, 2 GB is allocated for music and 75 MB for photos. What content to sync with the wearable computer, the user decides. The data can be selected in the application Apple Watch on the iPhone.In the presence of wireless headphones or Bluetooth-speakers watch allows you to listen to music without connecting to the iPhone. Of course, the real music lovers will not be happy with two-gigabyte storage, but the average user should be enough space: the "Apple" device can be filled with up to 250 songs with a bitrate of 256 kbps. The rest of the music can be paired with the iPhone.It is noteworthy that the amount of internal memory is the same for the most affordable models Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch, as well as the Apple Watch Edition, the cost of which reaches $17 000.Track fitness activityUsing the accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer built into the smartwatch, Apple Watch detects and analyzes any movement activity of the user: whether he is running, sitting, standing, lying down, cycling, climbing a mountain, etc. As a result, the gadget forms a complete picture of a person's physical behavior, giving advice and recommendations for further fitness improvement, including calories burned.After connecting to the iPhone watch synchronizes information with the companion app "Fitness" (Fitness), which collects all the statistics. The Health Hub integrates the data with other information to form an overall picture of a person's health.Apple Pay and Passbook paymentsDue to the fact that the Apple Watch has an NFC communication module, the device is implemented, as in the case of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, support for mobile contactless payment system Apple Pay. To pay for goods and services, it is enough to double-tap the "Friends" button, adjacent to the digital head, and then put the smartwatch to the payment terminal.For security purposes, there is a security feature. An electro-optical sensor on the back of the Apple Watch knows whether it's on or off. When you put the smartwatch on your hand, you'll be prompted to enter a security code, and when you take it off, the device locks and can't be used to pay until the code you're looking for is entered again.NFC connectivity is also useful for other things. For example, the Apple Watch can serve as a digital door key: just put the smart watch to the lock to enter the house. Obviously, in the future there will be other ways to control "smart" appliances in the house, such as thermostats.With the offline application Passbook you can use boarding passes, tickets and loyalty cards. The Apple Watch can even remind you when it's time to use it.What you can't: connect to the Internet, use GPS and SiriThe Apple Watch needs to be paired with the iPhone in order to determine the wearer's location. Without this, the watch will not allow you to connect to the Internet, get GPS data and use the voice assistant. The latter in the presence of the iPhone is activated either by bringing the wrist with the gadget to your face and giving the initiating command "Hello, Siri!" or pressing and holding the digital crown.

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