Musemage: unprecedented special effects and camera capabilities

Musemage: unprecedented special effects and camera capabilities

This week, an app like Musemage is free for all iOS users. The app for using special effects during or after shooting. And recent updates have expanded the functionality and made the app more professional and competitive for similar photo and video editors.

Download Musemage for iPhone at AppStore.

Musemage: unprecedented special effects and camera capabilities

Features of the Musemage app

It is worth highlighting a few specific features.

Interface and appearance.

The main features are built into the rainbow, which is highlighted during the shooting process. But before using them, it is better to study the features beforehand, because without training, it will be difficult for an inexperienced user to understand;

Functions and effects will not leave anyone indifferent, because you can achieve the effect of falling snow, fish-eye. And additional options allow you to retouch the face, to create an impression of an aged photo;

Particularly noteworthy is the series of TimeLapse shots where there is an exposure;

New is Blue Screen, which is considered a chromakey that allows you to place an object on a single-color background, which is replaced by a layer of video. There are even ready-made templates for users with an ocean, sand, and tropical island background;

When using Magic Color, you can select objects of one hue by deleting the rest or replacing them with another color;

In addition, all the same photo cropping, framing, slicing, cloning, light effects and creating collages is present, so when you download the application, you don't have to worry about installing additional ones.

Musemage: unprecedented special effects and camera capabilities

What else does Musemage offer?

By installing Musemage for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, you can count on a couple more interesting twists from the developers, namely:

  • anti-vibration, which allows you to shoot video without vibration, in a stable mode;
  • HDR features are responsible for exposure and darkening of dark areas;
  • The use of a blue background to replace the ambiance of the house;
  • more than 40 styles with six exposures, where in addition to the black-and-white effect, there is lomo and film;

As for filters, you can use such as monster, painting, weather, deformation. In total there are six categories with 30 options. Every amateur or novice photographer will find the best filter to use. The main thing is to have time to download the app this week, while it's free.

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