MSQRD continues to conquer the world!

MSQRD - an app for fun selfies is moving towards its success by leaps and bounds and literally explodes the top of the App Store around the world!

MSQRD - the app for funny selfie videos is moving towards its success by leaps and bounds and literally explodes the tops of the App Store around the world! Just a few days ago we released a big update - new masks and the ability to export video to Twitter. Today the app jumped from #10 in the top iOS-applications in the U.S. to #4 and is almost in the top three! Recall that MSQRD is the brainchild of the Belarusian company, which is able to change the appearance of the user in real-time photos and videos.The application has become so popular that MSQRD is already being talked about on the most popular TV show in the U.S.! https://youtu.be/-zv06QW5OnMВ new update, to the existing masks added Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Harry Potter, the Joker, Iron Man and other famous heroes and funny creatures. At the moment there are 40 different images available. Conventionally, they can be divided into categories: personalities, masks, emotions, and makeup.MSQRDMSQRD is very popular with the stars - there are quite a lot of videos of celebrities trying on the masks they like. Here, for example, look who's hiding under the doCaprio mask :)https://youtu.be/gKnWmHVQlBEПриложение is very well worked out - its effects automatically adjust to the contours of the face and are even able to zoom in depending on the distance between the camera and the user. MSQRD is the best of all the app variants available with similar functionality and it's completely free.Try it, it's a lot of fun!Download from the App Store

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