Mortal Kombat X now for mobile platforms

Mortal Kombat X developer announces the release of a mobile version of the fighter

Developer of the beloved Mortal Kombat X - NetherRealm Studios - announced the release of a version of the fighter for mobile platforms. The game will be distributed for free and for iOS, and for Android.Mortal Kombat X - is a mix of a card game and a fighter, the developers said. According to them, the games on consoles and smartphones will be interconnected: participants will receive prizes in the console version for achievements in the game on a smartphone, and vice versa.It is stated that in the mobile Mortal Kombat X will be a multiplayer mode. In addition, the usual elements - powerful series of punches (X-Rays) and bloody finishing (Fatality) - will be preserved.Release of the console and PC versions Mortal Kombat X is expected on April 14. At the same time, the game is also planned to be released for mobile platforms.

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