Sasha Sobolevskaya: Chief Assistant

Sasha Sobolevskaya: My phone is my main assistant

We continue to publish about what and how the applications in your smartphone affect your life

The smartphone has long been an integral part of our daily lives, which means we continue to use Applications and again our column - "Experience of use". From there we learn the news, follow the successes of our favorite team, plan our lives, share our joys and sorrows, and communicate with friends. And so we continue to publish about which smartphone apps affect your life and how.Today our guest is Sasha Sobolevskaya, master of children's clothing at "BabyRockstars", her word.Sasha Sobolevskaya

Sasha Sobolevskaya: For me, my phone is my first and most important assistant.

Picture 1I love various lists and lists, and besides, I don't have a particularly long and capacious memory. So far, my phone and the useful apps in it have allowed me to give up a lot of notebooks, notebooks and diaries.      

Wunderlist (free, Download from the App StoreDownload from Google Play)

Picture 2Wunderlist listsThis is one of my most favorite and frequently used apps. I actively use it both on iPhoneas well as on mine MacBook. I am a visual person and adore beautiful things. This criterion is on a par with functionality and ease of use. Many apps have been deleted by me precisely because they are ugly or boring and boring to me. Wunderlist handles all my requests brilliantly. The program is bright, very easy to use and easy to understand. I love how easy it is to make various lists, add, divide and group tasks, take notes and share projects with the people involved in them. Also, the ability to attach files - is the feature that finally made me fall in love with this app  

Deluxe Moon ($0.99, Download from the App StoreDownload from Google Play)

Deluxe MoonAs a person actively engaged in yoga, energy practices and meditations, I follow the lunar calendar very closely. Absolutely all my plans for the day/week/month/year are made with the lunar calendar in mind. I have tried a huge number of apps on this topic. Deluxe Moon was the only app that fully met my requirements: accuracy, informativeness, visualization. In addition to the fact that this app is simply very beautiful, it describes all the phases of the moon in detail, and adds useful recommendations for each lunar day.Deluxe Moon     Deluxe Moon

Yoga ($3.99, Download from the App Store, free of charge, Download from Google Play)

YogaI do yoga a lot and with great pleasure. I go to hot yoga three times a week. In addition, I start every morning with a little workout. And the app helps me tremendously with that. Yoga. It contains 45 programs designed for different muscle groups, different in duration and load. What is very important for me personally is that all programs are announced by a very pleasant voice, as well as accompanied by properly selected music. Yoga - is my personal personal yoga coach who is always with me.Yoga      YogaAnd as a bonus, I'll tell you about another app that I don't use on a daily basis, but that I am absolutely in love with:

FACIE ($3.79, Download from the App Store)

FacieAppendix for Selfie lovers. Honestly, I love beautiful photos with properly selected filters and correction of small "ugly" things. On the computer, you can easily solve the issues of small imperfections on the face with Photoshop. It's more complicated with the phone. So, in those cases when you urgently need to publish a photo to the InstagramBut on this very day your cheeks are allergic to citrus fruits, you will be helped by FACIE. This app makes a photo perfect for publishing in three clicks!Facie

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