My Talking Tom 2 - even better, even more interesting

My Talking Tom 2 - even better, even more interesting

Everyone's favorite talking cat Tom got a major upgrade and is ready to play with you!

The new interesting game My Talking Tom 2 is a sequel to My Talking Tom, which everyone liked so much. Why did they create the second part, how it differs from the first game and what are the secrets of passing? Learn from this article.

My speaking Tom 2 - a free game, it is available in many languages, you can play it from 4 years old, that is to get used to take care of someone from a very early age. After all, children often ask their parents for some kind of animal - a cat or a puppy. But in real life they may be allergic, and at such a young age they do not yet know how to take care of someone. So it is worthwhile to play this simulator pet care first to get used to it. Yes, and adults who want to have a live pet, you should try yourself in this game. But if you do not have such a goal, do not get upset. All the same download this game in the App Storebecause it's a lot of fun and will bring you a lot of fun.

Although the game is free, you can make different purchases with real money. For example, these can be coins in different containers (cans, crates, carts, etc.), as well as increasing the level. If you do not want to spend your money on progress in this game, then you need to act wisely and know some secrets of the game.

New Opportunities

In this game Tom is a kitten, not an adult cat, and you can take care of the baby: feed, put to bed, cheer up, treat if he is sick (the bathroom even has a first aid kit and a large selection of medicines just in case, because Tom can be sick with different diseases, for example, snot can be treated with honey, etc.), squeeze, stroke, even drop (but it is better not to). You can take the kitten on the plane, because now in the game there is this possibility. You can play with Tom's pets, or watch him play with them. These pets can be photographed with Tom, send them flying with him, or bathe them (they behave so funny). All these new moments make the game more interesting.

my talking volume 2 review

The app has many refinements: there is new food (healthy, like watermelon or carrots, and just tasty: ice cream, mushrooms, peppers, and more); there are toys, decorations. Lots of new costumes: business, sports, funny (superhero or wizard). You can change them if you get bored. It's the same with Tom's rooms: you can think of the layout of things and change them to the ones you like or that suit your mood. There are also new mini-games, for all tastes. What are they for?


They develop attention, manual dexterity, and help you earn coins for which you can buy food, toys, etc. While your Tom is sleeping, you can play some mini-games. Each game explains how to play it; there are mini hints 🙂 So don't worry, you won't get confused how and what to play.

my talking volume 2 characters

Also in the mini-games not bad earn airplanes, and flying on the plane allows you to win some prizes in the chest (again, food, jewelry, coins, stars - all this depends on what prize you get for visiting one or another island. They're quite different here, by the way: there's Palm Island, Magic Lilac Forest, etc.). Some games allow you to earn more coins, some less. For example, 2048 and Jellybean give more coins than Tom's Flight or Space Piano. But the choice of games is huge, from logic games to action games. So you'll see what you're in the mood for and decide what to play today: puzzle game 2048, beat bricks with snowballs, collect space dust with a snake, dodge ghosts in the scary train, or some other new game.

By the way, the last mini-game appeared after the winter game update, as well as opportunities to get holiday gifts and coloring pages of the coloring book. So do not forget to regularly update the game My Talking Tom 2 to get new bonuses and play new mini-games!

Gambling money

Speaking of coins. Minigames help you earn more coins. What other ways are there?

  1. Complete tasks. You get coins and sometimes other prizes for a daily task.
  2. Viewing ads. Again, the prizes are different, not just coins.
  3. By logging into the game every day, you will receive a daily reward.
  4. Install other games from the creators of My Talking Tom 2.
  5. Visit the other cats. It is necessary to click on the circle with two cats (it is below the level marker). One of them is green, the second is black, when you click, you will see the offer "Connect", "Visit random players". Choose the second and, having spent 5 coins, you are rewarded with coins - from 5 (that is, how much you spend, so much and get, at least do not go into deficit, just stay with what is), and maybe more, up to 5000 coins. To get them, you need to click on the chest in the room where you get.

Some people advise you to hack the game to set the level of coins and your own level of play. But it makes no sense, the real heroes are not looking for easy ways. And it can also damage your phone, because hacked programs can contain viruses. And it's not really fair or interesting, because you won't be able to develop your ability to take care of your pets.

My Talking Tom 2 How to Care

There is another way: set the time on the phone backwards or forwards. Then Tom will be hungry and want to pee again, and you can play with him again (by the way, you can play with him and cheer up the kitten with the trampoline, ride him on the swings, play basketball and with other new toys). But this method is also a bit dubious, because the support service can make a warning that if you continue your actions will be imposed a ban. Also the game may glitch. But this is rather an exception to the rule, most people use this method successfully. So, see for yourself.

Increasing the level of

The last method (date or time translation in the phone settings) can be used to increase the level of your game. With new levels come new features, decorations, and it becomes more and more difficult and fun to watch your pet grow.

  1. Hunger Potion (bought with diamonds. They are given at the beginning of the game, but then fall out very rarely, so it's better to store them, because then they will be difficult to get. It's better to pass the levels this way at first, and only on more difficult levels to use diamonds. You can buy them with real money, but if you don't want to invest your money in the game, then it's better not to spend the diamonds).
  2. Feed Tom with Cabbage. Don't feed your pet after the "Satiety" mark in 100%, then it just won't do any good. It is better to buy something useful for the kitten.
  3. You can buy items that are marked about doubling (or tripling and more times) points to increase the level. These are furniture, closet, etc.

And in general - the more and better you take care of it, the faster you'll get to the next level. And the kitten will grow faster too, and new qualities will appear in him.

Tom's Character

Because Tom is a well-written character, he can feel different feelings: angry when things don't work out, upset that he's not being played with, happy when you play with him and feed him something tasty. He may be bored and he may be happy. All of these emotions will help you understand what your pet is missing, or vice versa, that he's doing just fine.

Tom needs affection, care and attention. You can take him in your arms, twist him, pet him, throw him, put him on the toilet, in the bathroom, in bed and on the plane, and the cat's mood depends on all this. And his mood is lifted if you give him time.

Like any kitten, Tom loves to play and misses his owner. So come to this game more often and please both him and yourself. And these were the main tips and secrets of the game My Talking Tom 2. Play it to your health and grow a smart and fun kitty.

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