Modern Combat Versus - a controversial shooter from Gameloft

Modern Combat Versus - a controversial shooter from Gameloft

Is a shooter that has auto-shooting pre-installed a shooter or an arcade?

Another shooter from Gameloft called Modern Combat Versus (Download from the App Store) can rightfully be considered one of the most controversial projects of the last couple of years. The fact is that it was announced on almost all gaming platforms - Modern Combat Versus can be downloaded from the App Store (on mobile devices) and Steam (on PC), but it is not a fully cross-platform application. And it is designed in the now popular style - not very cartoonish, quite bright, with a huge number of visual effects. So launching the game you involuntarily start looking for parallels with Quake, Overwatch and even APEX. But the inconsistency is evident in the reviews and ratings: in the App Store the game has a rating of 4.4 (7.7K reviews), on Steam - 6/10 (3.6K reviews), and at this point the shooter should be a success. But in reality it turns out to be somewhat different.

What you immediately notice is that Modern Combat Versus is confusing and intuitive. This, by the way, is a sin of many game clients, and Versus is not easy to understand at first glance. Although it starts pretty well - we immediately get into the in-game tutorial, which explains the peculiarities of moving on the map, shooting and use of abilities. And then we experience our first disappointment - it turns out that there is an auto-shooter and no headshots (but there are critical shots), so we do not really care where to aim. Of course, this increases the dynamics of the game - so much time can be saved. As part of the tutorial we are still taught to run along the walls, but with restrictions - this feature appears only in certain places marked by arrows. Point defense at the end is very reminiscent of Overwatch - references to it will appear more than once.

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So, after passing the tutorial we go to the main menu and spend some time getting acquainted with the interface - it's really hard to understand. The game offers to launch the first "real" battle - Modern Combat Versus is supposed to be some kind of PvP-shooter, but there are bots, which can't aim, shoot slowly and generally are very slow. There are several game modes (selected by the system randomly):

  • Capture zone - in the center of the map there is a small area that you need to capture, that is, kill all the enemies who are in it. Then the zone must be held - do not allow the opponents to knock you beyond the outlined boundary. You need to hold the zone for a certain amount of time, at the top of the screen there is a corresponding scale that displays the process as a percentage. Very much reminiscent of Overwatch, since it also has a similar mode.
  • The reward is the collection of materials after a kill. In fact, you kill your opponents and get "trophies," that is, what's left of them. The team with the most "trophies" in the allotted time wins.

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The gameplay seemed to us sparse - you just need to aim in time and react to enemy attacks. The first time we get only bots, which we cope with very easily, so the first death will come after a while, when the game will give us real players. Running along the walls here is not as important as taking the right position - you can get to the right place not only along the wall, but also on the ground. So you constantly need to look out for enemies on the location and react to their appearance - such gameplay bores you after 5-10 minutes. The developers are trying to make it more diverse - there are a lot of different characters in the game, and each one has its own type and attack speed, as well as unique features: tanks hit from the hand, snipers take long-range positions, there are characters with guns, shotguns, paired pistols and so on. True, they look the same as robots, differing only in coloring, number of weapons and gender. Many, again, have their analogies with Overwatch - instead of Reinhardt there is a tank with a katana running around, there is a Soldier 76 (with almost the same coloring), Sombra and many others.

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Modern Combat Versus, in our opinion, lacks scale (the maps are small and not very clear) and combat dynamism - the whole battle usually takes place in one point, it is very difficult to participate in battles in different parts of the map. In the end, the winner is the one who acts more cohesively and has a universal peak - as you understand, it's difficult to achieve this in an online game. Therefore, if there is no team action, you have to win through individual skill - we are talking about shooting and aim. But if the shooting is done automatically, then skill = positioning. So you need to study the maps and find the right places, set ambushes or choose the safest points on the base defense.

Nevertheless, Modern Combat Versus should be played, because with the existing disadvantages there are also a lot of advantages. For example, the dynamism of the game - it's not like PUBG Mobile where you have to shoot for 10-15 minutes from the beginning. Although the characters are similar to the ones from Overwatch, they are still independent and interesting, well designed, and even have some sort of character. A graphics in general is one of the best on the market - that-that, and draw in Gameloft know how. That's why it's a must-have, thanks to the fact that it's completely free.

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