Mobile Legends: A Guide to Claude

Mobile Legends: A Guide to Claude

He lacks just a little bit to become the best shooter in the game. Let's fix that injustice!

Somehow we started to play very actively in the Mobile LegendsSo there will be a lot more relevant material on our site - here you can read our game review. We hope that our personal observations (framed as The metha guide for season 12) will help you get to at least "epic" - I'm stuck there and can't get any higher. Apparently, that's the limit for now, and better results require better micro-control, understanding of the game, and the right characters.

Let's start with the fact that I am a former League of Legends Platinum player, so I adapted to the game faster than usual. As it turns out, the current meta doesn't really like jungle-oriented characters, so pure woodsmen don't belong here. The leader doesn't have to be a mage/killer, and the top doesn't always have to be a tank/fighter. But the shooters (adk, ad kerry) are the same in both games, and I decided to focus on them. Points in the game gained slowly, so spend them wisely - I fell for the shooting list and reviews, so instead of Kimmy bought myself Cloud (according to reviews Kimmy harder Cloud). At epic, the stats got a bit messed up, and right now I have a win rate of just over 60%. I'll tell you what to do.

claude mobile legends guide

Cloud: at first glance

To begin with, Cloud is a tier S character, but inferior to top Kimmy because he can't do tons of damage early and mid-game, and he's also much easier to approach. In my opinion, he's completely useless until level 4, can't kill on his own, does little damage. Opens up closer to leit, and if properly zoned, farmed, and caught timings, you can win games solo. He is not very demanding to micro, is extremely mobile and knows how to breed by jumping over walls with his second magic. Since Escape is very important for the shooter, he is much better than the other available characters, but you should be prepared to rip on him only late in the game.

Cloud's abilities

The first magic takes away some of the opponent's movement and attack speed in the ability cone, as well as dealing a little damage. Useful for cutting the opponent's speed, shutting down assassins in a lockdown, or catching up with them, it's very rare to get a kill. Because of its stats, it is not very useful at the beginning of the game - there is nothing to cut, in the leyte 10% attack speed is very decisive. Plus, of course, wild deceleration - 20% from movement speed. Useless at the beginning of the game, you can spam on the line if you can not trade blows with the other team's kerry, because the magic does a little damage.

The second magic allows Cloud to make cool muves - you can throw a monkey into the bushes, attack your opponent, divide him into spells and fly away into the bushes. And you can swap twice, if you use the ability rolls correctly. At the same time, the monkey does some damage, which helps in leyte 5x5 lockdowns. True, this ability gets in the way of the Clouds very often - you can get caught up in the game and jump for a fleeing enemy and get ambushed. In the leyte you should try to keep the abit ready in order to react in time to get out of the teamfight, especially if you get initiated a lot. The ability is guided - where you point the "cursor", that's where the monkey will jump.

Cloud's ultimates resemble the Reaper's ultimates from Overwatch - he starts shooting around himself and inflicting physical damage. Despite its apparent effectiveness, in reality it is less scary - you can be seriously deceived. Often Clouds try to enter a teamfight with the second ability, press the first and ultimates, but in response get a stan and die, because the stan disrupts the ult. So use the ulta carefully and don't try to catch all the enemies - I personally needed to lose a dozen games to understand this.

Some useful tips when playing as Cloud

  • Farm as much as possible wherever you can. Get creeps on the line, green dots and coins (normal allies will give you coins themselves)
  • Positioning is very important - at first you are not very useful, because you open up in the leyte. Help fighters from afar, do not climb forward, dive under the tower on the situation. Cloud is good to collect assists first magic, take advantage of this and get extra gold. Do not break into a teamfight, stand at a distance and shoot at the nearest enemy. If necessary, break the distance with the second abilment, because live Cloud is always more useful than dead Cloud, even if you zatanked 2 or 3 ults. The only exception to this exchange is when you exchange for the entire enemy team, your 4 allies miss and end the game.
  • Don't try to hit a lot of characters with the Ulta, two will be enough if you kill or at least guarantee critical damage by shutting them out of a teamfight. The ult is knocked down by stanami, which are in abundance in the meth right now - we can't get all the initiators off, so we are countered by a sufficient number of characters. You deal more damage from your hand in the loot, so when fighting 1x1 and 2x2, it's better to hit with auto-attacks.
  • Play with a team. Cloud has potential for split-push, but not as effective solo. If the situation is such that you can empty two lines at the same time (for example you made -4, go to mid and top, and the remaining opponent let go the bot) - play yourself, but it would be better if you take care of mopping up the lines or forest.
  • Always have the second skill at the ready - some Clouds throw the monkey forward to deal a little extra damage and deprive themselves of escapes. Such adcs become easy targets.

Assembling on the Cloud

The difficulty of the build on Cloud is that he has 2 options - against tanks/fighters or against mages/killers. Depending on this, we take either the Golden Staff or the Crimson Ghost. The rest of the items allow us to unlock the potential of the chosen build.

Claude's Guide


Sword of the Demon Hunter - A top item for Cloud, gives +35 to attack and +25% to attack speed, as well as 9% of additional damage to the current target's total health, plus folding vampirism. The eteme makes you feel great against tanks, as it takes a percentage of your opponent's total health. This sword is the first one we collect and we always take it, no matter what build we're in.

The Demon's Shoes - If it's not a big waste of mana (you can feel it in the game), you can flip them over to Haste Boots to increase attack speed in your hand. However, if you don't spend much mana (you can feel it in the game), you can throw them over to the Boots of Haste to increase the attack speed from the hand.

Gold Staff Bild (11,970 coins, first on the picture)

Sword of the Demon Hunter, Boots of Haste, Gold Staff, Scythe of Corrosion, Wind of Nature, Blade of Despair. We take the Boots of Haste here, since we don't need to cast the first magic often to steal movement and attack speed, since we turn into a machine gun ourselves (according to the build). Kills a 6-slot Minotaur in 5.35 seconds.

Crimson Ghost Bild (12,330 coins, second on picture)

Demon Hunter Sword, Demon Shoe, Crimson Ghost, Berserk Fury, Deathblade, Blade of Despair. According to the build feels that not much attack speed, so the first magic should be used on FC, including during farming and teamfights. That's why we take boots on mana. Kills a 6-slot Minotaur in 6.20 seconds. But you'll be much more effective with auto-attacks than with the first build. The choice of build depends on the composition of the enemy team.

We are only afraid of those who have burst damage and stan - the traditional Minotaur, Chu, Guinevere. The rest, as a rule, are not afraid - rather, they will be afraid of us. The rest comes with practice - try different builds, different swing options, emblems. But most importantly - you need to stay flexible, no need to stupidly gather on the build. Not enough health - take something away and add Shield of Athena; if you often get targeted, you need to buy Immortality; if you need to launch quickly - take Malicious Growl. And don't be afraid to play, Cloud is a great character!

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