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Mobile Legends: Bruno guide - into a legend in 2 weeks

Top 1 shooters in Mobile Legends right now in February 2020 - Bruno (Kimmy and Vanwan might be in contention for this title), so if you want to upgrade your rank, I recommend getting this character. I don't have very good stats on Bruno (37 games - 54.1% wins), but I upgraded the legend in almost 2 weeks of continuous play. I figured out a little bit about the nuances of playing as Bruno and put it all together in the Bruno Guide from ML, so you can tear it up like I did.

Let me say at once - the shooter's position closes almost the very first, so on the lower peaks you have to choose either tanks (very often) or fighters (less often). The last few victories I won thanks to Oleg, he honestly "dragged" me to the legend on his signature Harley, which confirms another game thesis - you need at least two adequate players to win.

Mobile Legends: Bruno guide - into a legend in 2 weeks

Since everyone's talking about Bruno's strength and leit-potential, this is a popular pick in Mobile Legends (a sampling of all ranks) - if you look at the overall stats from last month, he has a 51.4% win rate and 5.03% picks. So even if you take the shooter's position, there's no guarantee that he won't be in the opponent's ban or pick.

Generally speaking, to play Bruno perfectly, you need several conditions: you have a high spade, you spade before your opponent, you've been given the shooter's position, and you know how to play Bruno. It's the last condition that we're going to deal with now.

By the way, Bruno gets picked in spades in regular MLBB championships as well. For example, the Indonesian team Onic Esports purposefully picked him in games 2 and 3 - game 2 didn't end well for the team (and the series tied), and in game 3 Bruno gave 6/0/3 status and closed the series 2-1. You shouldn't rely on pro players' picks though - they often pick up a complete setup or draft from opponents' picks, so this player may not always fit the team in terms of synergy.

Bruno's overall assessment


  • Dense hand (though it's more accurate to say "foot")
  • In the leyte, if positioned correctly, it's just a damage machine
  • There is an escap and a small disengage (due to the second skill)
  • Reduces damage, which is not bad either
  • The low movement speed is counterbalanced by skills


  • Low base movement and attack speed
  • Dependence on pharma and buffs

Bruno's abilities

Mechanical legs (passive)

If any of Bruno's abilities deal damage to an enemy, his critical hit chance increases by 4% to 20%

There's not much to say about it - the shooter has a potential for crits, so you need to swing him into crits for an even better chance at proc crits. Obviously, cor items in this case: Crimson Ghost and Fury of the Berserker.

Impact in flight

Bruno kicks an energy ball towards the target, dealing 200 (+ 70% physical attack) physical damage and reducing the target's movement speed by 60%. Bruno can pick up the ball and kick it again - as long as the ball is not on the ground for too long.

Bruno's main skill, which gives a boost to the damage, you should try to use it in lockdowns, and ideally - catch the ball on the fly. The mechanics is pretty simple, but requires skill - if you've played League of Legends, there is something similar in Draven's axes. If you don't catch the ball, then at least squeeze it in lockdowns to deal extra damage to enemies. Since the ball slows down the enemy, it makes it easier to catch up with fleeing opponents - in general, it's a very useful skill.

Interception of the ball

Bruno rolls forward, stuns the enemy, deals 140 (+ 40% physical attack) physical damage and increases movement speed.

Usually used to break the distance if you are attacked by Helkart, Alucard or Chu. But in 2x2 exchanges you can try to catch that character, which you focus, kill him and create numerical advantage. Take advantage of the situation skill - sometimes it's better to exchange 1x2s but fly into a crowd, and sometimes it's better to avoid a 1x1 skirmish. Plus don't forget about the fact that the skill gives an increase to the movement speed, coupled with the first skill you can catch up with the enemy very easily.

World Wave

Bruno hits an energy ball towards his opponent, dealing 250 (+95% physical attack) physical damage, slowing the target and reducing his armor by 3 points. The ball will then bounce between surrounding targets, dealing 88 (+ 40% physical attack) physical damage per hit. The armor reduction effect lasts 8 seconds and can be compounded up to 3 times.

Logic dictates to initiate from the ulta to lower enemy armor. However, this is not always possible, because enemies can burst in from different directions and not get into the range of the skill. So try to use it as soon as you approach a lockdown, or when you start being attacked - that's the easiest advice.

Assembly on Bruno

what to collect bruno bruno

I play with this build, it is in principle comfortable.

  • We take the monster knife because we constantly leave the line to kill monsters, and the knife gives boosts to the attack.
  • Infinite battle rolls after our skill, that is, activating the ball we issue a combo of two dense hits - first the ball connects with a lot of damage, then connects auto-attack with 85% pure damage.
  • Berserker's Fury and Crimson Ghost get to increase the roll - I'm not going to bother calculating the crith chance, just stipulate that Bruno gives a critical attack in every second shot when he's boosted.
  • At the end take the Blade of Despair to increase the physical damage "from the hand.
  • If you collect 6 slots, you can sell the boots and buy either Resurrection or Wings to increase survivability. Some suggest taking the Shield of Athena, but that's not a good choice.

Bruno's guide - how to play him

The new season gave you the opportunity to farm blue and red buffs in the forest (just like in League of Legends). The red buff gives a boost to your base attack and allows you to burn your opponents with additional damage. That's why it's crucial for you to ask the bottom line and pair up a tank/sapporter with Mask so you don't have to share experience and gold with him. So hope for a perfect game and adequate allies, then your farm rally should be like this:

1. go to the red buff and ask a tank/supporter to help, having previously purchased a knife. Kill the monster, give all the green orbs to an ally. Position yourself in such a way as to have time to finish off the creeps in time with the second skin to the lower tower.

Bruno's guide - how to play him

2. Then look at the situation - either you have time to finish all three creeps on the line, and then go to the green point - on the bug, or vice versa.

how to play bruno mlbb

3. Then you go to the yellow dot and take the coin.

bruno bruno guide

4. After that you, as a rule (depending on who went with you + on the wagering opponent), get a 3-4 level and can crush the line. If you're up against a solo topper, you can just brazenly fluff, and then you'll have to come to you forester. If you're up against two, just "bite" your enemies without being too cheeky under the turret, and drain them on health.

Basic recommendations

They are no different from the usual game as a shooter:

  1. Swap with enemies. Due to the fact that you have a red buff (and in the long run you will constantly take it away), you should dominate such exchanges. Meaning, a mutual exchange of blows, in which you are supposed to come out the winner.
  2. Get the turtle. This is really important for snowballing. Take the turtle if it spawns on the bot, and ask the topper/meader/forester to pick up the turtle on the top.
  3. Don't play aggressively at the beginning of the game. It feels like Bruno is not very good at exchanging up to at least three abilities (because boots don't give an attack boost, and knife needs to be taught), so avoid all sorts of Grangers and Kimmy.
  4. Stay out of the crowd of characters and wait for your tank or the enemy tank to initiate. Ideally you should stand behind everyone else - fighters and tanks provide frontlines and soak up the damage, you and the mage shoot at a distance, and you should hit the enemy closest to you, not target anyone.

Basic recommendations

In solo I recommend to take the Shield, in the team - the Flash. Because solo you need survivability, it is unlikely that someone will protect you, although there have been cases). In the team everyone understands that Bruno becomes a killing machine in the leyte, and it's better to protect him, so you add Flash to your second skill.

I hope you enjoyed this Bruno Guide and that your skill on Bruno continues to grow. Have fun playing, and see you at Legend!

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