Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms guide tips, secrets, strategy

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms - tips, guide, strategy, top heroes

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms is an ambitious RPG-strategy that provides a whole new format of such games. There's no nerdy enemy-casting and the usual mechanics. Here you control your own army, hired in a nearby tavern and raised and nurtured by you personally. Large-scale battles, tactics, change of strategy during the battle and other features of a great commander - this is what you will face in Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms. In order to play comfortably, you need to know some nuances and tricks and secrets, so we recommend you our Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms guide with tips, walkthrough and possible strategies in the strange game Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms.

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Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms guide tips, secrets, strategy

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms guide tips, secrets, strategy, top heroes

Tip #1: Attack from the rear

Almost any battle will be won if you can attack the enemy from behind. It should be clearly understood that there is an antidote for every kind of troops. That any enemy can be countered with his "perdition". To learn about this in detail - take a local tutorial. The most important thing to understand is that the cavalry (Calvary), if there are no enemy troops against it, rushes directly to the enemy's rear, and there already starts to crush weakly defended archers, crossbowmen and other troops in light armor. Correctly positioning your cavalry will give you a huge advantage in the game.

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms guide tips, secrets, strategy

Tip #2. Take care of your rear end

Similar to recommendation #1 - break through to the rear, it is crucial to protect your own rear from enemy heroes invading it. Foot troops such as Infantry, Lancers and Maulers will always attack those troops opposite them in the same line. Protect your Archers and Musketeers by placing foot troops in front of them. Keep an eye on the enemy Cavalry. Cover your Flanks. Place Infantry, Lancers or Maulers in front of your Light Archers or Musketeers and they will be safe.

Tip #3. Do all upgrades (when you level up)

As King, so are his subjects. Upgrade all buildings, all waxes, their skills, etc., anything that raises your level, the level of your heroes and your troops. There's usually no shortage of gold, so you don't have to save up much. Upgrade as soon as you level up or unlock a new build type. Don't forget to dress your troops in armor and weapons obtained on the battlefield and in quests.

Tip #4. Mastering Combat Management

Explore your troops. The developers have taken great care in character development. For example, Lancers and Infantry seem to be almost identical, but Lancers have slightly less health, but more defense. You can increase these indicators by putting on equipment (armor and weapons). You can also increase the level of the squad and the number of warriors in the squad.

Top Mini Warriors Heroes

The heroes available in the game are the type of troops with stars. I will tell you about heroes with 3 and 4 stars. Each of these heroes can decide the outcome of a fight. For convenience, heroes are divided into 3* and 4*, but this by no means means means that all 3* heroes are less useful than 4*, but actually, why they are useful and how to use them below.

Top 4* Mini Warriors heroes - 37 in total, from strong to weak

  • Merlin - Mage, IMBA, the strongest and most necessary hero in the game, his skin - mass lightning, can mow down entire squads and decide the outcome of the battle, there is only one drawback, that to get it you need to buy 3000 crystals, so most of it is not available.
  • Nicholas - equestrian archer, the skin deals damage to all enemy heroes on the map, due to which always gives the maximum damage per battle on the heroes, must be in order. ё
  • Bellerophonte Sarki - Musketeer, a very strong mass skill, always at the top in terms of damage to troops, should definitely be in order.
  • Galahad - Light cavalry, deals damage with a skin and stuns the enemy, must be in order.
  • Lancelot - Light cavalry, the skin deals damage and heals itself, slightly weaker than Galahad in characteristics, but at the expense of the treatment rules, must be in order.
  • William - Infantryman, good stats, great mass skill, in the first row anyway.
  • Morgana - mage, the skin - imposes a ban on the use of skils on the opponents, the only hero capable of effectively countering the enemy masses, must necessarily be in order.
  • The Uriarch - Light cavalry, the strongest hero in the game in terms of stats, a skin against enemy heroes, you can get only vdonativ 10000 crystals, so practically irrelevant.
  • Edward - Musketeer, a good massive skill with a stun for 5 seconds, should definitely be in order.
  • Gawain - pikeman, a very good defense for a pikeman, mass-skill, to put or not in the first line you decide, but be in the order must.
  • Connon - Wild equestrian, very good stats, strong minions, excellent skill against enemy heroes. The hero is certainly strong, but you can only get him by pvp quest for a very long time, when as a rule there is already formed order. What to do with it then is up to you.
  • Sarah - Mage, mass healer, unlike Phillips heals both heroes and units. Can significantly affect the outcome of the battle. Either Sarah or Phillips should be fine.
  • Phillips - Mage, only heals heroes, but much stronger than Sarah. Can significantly affect the outcome of the battle. Either Sarah or Phillips should be fine.
  • Jined - Infantryman, good stats, the skin that increases the damage of all those nearby in percentage, at the beginning is not very relevant, at the later lvl useful. Mandatory in the first line.
  • Ignatius - lance player, just a great skill that passes some of the hero's damage to his minions, in addition, this damage ignores the enemy's defense. In the early stages is not very impressive, but in the later stages is practically unreplaceable. I think it's a must-have.
  • Octavius - Infantryman, an interesting skil, the less he has life, the harder it hits, if the hero is pampered the effect does not disappear, the most important thing is that the skin works on minions. Must be in the first line.
  • Kelly - Crossbowman, the biggest chance to dodge, the skil is able to kill the enemy hero with a single shot. Can't say that it's a must-have, but it's still recommended.
  • Leonidas - Lanceman, strong attack, critical damage increasing skil, very painful to hit, but dies quickly. Can't say it's a must-have, but still recommended.
  • Helmar - Infantryman, very good stats, makes 3 copies of himself, relevant at all levels. Candidate for 1 line.
  • Kirsa - Mage, the skin makes copies of enemy heroes (can copy the enemy Merlin), one of the most interesting and ambiguous heroes, I personally do not really like it, but there are many players who are crazy about it, in general, decide what to do with it.
  • Elizabeth - Mage, 8 seconds to burn 56% of enemy health, fully disclosed only at high lvl, at the early stages useless. A controversial hero, to put or not to decide.
  • Gill.De.Re. - Defender, damage return skil that works on minions as well, currently the best tank in the game. Worthy candidate for the first line.
  • Hyacinth - Light cavalry, the first 15 seconds of combat heals all allies surrounding the hero. On its own, as a cavalry, not very interesting, but if you use it in conjunction with Octavius and Gill.De,Re. then get quite interesting. If you have Gill.De,Re. and Octavius is fine, you can use it, if not I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Shazo - Defender, Massive Attack Decreasing Skill. Candidate for the 1st line.
  • Eugene - Defender, at short intervals throws a shield on himself and 1 allied hero, which all the damage received from the skills, turns into a cure. 1 Line Candidate.
  • Belator - Mage, turns enemy soldiers and heroes into sheep, depriving them of defense, useful in the late stages. A controversial hero, to put or not to decide.
  • Edward - Mage, runs and throws a damage bonus. Useful only when he casts on Nicholas or Merlin, which is not always the case. A controversial hero, to put or not to decide.
  • Carter - Defender, not a bad tank, the skill increases the defense. A candidate for the 1st line.
  • Carl.Martell - Defender, the skin can add 4 points of morale when triggered, the only hero with the skin of this plan, but considering that it is the hero of the first line and dies usually quickly, it is of little use. He's a controversial hero, so it's up to you whether to cast him or not.
  • Urza - lancer, the skill is practically useless, until he resurrects, as a rule already decided the outcome of the battle without him. A controversial hero, it's up to you whether or not to use him.
  • Bellerophonte - Riding archer, the skin calls for additional units, as the units are weak, then both the skin and the hero raises great doubts about his suitability. Take it at your own risk.
  • Hilda - Light cavalry, runs and every 20 seconds lowers the attack of a random enemy hero. Take it at your own risk.
  • Reinhardt - Infantryman, a skill that gives invulnerability for a few seconds, in fact very weak. A 1-line candidate. Take it at your own risk.
  • Alash - Crossbowman, the skill increases own attack and passes his dexterity to minions, but dexterity does not save from massive skills, so it is not very useful. Take it at your own risk. One clarification, written above is valid up to level 150. From level 150 + because of the dexterity of minions, it is often used as a tank, and quite successfully. But again, this is at 150+ levels. He's still useless at primary levels.
  • Hedwig - Crossbowman, the skill does not deal much damage to the enemy hero and increases the roll time of his skil, stats are mediocre. Take it at your own risk.
  • Alcide - Light cavalry, the skin increases the protection around him, in practice, that's not very helpful. Take at your own risk.
  • Robinhood - archer, a skill that lowers the defense and dexterity of the enemy hero. Until level 150, he deservedly occupies the last line of the rating, but at 150+ levels its usefulness increases very much, I will not explain why, by the time you'll understand yourself. But it doesn't change the fact that for low and medium levels Robin is the most useless hero.

Top 3* Mini Warriors heroes - 62 in total, from strong to weak

  • Azod, Baron, Seva, Scott and Rowan - archers, the skill - deal huge mass damage, the 4* has no counterparts. Almost every self-respecting player can meet from 2 to 4. More useful than half of the 4* heroes.
  • Absalom and Englefield - archers on horseback, the skin - deal huge damage to all enemy heroes, similar to Nicholas, only the skin deals 40% less damage. It is worth clarifying that as a rule of 3* heroes, in addition to the usual archers, take either them, or the cavalry, or musketeers. You can't fit them all in.
  • Reed, Newman, Vick, Grayson and Malik - Light cavalry, mass damage + stan, similar to Galahand, only slightly weaker. Very strong in the early stages.
  • Alfred, Bernard, Donald and Gerald - Musketeers, a skin - deal huge mass damage, analog of Sarka, only weaker accordingly. It is worth clarifying that as a rule of 3* heroes, in addition to the usual archers, take either them, or archers on horseback, or the cavalry. You can't fit them all in.
  • Lylek and Grizel - Infantrymen, the skin - mass damage, similar to William, well, it's clear that the weaker. Rule at the early and middle stages of the game, although often can be found at the high lvl players.
  • Maximus, Marshall, Omar, Wade and Milo - Lances, Massive Damage, similar to Gawain, but weaker. Rule in the early and middle stages of the game, although often found in the high lvl players.
  • Ponsonby and Roderick - wild archer and wild infantryman respectively, you can get by the quest pvp, no analogues. Archer shoots far and strong, infantryman has vampirism. Not bad heroes, but since the early stages of the little use of them, and in the later stages as a rule, they have nowhere to put. Debatable heroes, it's up to you to decide what to do with them.
  • Thor, Baldwin, Noah, Sandy and Dudefela - Infantrymen, a skin - throw invulnerability on themselves for a few seconds, similar to Reinhardt, but weaker again.Worth taking only when well there is no one to put in the front row. In the long run you need to get rid of.
  • Rodney, Hingston, Renshaw and Spray - lances, Leonidas analogues. Only if none of the above are present. In the long run you need to get rid of them.
  • Tunalius, Valentine, Mcue, Lambkin, Yuna, Gedda, Offelia, Priscilla, Elena, Dean, Stephan, Kent, Primo, Audrey, Harlan, Chloe, Kid, Klaus, Joseph, Ronald, Diana, Myron, Cecil and Matt - In short, all the others who are not listed above. Forget about them, you can run with them in the early stages of the game, when there is simply no other heroes, but they are mandatory to replace in the future.

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That's all the tips and tricks for today Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms. If you have any other tips or tricks - leave them in the comments below!

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