Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - Jubilees Made a Diabloide

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - Jubilees Made a Diabloide

You can play in automatic mode

Ubisoft this week released Mighty Quest For Epic Lootthat you can already on the App Store for free. As it turned out, a product with a similar name by the developers was introduced earlier (more precisely in 2015), but in a slightly different format, more like King of Thieves - the player had to attack other people's castles and defend his own. As you understand, any poorly made analogue of "King of Thieves" from ZeptoLab will lose to the original, so Ubisoft decided to move in a different direction and coolly remade the application for mobile devices. Now we'll tell you what's what, and most importantly - a little Guide from us.

But, As we said before, the "week of announced diabloids" has been slightly delayed and increased to a "summer of announced diabloids," and Mighty Quest For Epic Loot for iPhones looks completely different. Now it's another wanderer with a good RPG component, which has been made in such a way that you can control a character with just one finger. That is, you can play Mighty Quest For Epic Loot with one hand - the interface is made so that the protagonist performs punches on the screen on taps, he knows how to dodge (swipes), as well as conduct super-strikes.

Controlling movement is also very simple - you pull in the right direction and the character moves. If necessary, you can activate the automatic passage - then you will only need to roll and use the skills. It seems like a small thing, but the game sessions should increase, because then you can play passively.

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The protagonist kills enemies, finds chests and gets useful loot that he can put on himself. The game provides the opportunity to use the following slots:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Weapons (main)
  • Shield
  • Shoulder pad

Items are also separated by rarity:

  • Blue - normal
  • The green ones are so-called "set" items, which activate a certain passive ability if you collect several of them
  • Orange - legendary loot with passive skills

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Guide

Combine Your Skills

The game allows you to choose which skills you can learn, and that way you can put together a useful combination that will help you in combat. For example, it's possible to use Black Hole to pull enemies together, which gives you room for a second skill - to do area damage (with Explosive Flower), to throw them back, to poison them in the end. Also, skills need to be tailored to your playstyle - this depends, among other things, on whether you're playing by yourself or in autoplay mode.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot guide

Don't play in automatic mode

That's because you're breaking the main Diabloid commandment - "explore every corner. As you've noticed, when you play the game by yourself, it tells you how many enemies are left alive and how many chests you have to find. Automatic mode deprives us of this possibility, and you can miss some cool item. However, nothing stops us from switching between modes, but then the game will need to pay as much attention as when playing "by yourself" - so why, in that case, use autoplay?

Getting cool weapons is possible, but difficult

As you understand, f2p game will require more attention to itself, so you will have to enter it every day, receiving daily rewards. Plus, you will be given keys (with which you can open cool chests) and gems (they fall out for the first passage of the dungeon, as well as for participation in events). As a last resort, if you decide to donate, buy 1350 gems - you'll get ten epic chests for the price of nine, which is pretty good.

How do I get free energy?

There are several ways to do this without donating, as long as we know that 1 unit of energy is replenished every 7 minutes:

  • Gaining a new level
  • Fulfillment of quests
  • Completing tasks and earning achieves

free energy in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Separately, we want to note the quality of the game - Ubisoft made a simple, but very beautiful game, which is a pleasure to open and run. The simple gameplay, cool animations and quality pictures attract the potential user and do not let you tear yourself away. We still believe that graphics is 80% of a game's success, and Mighty Quest For Epic Loot only confirms our belief.


The timeline of the dailyiks

  1. Dyavlyuk 10k Gold.
  2. Miracle Maker x5, Gold.
  3. Supergenerator x2, 399 tzatzok.
  4. Ogne-quentin (spider pet) x4, 150 tzatzok.
  5. Tzatzok mines, Materialomaniac, 699, 299 tzatzok.
  6. Pro-Kayak 3 days x5, 250 tzatzok.
  7. Toxicomen x5, 199 tzatzok.
  8. Risky Small (Fire Wheel) x1, 10k gold.
  9. Connoisseur's pack (bag with loot) x[as many as you want], 100 tzatzok.
  10. Cardboard Cyclops (barricade) x3, 1500 gold.
  11. Materialomaniac, 299 tzatzok.
  12. Rattle bird x3, 10k gold.
  13. Frost x5, 249 tzatzok.
  14. Ring of oyster material x4, 499 tzatzok.
  15. Cardboard slug x5, 1,500 gold.
  16. Lightman x5, 299 tzatzok.
  17. Vilyashka (golden dragon pet), 9999 (! not a typo) tzatzok.
  18. Scorbier x2, 399 tzatzok.
  19. Supergenerator x2, 399 tzatzok.
  20. Maestro package (pack with ress biggest), 450 tsatsok.
  21. Maestro package (pack with ress biggest), 450 tsatsok.
  22. Skeletor, 150,000 gold.
  23. Major Duhbins x1, 399 tsats.
  24. Goryacheny x2, 200.000 Gold.
  25. Firewings, 100 tzatzok.
  26. Suit "The Lusciousness itself", 50,000 gold.
  27. Burner and wings, 145 tzatzok. Materialomaniac, 300 tzatzok.
  28. Icewings, 100 tzatzoks. Tzatzok mines, 699 tzatzok.
  29. Costume "12 bit", 50.000 Gold.
  30. Winter crown and wings, 145 tzatziki.
  31. Costume of Darkness, 50,000 gold.
  32. Pro kachayka 1 hour x10, 50 tzatzok.
  33. Ring of oyster material x4, 499 tzatzok.
  34. Santa Claus, 500,000 gold.
  35. A ring of oodles of experience, 299 tzatzok.
  36. Miracle Maker x5, 5,000 gold.
  37. Adriano Rvanini x4, 199 tzatzok.
  38. Pro-Kayak (3 days) x5, 250 tzatzok.
  39. Nedophenix, 10,000 Gold.
  40. Maestro package (pack with ress biggest), 450 tsatsok.
  41. Mask of the lord rastakosti x4, ????? gold.
  42. Miracle Maker x5, 10,000 Gold.
  43. Bollard (pet) x4, 300 tzatzok. Materialomaniac, 300 tzatzok.
  44. Scorbier x2, 399 tzatzok.
  45. Pro-Kayak x1, 50 tzatzok.
  46. Dyavlyuk x1, 10k gold.
  47. Maestro package (pack with ress biggest), 450 tsatsok.
  48. Miracle Maker x5, 10,000 Gold.
  49. Super trap generator x2, 399 tzatzok.
  50. Ogne-quentin (spider pet) x4, 150 tzatzok.
  51. Cardboard Guardian (barricade) x5, 1500 gold.
  52. Maestro pack (pack with ress biggest), 450 tsatsok. Tsatskovye kopi 699 tsatsok.
  53. Specialty Costume x4, 50,000 gold.
  54. Yumba (pet) x4, 15,000 gold
  55. A knight of 600 tzatziki.
  56. A tearaway of 600 tzatziki.
  57. Archer 600 tzatzok.
  58. Magician 600 tzatzok.
  59. Ogne-quentin (spider pet) x4, 150 tzatzok
  60. Supergenerator x2, 399 tzatzok.
  61. Ice Wings, 100 Tzatziki.
  62. Frost x5, 249 tzatzok.
  63. Nedophenix x2, 10,000 gold.
  64. Experience ring x4, 299 tzatzok.

Diagrams of all the rooms

The color indicates rooms with narrow aisles. When combined with orange, you can get a small room.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - Jubilees Made a Diabloide

How do I get Orange/Violet stuff? How to sell things quickly? How do I compare the characteristics of a swag?

Orange and Purple stuff starts to drop as the character's level increases. It is also possible to get higher quality stuff by combining several lower level stuffs through the Forge (Forge - "Make" tab). However, it is recommended to "mess" with the Forge at a later stage. At the initial stage, use the drop cloths, replace yours with better ones as they fall out.

You can redeem items in the "Redeem" tab on the right.

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