Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - card game review, tactics, tips, cards and decks

Mighty Party is a mix of a collectible card game and a turn-based strategy game a la Clash of Clans. It was ported to iOS in September, and started out as a regular brazier. Between iOS and Brazier, it conquered Steam, and now it's come to the iPhone. You have to collect cards, create decks of them led by warlords (Heroes), arrange them on a 6X4 map and plant goodness, usually not longer than 3 minutes. All things considered, in this article I'll explain in detail how to play Mighty Party, what deck variations there can be, and what you can do in it at all.

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Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - card game review, tips and decks

Mighty Party Review

The combat system in Mighty Party is simple. To begin, you assemble a deck of 8 cards. During the game, you can choose from only 4 cards, laying one card at a time. A card has a number of standard parameters like health, hit power and attack type (melee, ranged or unarmed). There are also non-standard ones like spikes, piercing, double attack, freeze, and more, which makes the game quite varied.

At first it was very unusual that the game was picked up in a fraction of a second, I was still surprised, it's just very unusual. But doubts arose, a little googling, it became clear that the opponent is picked up instantly simply because AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing. If this is a problem for you, you can read no further. For the rest of us. Oddly enough, the AI is quite intelligent and behaves very intelligently. I have not seen a single stupid move, that's serious. When necessary counter-attacks, or defends - very sensibly, and when he realizes that there is no chance - gives up (that's what misled me, I thought that the AI must fight to the end), and it's cool.

Game mechanics

As I said before, we play 3-5 minutes, almost never more.

Pre-assemble the deck. Each deck relies on a Hero, each Hero with his own perks, about them in the next section. It's clear that the cards are assembled for the hero, because he has certain qualities that enhance the cards.

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - Game Mechanics and Game Board

The playing field consists of a 6 by 4 board, three lines for each player, and a width of 4 squares. The first line from the middle of the board is always for cards that deal damage up close. The second line is for mixed cards. And the third is for long-range attacks only. Various artifacts, blocks, and boosters randomly appear on the map. They add variety to the game, although they sometimes create a strong bias in one direction.

The game round looks like this. Assemble a deck. Go into battle. Randomly determined who moves first. After placing one card on the battlefield and using the hero's ability, the cards are played and the turn passes to the other player. And so alternate until the enemy hero is killed.

There are quite a few cards in the game, so elements of tactics do exist, despite the arcade nature of the game. Moreover, I'm sure there are quite a few different card builds, but more on that in the Decks section. For now, suffice it to know that I made a deck with an emphasis on "block".

Game modes

  1. Classic ranked PvP, again, remember that the enemy is played by artificial intelligence.
  2. Survival - a game of up to two defeats. The reward is a rare in-game currency,
  3. Arena - battles a random deck of high-level cards, though, to get to it - you have to sweat.
  4. Tournaments are another elimination mode with special prizes.
  5. Adventures - advance through the world, getting to know the story. Don't forget that in Adventures you can get missing cards quite easily.
  6. Guild wars are a rather inarticulate spectacle when you send cards to the slaughter, and they're fighting something there themselves.
  7. Scuffle.

How do I get new cards?

There are only two methods:

  1. Win tournaments and battles, for victories will be given chests and various rewards, among which will be new cards.
  2. Buy chests for "gold" and "emeralds.

The last way is the way of the donator. But the game itself hints at it after a week or two. To collect a decent deck - you need a VERY long time, or buy for gold and emeralds chests, and wait for the fallout of epic and legendary cards. And this is probably the only serious drawback in the game, which absolutely all players note.

Gold Mine

The only permanent, passive source of income in gold.

  • collect gold from her, don't forget to
  • Upgrade it each time your level increases

Emeralds fall for completing daily tasks and passing the game. But a very small bunch, so that the purchase of a chest for the emeralds became unbearable, and you took advantage of donation. Alas!




  • 4 damage to all enemies on the map
  • Summons 2 archers 6/1 (attack/health)
  • Another one opens at level 21 (more on that later)

Mighty Party Son of Skill Forests

Son of Forests


  • Gives himself spikes for 11 attacks for 2 turns (i.e. when the hero attacks, the attackers take 11 points of damage)
  • Imposes mute on all enemies except buildings
  • Another one opens at level 21 (more on that later)



  • +4 to damage to all Chaos allies (cards with a red background)
  • Another one opens at level 11 (more on that later)
  • Another one opens at level 18 (more on that later)

The Spirit of Emptiness


  • Freezes all enemies for 1 turn (cards on the field skip 1 turn and do not make any activity)
  • Summons the Demon Arrow 19/2 (with freeze)
  • Another one opens at level 15 (more on that later)


Cards are divided into common, rare, epic, and legendary. By color, it's pretty easy to figure out: gray, turquoise, purple, and red, respectively. Immediately note that there is no imbalance in the cards here (not yet seen) and epic card, and here is a legendary, fall into the main deck. The reason they might not hit is because you're building the game around the strengths of another epic or legendary card. I got lucky (I'm writing this text a couple days after I wrote the main deck), in the free weekly pack we had a legendary, Lancelot. He clearly fit my strategy with the block.

Lancelot's Skills:

  • Gives +2 block to all melee allies
  • Block 5
  • If an ally of the order appears, it is +4 to damage.

Awesome character. Currently at level 20 in the league, but there's more to break into. No rush. I'm rocking everyone a little bit at a time.

What else do you need to know about cards?

All of a sudden they can be amplified. You can amplify them permanently or temporarily. Here's the story.

Awakening - gives a gain in damage and card life. This is done at a certain level of the card. Usually level 6 or 7. Don't know if it's worth any currency, haven't done it yet. I'll update when I do)

Amplification - the ability to amplify any card for a certain amount of time. Usually 1 day. Or more days. Amplify card with gold sand, which is obtained by spraying cards. To me, it's completely unwarranted action, I don't even understand when it can be applied. After all, in a day the magic will disappear, the amplification will pass, and then what? Unless, when you need to get up in the ranking.

Spiritual connection, too, I haven't tried it yet. The essence of it is that between some cards there is some kind of spiritual connection, turning it on, one of the cards (with which include) - gets a bonus. It is usually displayed above the button.

Request - every 12 hours you can request cards from your friends. I recommend to have a lot of friends and kick out inactive ones. Requesting epic and legendary cards is not allowed.

Evolution - only opens on the 18th league, and I'm on the 20th. As soon as I have information, I'll update the article.

Now for the strategies in the cards.

As I mentioned, there are options here. Right now my whole game is around this card, Aife Marked:

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - Aifa Mighty

and this one is the Ancient One:

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - Ancient

As you can read from the description, when you block, this card increases its attack power. When combined with Ancient and other block cards, it can do wonders. Sometimes Ancient increases the block so much that it becomes impossible to penetrate it, Aoife behind it as a wall.

There are a number of other tactics, for example.

With the advent of of the legendary frog the game has clearly been simplified. The main problem is this baba, which strengthens the chaos guys. With competent control of the table and abilities it is very easy to win.

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - card game review, tactics, tips, cards and decks

Def build Through facial hair and the pro-buff of the table for each hit many do not expect when the whole table in 1 move gets +5\7 attacks

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash - card game review, tactics, tips, cards and decks

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash gameplay video

Here's a video of the "block" battle tactic:


Guys, cheats are bad) I play without them. No one going to convince anyone, but if you're suddenly for it, you can use this code - AIYPZS. For everyone who reaches 15 league I will get a tasty pie. Add yourself as a friend, my nickname in the game - KingApps.

If you have any tips or comments, post them in the comments.

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