What is the reason for the popularity of the messenger Gem4me?

The messenger Gem4me has reached a new milestone: the number of installations of the application has exceeded 1 million. Based on Google Play statistics, we see that today more than 1 million people have already installed Gem4me on their smartphones. At the same time, the total number of installations, including the AppStore, has already exceeded 1 million 100 thousand.In November 2016, the number of Gem4me users was 500 thousand. The fact that the number of installations doubled in such a short period indicates the rapid growth in popularity of this messenger. Very few new mobile applications can boast such a rate. It is now quite difficult to surprise the modern user, but the developers of Gem4me messenger clearly succeed in doing so.screen696x696 (1)Let's find out why Gem4me messenger is so popular. The basic functionality includes all the elements that the user needs for comfortable communication: group and individual chats, public chats, voice messages, sending any files, stickers, geolocation, secure communication, and voice communication (in the Android version). The implementation of voice communication for iOS and the web version of the application is being completed.There is great interest in the functionality that is unique for messengers: instant and secure transfer of money around the world between users (transfers are made directly in the messenger, and this procedure takes only a few seconds), the global marketplace Marketplace and advertising platforms for monetizing the application.screen696x696According to project managers, the development of the global Marketplace trading platform is in its final stages. The goal of introducing the Marketplace is to unite millions of buyers and sellers, making the process of buying and selling goods or services as fast and comfortable as possible for all participants.Today the Gem4me messenger can be used by smartphone owners with the system Android and iPhone fans with the system iOS. To try the free money transfer feature, you must additionally install the Gem4me Finance plugin (Android or iOS).

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Evgen Sergeevich Chebodaev

What I like about gem4me is that it's very easy and fast to transfer money

Tatiana Pangina

The app is getting interesting functionality. I tried out the voice
communication, mastered the financial plugin, and started my own public. Gem4me is easy to
communication, bright emoticons, you can edit a message you've already sent.
We are waiting for more surprises from the developers.

Galina Aksenova

The Gem4me app is developing an ecosystem. This makes our messenger much better than others created before. We can not only communicate beautifully and make free calls. We can send interest-free transfers from card to card, buy or sell your goods in the built-in marketplace store. And that's not all!!!