Gem4me messenger: Web-version available

The developers of the messenger Gem4me, about which we wrote earlier, presented users with the long-awaited browser-based version of the application. The Web version is available from any computer and browser.

Logging in is done via a Web client. To open the Web version of Gem4me, you must:

  • Open page gem4me.com in your browser on your computer.
    Gem4me messenger: Web-version available
  • Open the Gem4me app on your smartphone, go to "Profile" menu and tap Gem4me Web Client. Then point the device's camera at the computer's screen and scan the QR code.
    Gem4me messenger: Web-version available
  • After scanning the QR code, the Web version of Gem4me will automatically open in your browser.
    Gem4me messenger: Web-version available
  • To start a new chat room, public, or create a new group, click on the "+" icon in the menu.

In the near future we expect to upgrade the Web-version and implement all the functionality planned by the developers.

The number of Gem4me messenger users has already surpassed the 3 million 400 thousand mark and continues to grow rapidly. Gem4me messenger can also be used by the owners of smartphones with the system Android, and fans of iPhone gadgets with the system iOS.

Recall that the basic Gem4me functionality includes all the elements that today's users need for comfortable communication: group and individual chats, groups, public chats with an unlimited number of people, voice messages, voice communication, sending any files, stickers, geolocation.

In addition, in the messenger you can make fast and safe money transfers around the world (transfers are made in the messenger, it takes only a few seconds) and generate income with the help of a unique bot MakeMoneyBot.

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Tatiana Pangina

The Web version is convenient, comfortable. Soon this app will truly surprise the world!

Iryna Prydatka

Gem4me messenger, while still under development, has gained 3.3 million active users! Those who have downloaded it are happy to use it. You can make money with it, send money anywhere in the world, it doesn't consume your battery, and messages can be edited within 24 hours - the list goes on. And the best part, of course, is ahead! Download and use it, you won't regret it!

Anton Markin

It's a handy thing.)

Alexandr Zorin

Now there are already 3446554 users. And how many startups don't reach this figure. What is good about the app is that it is working properly. Functions are being added, and the web version is a joy to use. By the way, the web version is very useful for many PC users. Again, it is useful to create your own group. Use the application for good and promote your projects via messenger!


Hello! I am an investor and partner in Gem4me. How it has grown, in every way. Multifunctional, convenient and promising huge profits very soon.