Passage of the game Megapolis: secrets, tips and answers

Passage of the game Megapolis: secrets, tips and answers

The game Megapolis is still popular on iOS, Android and even computers. And all because the game Megapolis - diverse, interesting and complex. Megapolis is a strategy, a simulation of building a city with all its rich infrastructure. It is difficult, really difficult, but interesting, because here there are frequent task updates; many architectural buildings that are known all over the world; good graphics; beautiful scenery. Building a city is very exciting, and your city at 100 % will be different from others, because everyone builds to their own taste. And this gives you the opportunity to get into the top players and get more rare gifts.

Download the game Megapolis for iOS from the AppStore.

Passage of the game Megapolis: secrets, tips and answers

The game is completely free, but the small amount of money you invest in the game will simplify it and make it more interesting. In the rest of the secrets of success, tips and recommendations, let's try to figure it out together.

Basic tips and secrets in the game Megapolis

In order to complete the tasks went faster, and you accumulated points, money, stick to the basic rules:

  1. Activating the game every day gives the player one dollar for every fifth day. So try to enter every day, at least for 5 minutes, to get your megadollar.
  2. Do not rush to buy new buildings, because when you pass new levels they will become available without megadollars, they can be purchased with regular money. So patience will help save your resources.
  3. Spend your money on expansion and rare items. They're harder to get, and everything else your neighbors can help you acquire.
  4. Speaking of neighbors. The more of them you have, the more guaranteed gifts you get. The more your friends play, the better it is for them and for you. Get your family involved. Not only will it be fun to play, but also practical, because you can give and receive gifts.
  5. Exchange rare items with your neighbors. The more you give, the more likely you are to get the item you want in return. To avoid getting confused and giving a rare item to someone who doesn't play Megapolis at all, select the "In-Game" option.
  6. Gifts of rare items are best given to neighbors you know personally or have talked to a lot, and you're sure they won't let you down. It is better to give gifts to players above average level, so that you get what you need in return. For high-level players, it is better to give items for the boat, subway, because at high levels almost everyone needs items to build underground transport.

Also, don't forget that it's better to add common items to your wish list, since your friends, neighbors have them. That means they can give them, and you will collect the necessary set faster. If you have trusted neighbors, you can build a couple of buildings in a day with their help.

Regarding neighbors, lists of things you need and buildings, it's easy to get the information you need:

  • The neighbors are arranged from left to right as the level decreases, which makes it easier to choose gifts for them. When giving gifts, it is better to look at the first and last name of the person, because the pictures may jump when the game fails, and you will send a gift to the wrong person - you will waste it;
  • To find out what material is needed for a particular building, go to "Buildings", then to "Materials". The "Buy" button will be grayed out if the material is not yet needed or if the building is built;
  • learn at once all about the buildings, about what is needed to build them. This will help you make wish lists and distribute gifts.

Tips for playing Megapolis

Players ask a number of questions about the game Megapolis, so we've gathered some of the most interesting questions and answers and published them:

  1. You can't hack Megapolis because it's an online version.
  2. You can play not only on gadgets, but also on the computer. In addition, it is a popular game on social networks. Add the game to the quick access (menu on the left), so you won't waste time looking for it. And for this simple action you will get a mega-dollar.
  3. The social network also allows you to find friends. We've already discussed above, the more friends, the more interesting and faster levels are passed, and here, by the way, they can't be passed quickly. Look for friends in the official groups of the game, communicate, discuss your strategies.
  4. Since Megapolis is a strategy, you should approach the construction of buildings wisely. More observe the objects around the city, calculate the materials you need to build them. This will allow you, firstly, not to waste money if objects will soon become available and materials will be useful to you, and secondly, to choose gifts for others according to their level.
  5. It is imperative to build power plants; if there is not enough power, it will be impossible to complete new substations.
  6. Build residential buildings to increase the population.
  7. To manage the factories, click on them, select and execute the contract, get the money.
  8. You can only increase the territory for megadollars.
  9. If you want to expand and you don't have enough papers, ask your friends to do so. The documents should be in their gifts.
  10. What is a credit card wallet for? It's to pay the workers who build the buildings. It helps register people in the city and collect taxes from them. You can either get it as a gift or buy it for megadollars at City Hall. These are its main functions - collection and registration. The town hall itself can be purchased in a store.
  11. Entertainment in the stores is needed to increase the population level. Also play on the exchange, but the money can be taken only for one game, without the possibility of increasing. That is, you play once a day and immediately take your winnings.

And remember, teamwork brings more fun and opportunities. Don't stop at building one city - together with your friends, combine several cities into a state. You'll be able to build a capital, you'll have access to new islands, territories, materials to build open new places.

Cracking Megapolis

Any hacking activity you undertake is at your own risk. Any hacking of the game is prohibited and punishable by the developers. If you get caught for this, of course, no one will not look into it, your account - the city will be permanently removed from the game. You can start over, but of course all the progresss will not be recovered. But if my warnings didn't stop you, watch this video on game hacking. 

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