Backgammon Masters: for lovers of intellectual games

Backgammon Master can rightly be called one of the most popular backgammon simulator available in the App Store

Nard Masters can rightly be called one of the most popular backgammon simulators available in App Store. The game is often the leader in its category among other applications of the store, The first thing to note is the especially rich set of styles, which will surely please backgammon lovers. Here you will find the traditional short and long backgammon, old English backgammon, Tavla and Nackgammon. Any player will find among such a luxurious selection of backgammon, however, most likely, the majority will choose the classic long backgammon.9935535020428005The very high-quality detailing of the interface and game boards is also commendable. The game's animation is light and unobtrusive, and the visual design is done in the spirit of minimalism. All of this combines to create a pleasant environment for thoughtful, relaxed, and comfortable play. For example, in order to roll the dice, you just need to shake your iPhone or iPad.In the game Nard Masters There are tournament tables that encourage players to play more actively in order to break into the leaders. By the way, in addition to the traditional game with the computer, the complexity of whose intelligence you choose yourself, the Nard Masters. there is an opportunity to fight with real players. You can pick them up on the developers' online server.74334941It is worth noting that the game Nard Masters It has a good Russian-language translation, which can't help but please.78282415It is safe to call Nard Masters The best backgammon for iPhone и iPad. And if you own one of these devices, and, moreover, are an admirer of this oldest board game, you simply cannot pass it by.We should add that there are versions Nard Masters for Mac and Android devices.

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