Master Burger

The Burger Master: Feel like a real chef

The game Master Burger makes you react quickly and make decisions, otherwise your customers will get angry and leave the café. After all, we are talking about restaurant strategy, which is available on phones and computers. By downloading Master Burger, you will have to come up with a menu, develop new recipes, systematize your work and make money on sauces. You have to think through every step, because your income and the future of your restaurant depend on it. And as it turns out, frying bacon and taking out burgers is not the most difficult, but only an additional task.

Download free Master Burger for iPhone and for Android.

How to play Master Burger?

Master Burger is exactly the strategy that more than a million restaurateurs and burger lovers around the world are playing. If you're just trying your hand at the game, you can create a business from scratch, learn strategic techniques, and get real tips on running a restaurant.

The game consists of several episodes:

  • making a plan;
  • the choice of ingredients for burgers;
  • accepting orders from the most demanding customers;
  • cooking burger, bacon and sauces for a while;
  • development of the work algorithm and systematization of production;

How to play Master Burger?

But this is not all the possibilities the game offers, as there are still:

  • more than 100 levels of difficulty;
  • 80 recipes;
  • Up to 20 upgrades in equipment and technology;

The game Master Burger is free to download, but there is a full version with several modes: the quest and rush hour. Feature and the fact that there is a choice between different languages: Russian, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

The main task of the player is to create burgers according to the wishes of customers and according to the scheme that you developed earlier. Income can be spent on buying new equipment and creating unique sauces. Of the disadvantages, users highlight only dark bars on the sides of the screen, but they do not spoil the picture.
To summarize, Master Burger is not just a game, but a business strategy with the need to make quick decisions and modernize production. Hints and excellent graphics will simplify your task. But you can get rid of ads after you buy the full version of the game. But Master Burger does not require internet access.

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