MARVEL Strike Force: overview, beginner's guide, best characters to start

We have in our hands one of the most interesting role-playing games with strategy elements called MARVEL Strike Force. The game will primarily appeal to all fans of the MARVEL universe, because you will be able to meet both superheroes and negative characters. The variety of modes, colorful graphics and huge set of abilities will not let you get bored. In today's review we will tell you what characters exist in the game, what abilities they have and how exactly the gameplay variety is achieved.

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MARVEL Strike Force - gameplay review

If you've played at least one turn-based RPG before, such as the Star Wars™: Galaxy of HeroesIf you're not sure what to do, you shouldn't have any problems with mastering the gameplay. Before you start the battle, you need to assemble a squad of characters who will take part in the battle. The right team is half the guarantee of success, their placement and the timely use of superpowers will help you move forward in the storyline.

MARVEL Strike Force: overview, beginner's guide, best characters to start

The superhero team is positioned in front of the enemies and is waiting for your order. Battles are turn-based, which means that the antagonists will start attacking your wards as soon as all the characters in the squad have performed their actions. The player will just have to choose the targets and the ability to use. Defeating all the enemies you can get to the next stage, where you will be waiting for either a new group of soldiers or a huge boss. If you're too lazy to take part in the battles yourself, switch on auto-battle mode and go about your business. If you succeed, you'll get valuable rewards in the form of crystals, as well as spheres with unique heroes inside.

MARVEL Strike Force: overview, beginner's guide, best characters to start

Daily game goals

Every day in the game there are new tasks, the complexity of which, gradually increasing. For example, to use special items from the equipment, to take part in a certain number of team battles and much more. As a nice reward act experience points, increasing the level and the gold needed for improvements.


In this section, players will be able to purchase useful items for gold. Various kinds of fabrics that act as armor, melee vision tactics, safety tolerances, and catalysts that increase the damage inflicted/absorbed. The items are not suitable for every character; you should pay attention to the recommendations before buying them.



Inside each sphere you can find gold, and the amount ranges from 90 thousand to 3 million units, as well as cards with new heroes, additional materials and equipment.


The only donated currency in the game, which can be replenished for real money.

The gameplay in the video

Game modes

The game has a large variety of game modes, which differ both in rules and energy consumption. Now, briefly, let's talk about each of them.

Campaign - One of the main game modes with a full storyline, which is divided into several chapters, where you can act only for the superheroes, villains, or assemble a unique squad of these and other characters.

Arena - here offers to take part in online matches against real players in the "5-on-5" format, where you can use both superheroes and villains. To get to this mode can only players from level 30. The number of matches in this mode is strictly limited to five pieces, and in case of victory, the player will receive a nice revival and experience points.

Tests - daily changing tasks with very valuable rewards. The difficulty increases evenly, and you can play no more than 3 times in one day.

Events - battles with a gradual increase in difficulty. The farther you can go, the higher the reward will be. The maximum you can get is a legendary character, or you can upgrade one of your existing heroes.

Alliance raids - A mode that is suitable for all players who have joined an alliance. Here you have to act together with other players, completing tasks, raising the level of the clan and earning decent rewards.

Tips for playing MARVEL Strike Force

  • Try to enter the game every day, receiving valuable prizes and rewards.
  • In the Achievements tab, you can pick up missing items, gold, and donation currency.
  • Don't waste energy on character sets that you won't use in battles, better to wait and drain all the currency on a particular hero.
  • Upgrade your characters' strength using the six items you find, making your charges more durable, stronger, and deadly to enemies.
  • Don't forget about improving the categories of fighters.
  • Going into the arena, try to assemble a squad of the fastest fighters that can not only deal maximum damage, but also stun, confuse and shorten the blows of your opponents.

Hero classes

As with any turn-based strategy in MARVEL Strike Force, you need to stick to certain tactics and use the synergy of available characters. It is not necessary to assemble a squad of only those warriors that you like just because of their appearance or because of their name. Each member of the squad must contribute as much as possible in each of the upcoming battles. Consider the classes of heroes available to us throughout the gameplay.

The best characters in MARVEL Strike Force

Controller - A class that is suitable for experienced and advanced players. Heroes of this class are capable of both dealing and blocking enemy damage, slowing down opponents and interfering with their plans in every way. Health and attack metrics are superior to Blaster class characters, so it's considered the most balanced.

Blaster - Characters armed with heavy weapons designed for long-range combat. In addition to the obvious advantage of high damage, these heroes have a very significant disadvantage - low health reserve. You need at least one support character to play comfortably.

Protector - In other words, provocateurs, who by their location on the battlefield force their opponents to attack them, bypassing the rest of the squad. There is not much damage, but the set of unique abilities is very diverse.

Brawler - Not the most ideal class, but very useful in the presence of other classes on the battlefield. Partly acts as a provocateur because of its large health and slow attacks.

Support - Healers, which restore the health of allied creatures and impose various effects on enemies. The class is one of the most useful and should never be neglected when assembling a squad.

The best characters to start the game

Luke Cage - One of the first characters that you will get absolutely free, he is easy to learn and quickly enough to pump. The character is hardy, has great health and damage.

Spider-Man - A fast, nimble hero with lightning-fast shrinking attacks. He is able to dodge and stun opponents. Requires no additional knowledge and is able to stand alone against strong enemies in the early stages of the game.

Spider-Man in MARVEL Strike Force

Jessica Jones - A worthy character, capable of dealing a huge amount of damage as well as removing positive effects from enemies and negative effects from allies. Not recommended to use without a provocateur.

The best heroes for the campaign mode

Team of Heroes

Ideally, S.I.T. characters would be great for destroying enemies from another dimension. These could include: Captain America, Shiver, Black Widow, S.H.I.T.A. Operative, and Falcon Eye.

Union of Villains

In this case, you should try to find and pump characters from the "Hand" faction. Because of the great synergy, you can easily defeat all your opponents. The most preferred characters are: Elektra, Nobu, Assassin "Hands", Sorceress "Hands" and Assassin "Hands".


You can use absolutely any character to destroy Ultimatus, the main thing is to stick to certain classes of heroes. For example, a couple of powerful treads, one support hero, and two characters that deal decent damage.

The battle for space

The least easy faction to open is the Wreckers. Here we choose the following heroes: Yonda, Rocket, Boomer, the Wrecker-weaver and Drax. The lineup is powerful, which is exactly what you need to save the galaxy.

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