MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions: Become a Superhero!

MARVEL has been working closely with Hollywood lately, which means the MARVEL Contest of Champions by Kabam game for the mobile platform is getting more and more detailed, with cool graphics and strategic puzzles. The game ranks among the top 25 box office apps on the App Store and Google Play.

Download free MARVEL Contest of Champions in Russian for iPhone и Android.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions: Game Mechanics

In addition to cool visuals in MARVEL Contest of Champions there are elements of economic strategy, battles against each other and interesting mechanics, which we will talk about below. The main feature is a set of levels and gameplay missions, which are linked by a single goal. The user will be able to collect heroes, improve them and fight instead of them with 3D stunts and attacks. The mechanics of the game are based on:

  • the simplicity of control and short battles;
  • the ability to choose random tricks and punches;
  • The first one-on-one fights, when you can win after the first knockout;
  • concentration on the metagame, not on short battles;

MARVEL Contest of Champions

What do I need to know about the MARVEL Contest of Champions metagame?

The main strategic point of the game is the choice of a hero and his upgrade. And the presence of several elements in battles make the user collect not one, but three or four characters, each of which has weaknesses, strengths. Therefore, before choosing a player to fight, you need to think about damage and attack capabilities.

The developers devoted special attention to 3D models of the characters, because they are attractive, unique and varied. To get one of them, you need to use the Gacha system, which implies the storage of crystals. You can get them in several ways:

  • in the daily timers;
  • in online or single-player combat mode;
  • in the store after purchase;

Players can get a new character, items to improve it and resources.

Crystals and where to spend them

There are several explanations for the focus on crystals:

  • Committing each action and winning automatically transfers the user to the vault so that he can pre-determine the necessary items and players for the battle;
  • buying a crystal does not guarantee that you will get exactly what you plan to, because it is a lottery. And the system works for constant participation in the game and acquiring the most crystals;
  • You can't just buy crystals, you have to earn them in battles and take part in the game. And this encourages users to go further, think and make plans;

Persnages in the MARVEL Contest of Champions

Try to collect as many characters of all star categories as possible, not just Spider-Man.

There are five character types in total, and the more stellar the rating, the rarer the character can be found. In the future, this affects stats, position in the standings, possible levels to pass and active or passive battles.

Remember that a larger character's stardom entails a longer upgrade and development of abilities. You can do this thanks to the ISO, which you can get in active battles.

Characters above the third level have special abilities, because they have an expanded ability bar, which when filled allows you to do the most damage to the enemy.


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