Manor Matters: an object search game that you want to play for hours

Manor Matters: an object search game that you want to play for hours

GameDevelopmentStudio Team VOKI Games has decided to bring back the popularity of the casual Hidden Object genre (object search games). The first step towards the ambitious goal was the game Manor Matters, which had its world release in the midst of quarantine - in April 2020. About the story, characters, and mechanics of the game we will tell in this article.


Mr. Christopher Burke, collector, adventurer, and your (yes, your) relative, disappeared seven years ago under mysterious circumstances. His assistant and the game's main character, Carl, has found you, Mr. Burke's only heir, years later. You are the one who gets the luxurious Castlewood mansion that needs renovation. The mansion keeps its secrets, mystical mysteries and unexpected inhabitants.


In addition to the charismatic Carl, there are other characters in the game. Carl first meets the talented restorer Amelia, the handyman Bill, and the inventor Hugh. As the game progresses, other characters emerge to help you and Carl unravel all the secrets of the mansion. Spoiler alert: One of the most charming characters is the fluffy red cat.

Manor Matters: an object search game that you want to play for hours

The goal of the game and the basic mechanics

The game is created in the Hidden Object genre, and the main mechanic used in Manor Matters is to find items in search scenes in a limited time.

To "find" an object means to touch the screen at the place where it is located in the location. When all objects from the search scene are found, the level is considered successfully passed - for this you get a reward (stars and coins).

Earned stars can be used to rebuild the mansion (which is the goal of the game), and coins can be used to buy energy and tools to facilitate the search.

Search scenes and modes

The locations in the I-Spy game Manor Matters are beautifully detailed, realistic, logical and varied. Here you can find a good hundred variations of hats and household items. And when it comes to, say, a ball, it can be a soccer, and volleyball, and tennis, or even painted on the wall inflatable ball.


The game has several search modes - this makes the passage more interesting and dynamic. At different difficulty levels the player is offered to search for items from a list or one by one, to find objects by silhouette, to solve anagram names, or to look for identical items.

Useful tools

To make it easier for yourself to walk through the search scene, you can use pre-level tools and search tools.

The first need to select before starting the level: Hourglass extends the search time by 20 seconds, Paints show the image of objects sought, and Camera - a flash illuminates the location and shows two items.

You can use the search tools directly during a level if you are running out of seconds and can't find all the items. The Lens tool will point to one hidden object, Darts will remove three items from the list, and the Compass tool will point to the part of the stage where the desired objects are lurking.

You can get tools by participating in quests and events, by making a purchase in the store, or by winning as a daily bonus. By the way, if you're lucky, you can also win a Jackpot there - a set with a lot of search tools and energy.

Manor Matters: an object search game that you want to play for hours


In-game tournaments, themed and seasonal events add dynamism to the game, spurring interest by competing with other players. They also allow you to get gifts such as in-game currency, energy, and search tools. During the events you can earn extra bonuses for completing quests and passing the search scene. This makes the game even more fun!

A little advice for newcomers to Manor Matters: by linking the game to your Facebook account, you will get extra coins ?

Why Manor Matters became popular

Despite its relatively recent release, Manor Matters has already managed to become the App Store game of the week. Why? The game was immediately beloved by fans of the genre who were bored with the monotony of existing I-Spy products, and attracted new players with an interesting story, colorful animation and good humor. VOKI Games actively develops upgrades for Manor Matters: releases new search scenes, adds more complicated modes and entertaining Challenges, without making players wait long for the story to continue. That's the secret of the game's success.

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