Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start

This week another IDLE game, Magnum Quest, was released on iOS. For Android owners this game has been available in the store for half a year, if not more. The game is characterized by beautiful graphics, completely formulaic gameplay (as the first days showed), mediocre heroes (hello AFK Arena or Heroic Expedition), but nevertheless it will be played, let's see why. 

A little review

The game is very, very VERY reminiscent of AFK Arena. And if you take a closer look, it feels like a complete clone. Some players have even made some matches between the AFK and Magnum Quest characters, I'll give you some examples below. But I won't focus on that, because the game itself is pretty good. Great graphics, good music, the plot is the most usual, in general, you can stick for 1-2 months, until something cooler comes out. 

The whole game is built on collecting and 5 on 5 battles by these very heroes.  The game already has 56 heroes, which is certainly not enough when compared with AFK or the same Raid SL, there are 110 and 206 heroes respectively. 

The game is pleasing to the eye and to the ear. Everything in the game is smooth and beautiful, in terms of optimization. Everything is not everything. the phone is heating up. I hope they figure it out. It shouldn't be like this in 2021)

I will write briefly what is now the activity in the game.


  • The main campaign for the game
  • Arena
  • Boss in the Guild
  • Test
  • Dungeons (instead of the usual Towers)
  • The Raid and Their Adventures
  • League of Hunters - aka passive tasks like Tavern

Not a lot. Although if you do it every day, of course, it's boring and monotonous.


As in similar games, heroes are divided into factions and the quality of heroes (silver, gold).

There are not many heroes yet, but the composition is almost unchanged: tank + fighter (or 2 tanks) + damage + healer + support. This is a certain standard, but your pack can be anything.


In the game, of course, there is - Developers want to eat, too. But I can't say that it solves anything. Of course, if you want to be faster, taller, stronger, and have the ability to invest real money, then you're welcome.  But you can play for free, just longer and slower development. 


In general, there are no particular difficulties in starting the game. The game has a good tutorial that will guide you through the game. But of course there are certain tricks or good starting characters that are better to rely on at the beginning of the game. 

Tips for getting started

  1. Start the game on the most recent server. That way you can compete and compete for prizes in the Arena. If that's not important to you, then play whatever you want, as long as it's fun. 
  2. After completing the first chapter of the campaign, there will also be training, be sure to use the gift codes. They will give you the initial heroes you can rely on).  For example, this is 100% Guaranteed Sur.
  3. Some players, by the way, if the randomness is unsuccessful, replay, starting the game on a newer server. 
  4. For a small donation of $0.99 you can get one of the strongest heroes at the moment - Ares. He may well fall out of the usual draft. On the one hand - a small donation and you can, on the other hand, it's the very start of the game and over time, all the heroes will fall out anyway. And if the same Ares won't fall out, you can't develop him properly. 
  5. It makes no sense to develop all the heroes. Develop only those that you play, the rest can be leveled up automatically through the Squad function. So if there is a better hero than the current one, you can safely reset the hero in Heroes - Restoration - Reset. It costs a mere penny - 10 scales.
  6. Join a guild. Every day you have to beat a fairly easy boss, for which you get coins. For these you can buy gold items for your heroes. 
  7. Even if no good heroes fell out, you can swing the golden ones that fell out. The main thing is to move through the campaign. Heroes "not so good" can always be zeroed out and pumped up stronger or more meta heroes, so don't be afraid to invest resources.
  8. Be sure to fight in the arena, because for the position taken daily give scales.

Current gift codes valid in 2021

  • mq123 - The golden hero Sur. One of the top heroes in the game. 
  • mq999 - 10 draft coupons, available at all times. 
  • magiclist - 10 draft coupons, valid through August 26.

Outdated and irrelevant codes do not publish, it makes sense in them 0.

Where do I enter the code?

They haven't come up with an easier way yet.)

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start

  1. Entering the game
  2. You click on your avatar in the game
  3. Click on "Activation code"
  4. You enter the code
  5. Receiving gifts
  6. You close the window)

The best initial heroes

Any of these heroes can come from summoning scrolls or summoning scales. Some heroes, on the other hand, are a little easier to get without relying on random. 


Take from the gift code. The only hero in the game from the Deities faction. Most likely, over time, will fly out of the pack due to the fact that there will be little copies of her for pumping. But in the beginning - pretty imbovy. Yes, and then, but it's hard to collect. 

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start


Gold hero, faction Savages, but only 3 ranks, so above 200 level it can not swing, but at the beginning - a very strong hero, which will help to pass the campaign and other activities. 

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start


A great tank to start, and for the late game. Hangs a shield, heals and stands, which is important for the tank. 

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start


One of the top Damagers in the game of the Savages faction. You can get him for any donation. Like I got. By the way, I didn't know about Sur, didn't get it, or I might well not have spent the money.

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start


Cool faction hero of the Forest, which we get on the 2nd day of the game. Mass healer, control. Helps in the campaign and Dungeons.

Magnum Quest - overview, starting guide and the best heroes for a comfortable start


One of the best mages in the game of the Shadow faction, which you can buy in the Trial store.  


I also recommend watching this video where Phil talks briefly about all the characters. It's a very good video. You can do the following with it:

  1. A new hero fell out
  2. Went to the water
  3. Pressed the right time code and listened about the hero


One thing I note is that the power of heroes changes over time. Thus, the developers change the mena of heroes, top players, so that players swing new heroes and continue to sit in the game. But the relevance of the information about these heroes now is undeniable.

Heroes' Circle Sheet - Top 10

As usual, the list of the best heroes is very controversial and subjective. It's important to understand that a level 200 hero from the level 200 draw list will definitely be worse than a level 300 hero from a non-top list. So when you build your pack, you should focus not on 2021's draw list, but on the heroes you have in abundance falling from the draft. 

You also need to understand that the balance of players may change and some heroes may become more imbovy. 

And the most important thing, as in any game of this kind, is to combination of characterswhich gives additional reinforcements and buffs to the team. Still, a top is a top. These heroes certainly don't make your pack any worse.

Top 10

Don't get attached to the place) These are really good characters. 

  1. Sur - can be used as the main character in all game activities. The biggest problem is building to the max. 
  2. Ares - Also mentioned him - one of the top Damaguer in the game. But there are problems with survivability in the beginning, until pumped. But then...
  3. Derla - Especially in the late game, when the 3rd level of the ulta - leech - becomes doppelganger. She can even dance on the front line. She's been compared to AFC Arena's Shemira. 
  4. Ekra - Massive damage, boobs, and anti-hit for the enemy team. Great in the arena.
  5. Arthur - I've already talked about him - a posh tank with a shield for the whole team + treatment. 
  6. Katos - A powerful mass control hero with the additional role of tank. 
  7. Jonah - support in the form of a shield, hedges the poor guy who received lethal damage, and control. 
  8. Faller - is good because it draws the heroes from the second row to itself, stuns and makes a provocation to itself. 
  9. Carlotta - 1v1 assassin, jumps to the second row, can knock out mages and healers. Also can heal himself after pumping up to level 3. 
  10. Feng - Powerful damage against bosses and other heroes with a rollover control effect.

Not top, but valuable characters

  1. Phil. The main value of this hero is the 8-second speed buff, which is basically his only and unique value. Roughly speaking, a team with Phil will be faster to dodge.
  2. Amelia - very similar to Phil, but Emilia has a little more control.
  3. Gaia - Massive damage and very easy to assemble, which is what makes it valuable. 
  4. Osyche - control of the player with the greatest attack and with good survivability. There is an opinion that it is better to dress through the dodge, then the damage does not pass on it at all.

How to play on PC

To play Magnum Quest on your computer, simply install an android emulator on your PC. Usually it is Bluestack, LDPlayer or .....

You need to install, go to your Google Play account, install the game, run it and synchronize it.

Beforehand, of course, the game must be synchronized with Facebook or another service to restore it on another device.

Magnum Quest and AFK Arena Hero Comparisons

System Requirements

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