Time magazine determined the best gadgets of 2017: iPhone X only second

American magazine Time has published a rating of the best gadgets of the year. According to the experts of the publication, The Nintendo Switch gaming console was the top electronic device of the year. In second place is. iPhone X smartphone.

It seems that the success of the Nintendo Switch surpassed even the expectations of ardent Nintendo fans - even non-profile media paid attention to the unique hybrid console. And not just paid attention, but put the console on the first line of the rating, deciding that Switch is a more interesting and breakthrough gadget than the iPhone X.

Why did the iPhone X become the second?

The palm of the new smartphone Apple did not get the palm due to its high cost and the fact that many innovations of the smartphone first appeared on Android. Despite this, facial recognition and a frameless display will undoubtedly set a new standard for phones, notes Time.

Apple's facial identification system, despite some problems, is used more creatively than similar technology from Samsung. Third-party apps such as Snapchat use the iPhone X technology to design realistic masks and match glasses to your face shape. Combined with a good camera, long battery life and a larger screen packaged in a more acceptable size, the iPhone X becomes a good choice, Time concludes.

The top three are the laptops Surface Laptop from Microsoft. Reviewers noted its sleek design, great display, and excellent autonomy. Tiny drone DJI Spark took fourth place.

Also in the top ten is a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, attachment Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic, smart speaker system Amazon Echo second generation, gaming console Xbox One X, smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 and a camera Sony Alpha A7R III.

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