Best Dating Apps

Best dating apps

Humans are social creatures, and most of us tend to spend a lot of time communicating with other people. Developers of mobile applications are aware of this human peculiarity and try to cover this need. They create apps where you can meet new people from the comfort of your own home, make friends, new relationships. In the end, find sex without commitment through an app. For you, we've compiled the best dating apps in the ru-language space. You can download them for free for both iPhone and Android.

What's important to know - more often than not, apps need to allow location to show you the people near you. This is a necessary measure. Also, in the questionnaire, it is advisable to provide your real data and passport (just kidding).

Best dating apps

Dating apps


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nimses dating app

Let's start with the newest app, which appeared just a week ago. Nimses is a mix of Instagram and Tinder and the movie Time. The idea is that you get in-game currency - nims - for using the app. For this currency you can thank other people around you (up to a radius of 2km), for the photo that they put in the application. It is also possible to get acquainted, chat and after - to meet and indulge in carnal pleasures. That's right, I didn't misspell. A week later, it's already full of offers like that. Yes, it's a good idea, but we'll see in half a year, but in the meantime test it.


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Tinder dating app

One of the top dating apps is Tinder, which has helped more than 10 million couples worldwide find love. Tinder can be used in every country in the world where there is Internet. The interface of the app is simple and concise. All the app asks you to do is fill in a small form and then swipe left - do not like, swipe right - like. When your swipes match - chat will be available, where you can talk about the weather, arrange a coffee or a date right away. The dating app Tinder is suitable for all those who prefer fast dating and dating by location. For example, you went on a business trip and in the evening you want to have a nice time, be sure to install the app Tinder, get acquainted, have sex :).

Mail ru

Download by App Store и Google Play.

Earlier was actively used for dating and communication, now the popularity has subsided, but the older generation is still making friends or finding old ones through Mail.Ru. After all, it's not only a great way to work with multiple email accounts, but also an opportunity to create a profile, exhibit photos, read friends' news, search for interesting people through search, put filters, do synchronization with other social networks and just send short messages to communicate. The dating app mail ru is good because you can search for the person you're interested in, screen out unknown people and share a variety of content. It's also free and available for Android and iPhone.


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Chocolate dating app

Chocolate is a dating app that has only become popular in recent years. Its peculiarity lies in its complete anonymity, as users only see the profile photo. Only those who are interested in a personal meeting and a real relationship use the application. If you want to leave the application, your profile will be immediately deleted. Chocolate is a dating app whose motto is "Sweet meetings and tasty acquaintances", so it is often referred to as an opportunity for sex dating.

Download in the App Store and Google Play.Do you want to know what applications are used in Barnaul, Moscow, St. Petersburg or Omsk for dating? Then it is necessary to mention dawap ru, which allows you to have a love correspondence, create a profile with photos and exchange emails with all the users you like. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the dating application dawap ru is aimed at building a virtual chat and uploading private photos, often of an intimate nature.


Download by App Store и Google Play.

Mamba Dating

According to the majority of user reviews, Mamba is considered the best dating app in Russia and Europe. The search for a partner in the Mamba application is made in a very unusual way - with the help of an exciting game. All you need to do is create a profile, be online and complete several challenges that will unite you with the right person. You have access to general information from the user's page, the ability to view fans, give likes, start a correspondence, exchange photos and set a real date. It's also possible to filter your search and choose certain candidates for communication.

If you use other dating apps - write about it in the comments.

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