The best brain training apps

The best brain training apps

Just like a trained body, the brain needs a periodic shake-up to enhance its abilities. Let's play with our mental muscles and get our brains pumped up. We've put together the best brain training apps.

The enormous amount of information that modern man passes through on a daily basis forces us to constantly keep our brain in shape. Just like a trained body, the brain needs a periodic shake-up to improve its abilities. And what better way to boost your brain's performance than by constantly developing and working with it? Mobile app developers are constantly creating new apps to help keep your brain in shape, and we've chosen the best brain training and development apps.Let's play a little mental muscle and pump our brains.

The three best brain training apps

1. Elevate - Brain Training

1Perhaps the best and most popular brain training app. Elevate is designed to improve many abilities - concentration skills, speaking skills, information processing speed, and much more. Each person is given a personalized training program that is adjusted over time for maximum results.With regular exercise, Elevate will help you improve important cognitive skills - attention, memory, math skills, ability to analyze and concentrate, which, in turn, will increase your productivity and confidence.

2. Lumosity Mobile

The best brain training appsIf you really want to reorganize your brain activity and get your own head in order, the Lumosity app is just what you need. Here you can create your own training program depending on the goals you want to achieve. Improve memory and perception, increase reaction speed, develop thinking and logic - choose what you want to work on and start right now. Training is available in the form of games that challenge your brain. On average, the exercises will take you 10-15 minutes a day to complete. Free users get access to a set of daily exercises, while subscribers enjoy more options.

3. Fit Brains Trainer

The best brain training appsFit Brains is a brain fitness exercise that helps you better absorb information, focus on your goals, develop reactions, and improve your language skills. Brain training includes a lot of exercises to develop logic, concentration, associative and visual memory. After class, Fit Brains gives you a list of data: reaction rate, error analysis, the number of those left behind you. You won't even notice how quickly this app gets your brain up and running.Just like your body muscles, your brain needs constant exercise. Regular exercise really helps keep yourself organized. A few minutes of brain workout a day with the best brain training and development apps and you'll get results in no time!

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