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The best apps for reading on iPhone and iPad

The best reading apps, aka "readers", for iOS devices can be found in today's review. Reading e-books with these apps can become an even more convenient and exciting process.

The best reading apps, aka "readers" for iOS and Android devices, you will find in our today's review. Reading e-books with the help of applications - readers for iPhone and iPad, can become even more convenient and exciting process. You can read on the iPhone in transport, at home, in the transport. The main file format for reading on iOS is epub, although some readers perfectly understand such formats as fb2, mobi or pdf. Well, let's go!

The best apps for reading on your iPhone

Let's start with the standard Apple app.

  1. iBooks - Standard iPhone and iPad app

iBooks is a good readerThe easiest way to read on your iPhone and iPad is Apple's iBooks. The app has handy bookmarks and syncs with all your devices via iCloud. It's a simple reader that just about everyone has installed. The app combines the familiar design of the system with interesting functionality. There are various settings, night mode, which reduces the burden on the eyes in low light, as well as extensive opportunities to work with text - bookmarks, search, translation and definitions, footnotes, and so on. Of course, there is also a synchronization between all your devices. The main disadvantage of the program can be called support for a small number of formats, here it is EPUB and PDF, which largely limits the user. The last update was in 2013.

2. Total Reader Pro

Total Reader Pro is good for AndroidThe best app for reading e-books, as stated in the App Store. And the high user rating fully confirms this assumption. This is not surprising, because in addition to the fact that Total Reader is distributed for free, it also has the ability to "read" books in almost any format. Total Reader provides comfortable work even with "heavy" documents. The program has a rich functionality, elegant design, stability and high speed. In addition, TotalReader has many formatting options, different reading modes, support for OPDS directories and cloud storages.

3. KyBooks

KyBooks is the perfect readerKyBook is a state-of-the-art e-book reading application. It has a fully customizable and friendly user interface. The app integrates with Google Drive, Google Books, OneDrive, Dropbox and Yandex. Drive. Each owner can configure KyBook to suit: choose a color theme, font, line height, text alignment mode, its scale, the size of the indentation, margins and hyphens, etc. Allows you to read on iPad and iPhone Format FB2, TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF, iWork, and Microsoft Office. And the Pro version also opens DJVU, CHM and works with the TOR network.

4. Bookmate

Bookmate reader for prosUniversal library on a wide variety of topics, from classics to school curricula. There is support for offline reading and synchronization with other devices, including Windows Phone, Android and PC / Mac (through a browser). Separate praise deserves the ability to download your books in FB2 and ePub. An excellent option for those who read a lot and want to encourage authors for their work.Naturally, the best apps for reading everyone chooses for themselves - for their own desires, for their capabilities and for the amount of reading. If you are used to looking for versions of books on the web, then the ideal option for you would be iBooks or KyBooks. Reader TotalReader Pro You can kill all the birds with one stone, because it works even with comics - it's a good choice. Well, if you're a real "bookworm," your choice is Bookmate by subscription - no need to think about formats, just download what you want and go! All in all, you can now read on your iPad or iPhone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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