The best augmented reality apps

The best augmented reality apps in 2017

It's been a good year for augmented reality, thanks in part to Apple bringing ARKit technology to market. With Apple's full support of the platform, augmented reality apps have simply exploded in both quantity and quality. If you haven't tried at least one of them, you're missing out on a lot. This is what they look like The best augmented reality apps in the past year.

Night Sky

The best augmented reality appsWhat The best augmented reality apps without space?! Star Map apps have always had a special place among others, and augmented reality only reinforces this position by allowing you to see the night sky directly through your smartphone. The app makes it easy to identify constellations and star objects and satellites without taking your eyes off the real sky.

A special feature of this app is the added Grand Orrery feature, which gives you a view of our solar system and surrounding stars from different perspectives, and allows you to "walk" across the sky to see the structure of the solar system better.

This is not only a fantastic demonstration of what augmented reality can do, but also a quality educational tool.

Download Night Sky app for free

Mini GunsThe best augmented reality apps

One of the coolest things about augmented reality is the ability to turn an ordinary table into a real board game. The best example of this is Mini Guns. It's a simple strategy game with lots of variables, but the main thing that can give you a quick advantage is the ability to quickly scale encounters on the map.

Mini Guns in augmented reality mode allows you to physically tilt to and from the table you are playing on. This is a great interactive game that won't leave anyone indifferent.

Download Mini Guns app for free

Warby Parker

The best augmented reality appsThe best augmented reality apps are designed to make our lives easier in all areas! The developers of the Warby Parker app are really good! Thanks to their brainchild, you can easily try on any glasses before you buy them, while being as comfortable as possible - for example, in your own home. What could be better than putting a pair of glasses on your face without going to the store?

The Warby Parker app has an augmented reality layer that scans your face and determines which glasses are right for you. Important: The app only works on the iPhone X, as special sensors on the front of the smartphone make an accurate scan of your face, allowing you to choose the right glasses.

Download the Warby Parker app for free


The best augmented reality apps

You can also use The best augmented reality appsto create life scenes right in your backyard from objects that would never have been compatible. These fantasies are a lot of fun, but what's especially cool is the total realism.

Surreal makes full use of lighting and shadows to bring your augmented fantasies to life in the real world. That is, all objects look like they have the same light source, so they look much more realistic.

Download Surreal app for free


 The best augmented reality apps

JigSpace is a 100% augmented reality application with which you can see this or that object from the inside. You can select any object from the app's extensive library, and JigSpace will show you how it works. For example, see the inside of a door lock floating next to you on the couch, or walk around a life-size trebuchet. And each time, you'll see, step by step, how the object functions.

Not only is it an incredibly educational app, it's also very well done. JigSpace is easy to use, and the library of objects is huge.

Download the JigSpace app for free


The best augmented reality apps

The Internet is overflowing with funny pictures of people superimposed on various non-human bodies. Now you don't need fancy software to do that - just download Dubface. This app allows you to take good 3D selfies and paste them into different funny animated codes to end up with cool pics against a real world background.

Dubface can be the best app for a party: just save photos of your friends' faces in the app and epic photos are guaranteed!

Download Dubface app for free

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