The best quote apps for iOS

The best quote apps for iOS

All of us sometimes need words of encouragement and approval, motivational phrases that can inspire us to move forward, interesting statements that can help us look at our own life as if from the outside. An unusual angle of view, an unfamiliar interpretation, which can help to understand and evaluate what is happening to you somewhat differently. And maybe even understand yourself. But they are not always available to everyone precisely when they are most needed. Whatever the reason, you can make sure that at any moment you have those very words in front of your eyes that can do a lot. We've gathered for you the best quote apps for iOS. 


The best quote apps for iOS

The app was originally conceived as a collection of cool quotes about design from designers and architects. Hence the beautiful, laconic, designer look of the app. But the coolest thing about the app is that any quote can be corralled into this beautiful design and installed on the phone. I.e. mode 1 - you look at the quotes, the favorite can be saved as wallpaper and then install, and the second mode, when you can write any phrase and save it as a wallpaper. You can save in 2 inverse colors - black and white.

Download Motivetica free from the AppStore

Facts citatnik

The best quote apps for iOS

By downloading the "Factbook" app to your iPhone, you get access to the library, which is a collection of various collections, dictionaries and compilations of interesting information.

A basic collection of 250 facts, records, quotes, proverbs, jokes, and more;
Murphy's Laws - 2,000 Murphy's Laws;
Stupid U.S. Laws - 1,000+ Stupid U.S. Laws;
Stupid Laws of the World - 100 Stupid Laws of the World;
Quotes and Aphorisms - 33,000+ Quotes and Aphorisms;
Interesting Facts - 9,000+ interesting facts;
Anecdotes and Jokes - 20,000+ anecdotes and jokes;
Proverbs and sayings - 7,000+ proverbs and sayings;
The Dumb Dictionary - 300 words with interpretation.

Download Facts citatnik free from the AppStore


The best quote apps for iOS

Motivates you to achieve your goals - quotes, pictures, success stories, videos and even music. Everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of their preferred format for receiving information. There's no problem with the subject matter, either. Work, sports, business, relationships - all these and more are gathered in one app, so you can find a boost for yourself in any life situation.

Quotes are shown on an animated nature background, videos and music are represented by thumbnails, fan pictures open on the screen, and stories are presented as text sheets. Categories are in the side menu, and there's also a pop-up in the top bar to switch as quickly as possible between photos, quotes, music, movies and success stories.

For those who want to promptly receive quotes without having to launch the application, there is a great feature with push notifications. In iMotivator settings, you choose the topic of interest and frequency and then wait for the banner to appear on the lock screen. Very convenient for forgetful users.

Download iMotivator free from the AppStore


The best quote apps for iOS

You could say of Quotato that it is as simple as the corner of a house. All you can do here is add quotations and read them in a list or individually, leafing through them one by one, in the order you have added to the quotation book. Additionally, quotes can be deleted by swiping them in the list - a button appears Deletewhich erases the older phrase.

Download Quotato free from the AppStore

Bash Reader

the best quotes app on iOS.

An iOS app that will delight and amuse you every day. The company WebsiteForge has created the Bash Reader app, which allows you to view the latest and funniest quotes right on your gadget. When you open the app, you won't see any complicated menus or even a simple menu, but go straight to the funny quotes.

Download Bash Reader free from the AppStore


The best quote apps for iOS

Here are the most inspiring sayings of mankind. Filled with the thoughts of sages and philosophers, aphorisms of writers and prominent people, this app has neither a catalog of phrases nor a list of authors. You are in charge of your own destiny. Just listen to yourself. Think about it, and one of the most inspiring statements of mankind will serve as a sign for you.

- Slideshow
- Inspirational Quotes in Russian and English
- Copy, SMS, Email
- Integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
- Vkontakte integration
- Automatic bookmark synchronization with iCloud
- Order a complete collection of quotes

Download Forismatic free from the AppStore


the best quotes app on iOS.

A daily share of inspiration, the wise words and sayings of humanity's brightest minds, one sparkling quote for every day. You can also choose a beautiful picture as a screensaver for each quote to share the stylish and inspiring end result with your friends and with the world.

Quotable is:

- Inspiration for every day of the week. You can also view an archive of past quotes.
- Customize - choose a picture from the catalog to make a screensaver for your favorite quote.
- Favorites - Collect all the quotes and sayings you like in your personal collection, which you can always refer to when you need motivation.
- Shareability - give inspiration to your friends and family by easily sharing with them via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Download Quotable free from the AppStore

Download the best quote apps for iOS right from this page. We wish you motivation every day!

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