Gaids, builds and heroes in Mobile Legends in season 12

Best characters in Mobile Legends (December 2019)

New Year vacations are coming, which means that we can play Mobile Legends in peace, because mobile League of Legends will not appear soon, and there are no alternatives. But, as you know, the meta in the game is constantly changing, and the eSports community worked together to compile another tir list, which is current as of 2019. You may be surprised that some characters remain popular for a long time, but because of a certain meta-shift toward mobility, your game pool may change.

For easy reading I suggest using the following sequence: Archer > Mage > Assassin > Warrior > Tank > Sapper. If you remember the heroes' names, though, it shouldn't be too difficult to understand the information.

S-tier (too strong)

  • Granger
  • Esmeralda
  • Helcurt
  • X-Borg
  • Khufra, Grock
  • Estes

Truth be told, Granger He doesn't look like a typical shooter, more like a mage who throws low-cost skills. He has a slow attack speed and can't shoot enemies from his hand, so his weakness has been leveled out by his skills. Accordingly, he needs to play aggressively - impose fights from the beginning, dive, go to other people's woods, control points. Closer to his leitmotiv, he will lose in terms of damage dealt to some Kerri, and if he does not crush the enemy team's shooter from the very beginning, it will be harder to drag him later on. He's also worse at piercing tanks, so if you choose Granger it's best not to drag the game into the late stages.

Esmeralda - A leaping mage fighter who lives largely due to good damage and the large number of shields she puts on herself. She is extremely mobile and can cause a lot of trouble on any line, playing solo or in pairs. Esmeralda's problem is that she often gets banned, so she's very hard to catch in ranked play, and lack of proper training can weaken her potential.

У Helcarta He has a clear role in the game - he farms the woods, begins to go to the line at 4th level and tries to kill on the ulta. He has a small health level, which is compensated by high damage from his hand and skills. It's the most difficult character in the game, so to be the strongest, you need to be able to play him - otherwise you'll be just a fat fly that will be killed on cd. In the current meta he is very relevant, but in the near future the tanks will start to gain momentum, and then he will stop doing as much damage as he does now.

X-borg He's been at the top of the meta since he appeared in Mobile Legends. Also quite an interesting character, who can easily stand a 1x2 line, gathers in the damag, but is relatively survivable and not bad at hitting from the hand. He's good in solo games, because he doesn't depend on team stack, can create moments by himself and will be useful at any stage of the fight with any composition (and amount of life) of the opponents.

Hufra - mobile tank as far as it can be applied to tanks as a role at all. His skills allow him to initiate fights, he's a great wall, plus Hufra is great with all the jumping and bursting characters. Given the "jumping" meta-shift, Hufra is a great fit in any lineup.

But here. Grok continues to be a top character for a month now, and to the point - it's a cool tank-sapporter who does wild damage without any of the idents, knows how to turn games around, and will always be a great pick on any team. Here's our Grok's guideWe have already written about it.

the best tank in mobile legends

To be fair, Estes somehow suddenly burst into the meta, so much so that there's not much to say about him. Once Rafael and Kaya were at the top, their roles and positions were clear, but with Estes it's not very clear what to do. Yes, he's probably the best healer in the game right now, and his skills are very important in situations where they're trying to take down your kerry (and there are a lot of those situations right now), plus he has great area control. Definitely going to play him to figure out his relevance in December 2019.

I also leave a link to a video of one good player in Mobile Legends, it's a list for August 2019, but the tips are generally still relevant. And the builds may change a bit, look at how the top players are built.


  • Kimmy, Claude
  • Harith, Valir, Zhask, Chang'e, Lunox, Kagura
  • Gusion, Ling
  • Chou, Leomord, Masha, Thamuz
  • Hylos, Franco, Baxia
  • Kaja


  • Karrie, Wanwan, Moskov, Bruno
  • Lylia, Harley, Gord
  • Hayabusa, Selena
  • Terizla, Guinevere, Dyroth, Jawhead
  • Lolita, Minotaur, Johnson
  • Diggie, Angela


  • Irithel, Lesley
  • Kadita, Alice, Odette, Nana, Aurora, Cyclops
  • Fanny, Lancelot, Karina
  • Badang, Ruby, Minsitthar, Lapu-Lapu, Martis
  • Uranus, Gatotkaca, Tigrael, Akai
  • Rafaela


  • Hanabi, Miya, Yi Sun-Shin, Clint
  • Pharsa, Vale, Vexana, Eudora
  • Natalia, Saber, Hanzo
  • Roger, Alucard, Bane, Argus, Alpha, Freya
  • Belerick
  • Faramis


  • Layla
  • Hilda
  • Balmond
  • Zilong

And a few more observations for the next couple of months:

  • A nasty trend is emerging in the game for low kuldowns, skill exchanges, and permocasters. Therefore, in order to continue to stay relevant, I recommend retraining for characters that meet these parameters. In fact, a good portion of S and A-tyr actually fall within these requirements.
  • Because of this, people are likely to take tanks more often - they are easier to control, easier to take enemy shots and can trade with the other team's kerry.
  • But due to the fact that there will be more tanks, assassins can get out of the meth - it will be harder for them to deal total damage to the team. But, as you understand, mages will be a more interesting option. But that's another story.

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