Best mobile games of March 2018

Best mobile games of March 2018

Every month we follow the best new mobile games that are released for iOS and Android. But sometimes developers offer really cool toys. Try to play the best mobile games of March 2018. We've collected them here for you

It was one of those months when the App Store and Google Play stores were releasing battle royale games one after the other. Two of them were released within days of each other, and both broke through to the top of the charts very quickly. Although Fortnite is currently available by invitation only, we see it as a new release, since it's really not that hard to get into the game.

We didn't want to stop at two games, so we decided to collect five games you might want to try.


Not many games can boast the title of the most downloadable free game for iOS devices and still be able to be somewhere between open and closed beta, but that's the strength of Fortnite. It's not just a battle royale - there's now a cultural component to it, as athletes, celebrities and other public people play it. The mobile version works very well, so invite your friends to squad or play on your own. Android players - your time will come someday. But not yet.

  • App Store (Free - invitation required)

PUBG Mobile

The unrivaled game, released at the height of the kingpin craze, has also made its way to success and has taken advantage of a market that is clearly hungry for it. Although PUBG Mobile offers a slightly different experience than it does on other platforms, it still has a ton of fans, and by the way, has eclipsed Fortnite on the free App Store chart. So it's largely up to personal preference to choose one. Either play both...

Shadowgun Legends

And this isn't the battle royale genre anymore, but it's a cool game too! You'll still need shooter skills for this latest game in the successful Shadowgun franchise from MADFINGER Games. The difference is that it has a static world with tons of RPG elements, as well as a Fame system that makes other characters react differently to you based on your own actions.

Pacifc Rim: Breach Wars

Yes, yes, we all know. It's the usual Match-3, RPG based on a puzzle game. Yes, you've been there before, and played it. We'll admit it, but we daresay you've probably never done it by the amazing Pacific Frontier juggernauts. The game offers dozens of different juggernauts and even more kaiju so you can fight decently.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Animoca Brands' games are best known for their special visual aesthetic, but Crazy Defense Heroes looks like it wonderfully intertwines all the interesting genres you know - tower defense, RPG, and CCG. And it looks like no one has ever done anything like this before.

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