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Apple continues to develop the ARKit technology, which was presented in summer 2017 at WWDC - it is not virtual, but augmented reality, which allows you to interact with the objects of the surrounding world and "build" to it the virtual elements created by the power of your smartphone. Despite the fact that the technology has a greater application value in the field of design and interior, some game designers are trying to adapt ARKit capabilities for mobile games. The first steps are not easy, but some games are still worth mentioning. Today we present you a list of the best augmented reality games (AR games) for iOS.

The Machines (download)

Obviously, the first AR game on the list should be the project that was presented at WWDC - it is The Machines, which Apple has chosen to demonstrate the capabilities of ARKit. The game, in general, has not gained popularity - the rating is 3.1 (121 rating), users complain about the monotonous gameplay, the lack of Russian localization and the charges (and also on the size, which is almost 1 GB of memory). But the game demonstrates the capabilities of new devices as much as possible - together with Metal technology, and even on the Unreal Engine developers tried to bring the game industry to a new level. Unfortunately, their game didn't take off, but gave a start to more comprehensible titles. Like, for example, the following one.

Pokemon GO (download)

A single-digit hit that tore the world to such an extent that users were ready to run into the Hudson Bay in search of the rarest Vaporeon, jump out of cars on the fly and climb tall buildings. The essence of the AR game is to find pokémon, pump them up and battle with real players. Pokémon are hidden in real objects - by pointing your smartphone camera to the bushes, for example, you can find hiding in them Bulbasaur. The developers tried to bring the game closer to reality, so that the parks will be inhabited by terrestrial (grass) Pokémon, near water objects - water, well, and so on.

The Pokemon Go game was able to move the AR games from the dead point and helped the technology to develop. Soon a huge number of clones of this game appeared, and ARKit developments were used not only in the gaming industry. By the way, now Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was a couple of years ago, but nevertheless it has a certain community of devoted fans who continue to chase rare critters around the world.

dARk: Subject One (download)

Here's another interesting title that you might have missed, but is a must-play, and it too is "full-length" - the smartphone camera complements the whole world, not some limited space. The plot is roughly as follows: you are Subject #3, who is being experimented on. Your task is to find your counterpart, Subject #1 (and don't even ask where the "other" has gone), who is somewhere in a parallel universe. To do that you have to go through a portal, which might appear in your bathroom or kitchen (if you're playing at home), and you have to go through it, not tap, so you'll need a lot of space to play. As you play, you'll find various clues and letters that reveal the First One's true intentions. dARk is made in "horror" genre, so ominous music and scrimmers are present in this AR-game.

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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR (download)

A very popular game today, which has a good rating in the Russian App Store - 4.8 (about 1.6 thousand estimates) and terrific figures in the American storeroom - 4.7 (15.5 thousand estimates). The essence of AR-game is quite simple - we choose a surface on which to play, then the game projects onto it a certain game area, solidly packed with zombies. We appear to be in a helicopter, looking at the area through a special device (which turns everything around into a purple-orange mess) and killing zombies. The gameplay is very simple, unrealistically dynamic, and, as they say, "delivers.

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Kings of Pool (download)

AR billiards is also very popular, which can be played not only with the computer, but also with real players around the world. You can project the game table anywhere, the system tries to bring the game closer to the real conditions - you need to approach the table and aim correctly. True, there is one problem - because of the shaking screen it is very difficult to play, check it yourself:

East of the Rockies (download)

Another game that will appeal to fans of adventure games - the script was written by Joy Kogawa, a Canadian poet and writer, who was resettled from Japan to Canada during World War II. In fact, about these events and was made to play - the author has tried to reveal the life and interests of immigrants at that time, to show the difficulties they had to go through. The story is told on behalf of the girl Yuki, and most of the time we just look at the houses and villages of the Japanese immigrants, their interior decorations (if I may say so at all) and their relationships with other people. The game is made with the support of the Canadian National Film Board, and the author (Joy Kagawa) is a Member of the Order of Canada, Canada's highest civilian honor.

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