The best Gmail app for iPhone from Microsoft

Gmail - is the most popular email service in the world, and iPhone - the world's most popular smartphone. The two have been around for years, but their use together has never been satisfactory. Today there are many apps on Apple's App Store, and it just so happens that the best one is called Microsoft OutlookNative app. Gmail for iPhone absolutely useless without an Internet connection, the user can not delete the message, and the animation is such that it seems that it would be better if it simply did not exist.outlook_iphone_inbox_screens_2Proprietary applications Apple - Mail app, Mailbox, CloudMagic, Boxer, Tipbit, Hop and others don't even provide the user's device with an email client: all they offer is speed and efficiency of communication. This is usually done by clogging accounts Gmail whole trees of folders and subfolders that no one asks for but is forced to accept.For example, Mailbox is amazingly fast and minimalistic, but demanding of an empty box. You could leave read emails in the mailbox, but Mailbox has no icon for unread messages: only a number "1" if there is something unread in the folder or a complete list of all incoming messages. Trying to archive everything brings up new restrictions - no access to folders Gmail and a simple "undo" command in case you suddenly delete something. With other applications, it's no easier.outlook_iphone_inbox_screens_1However, practical, lightweight and functional applications such as CloudMagic and Acompli provide instant access to folders and switching from account to account, provide an informative preview of the message, and have the ability to connect additional options. The latter, Acompli, has now been redesigned as the first version  Outlook for iPhone. This is a fast and convenient application. To delete or save an email, all it takes is a couple of simple swipes on the display. In addition, Outlook consumes less battery power iPhone in background synchronization.You could say that this is the least awful iOS email client: an app that is sometimes similar, but never equals, to the ease and speed of account management Gmail even on the cheapest smartphone that runs on Android. It is not very happy to choose between good features iPhone and a better email client, but at least this app makes the compromise less painful. Now that it is changing its name, there is hope that using Gmail for iPhone will also change and it will become an ideal tool for device users.outlook_iphone_calendar_view_screens

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