Love You To Bits

Love You to Bits: a new App Store novelty about the love between a man and a robot

Love You To Bits - an adventure game about the love of a young space explorer with a girl robot appeared in the Apple app store in late February, immediately won the attention of many and rose to the top.

Love You To Bits is an adventure game about a young space explorer's love for a robot girl that appeared in the Apple app store at the end of February, immediately won the attention of many and rose to the top. The point`n`click game involves moving your character to wherever you tap your finger.Love You To BitsThe touching love story begins rather brutally - the parts of Cosmo's iron girlfriend are scattered all over the universe and he is trying to put her back together again in pieces. The player will have to solve a variety of puzzles, some of them based on optical illusions, some logical, some on ingenuity. Each puzzle does not take much time. The player must collect items along the way, use them on other objects, activate switches, and more.3333333In Love You To Bits, the attention to detail is extremely important. More than once you will be surprised by the little things that give birth to the unique atmosphere of a futuristic fairy tale. The game will please you with bright attractive graphics, excellent soundtrack and fascinating gameplay.444444Love You To Bits consists of 24 levels. Each one is a little hand-drawn masterpiece. The mechanics on each next level is almost completely different from the previous one and you definitely won't get bored. As you progress, don't forget to explore every corner of the planet and interact with the many hidden items you can find as you explore the vast universe. Some of the items you find will show you a touching past in the lives of Cosmo the boy and Nova the robot girl.2222222Explore incredible worlds and planets full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles and hidden objects, and step by step learn more about human and robot love. "I love every bit of you"-how cute is that?Download from the App Store

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