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Lords mobile, like any other new game, is easier to master, relying on tips on passing, heroes, guilds and competitions. You can get them in this article. It is easier to follow the road already trodden by experienced gamers - admirers of Lords mobile. Lords mobile combines several important factors of a good game: relatively simple and uncomplicated passage, wide opportunities within the game, paid and free options. You can choose one of the available modes: battles, building, hero trials.

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How to pass Lords Mobile

Newcomers to the game will feel confident enough, because for them Lords mobile starts with training. The start of the game is preceded by a battle, after which you will receive your land for construction. At this stage you will act only on hints, without showing your own wit. But this is only at first. As the game progresses, your abilities will expand. So, you have a castle and a hero. The Oracle appears and tells you what to do next: improve buildings or armies, choose heroes, manage currency, fight with enemies, get statuses. The territory of your castle gradually grows with different buildings: workshops, barracks, towers, prisons and hospitals. When the chaotic construction stops, you can inspect your possessions and understand what is going on. The course of the game develops logically and gradually. The point of Lords mobile is the following: build up and expand the territory of your castle, conquer new lands, fight in Guilds, pass trials, and, of course, pump up your heroes. Heroes in Lords mobile is probably the most interesting section.

Heroes of Lords mobile

There are about 40 different heroes in the game, each with their own unique characteristics. The very first hero that appears at the beginning of the game is the Oath Keeper. During the course of the game, new characters will be revealed to you. After passing the Elite Underground, new heroes will become available. You only need 10 medals to unlock a hero. Pumping or upgrading will cost more. But after that, the hero's bonus will be much higher. In addition, you can buy donated heroes for real money. They are also divided into dexterous, wise and strong. Lords mobile heroes tableLords mobile heroes tableLords mobile heroes tableLords mobile heroes table Heroes in Lords mobile are quite an important niche, because thanks to them you get bonuses. The protagonist must be under your close supervision. Do not let him get captured by the enemy. After all, his main function is to hide a part of the army in the shelter. To improve or hire a hero, you will need trophies and medals, which can be earned in Trials.

Heroes can be divided into several categories

  • For the test. To successfully pass the trials you need to remember a simple rule: always use a healer (hill), a warrior and a hero that deals damage (tank). At the beginning of the game, the Oath Keeper will be the strongest player. As you progress further in the game, you should be sure to replace him with the Knight of Roses. If you're playing the low-cost version, the healer can only be a Prima Donna, but the choice of damage-dealers is much wider. Upgrade the heroes that freeze or prevent monsters from casting spells - Pathfinder and Snow Queen.
  • For the fights at the coliseum. This type of competition is the most tricky. It's impossible to create the most successful combination of heroes for clear victories. The only thing you can do is to stick to a roughly constant team of 2 strong, 1-2 dexterous and 1-2 mages.
  • Lock protectors. It is mandatory to add a leader to the castle defenders. When the castle is attacked, the bonuses of the heroes on defense will take effect. Choose a specific tactic, including trap, army or wall defense bonuses.
  • Attackers. The bonus of this type of heroes only works when you send them with an army unit, and a specific one at that. For each detachment - their own heroes. The type of hero must match the type of army, so it is better to pump the hero under the formed army, picking up him also the right equipment.
  • Hunters. Three types of heroes are used to hunt monsters: mages, agile and strong. Monsters come in different types, each of which is vulnerable to a certain type of heroes.
  • Farmers'. Such heroes give bonuses necessary for development: building, production, research, etc. Grifter is the brightest example of this type of heroes.

In the game Lords mobile there are no bad heroes, each is good in his own business, each has its own purpose. You only have to make the right choice and pump your heroes competently.

What are heroes for in Lords mobile

  • Participating in battles with other players' heroes.
  • Battles in the Colosseum, where you need to fight as a team. You need the right mix of heroes to win.
  • Monster hunts.
  • The single-player mode of the game is passing the Trials.

A guide to choosing heroes

Hero competitions in Lords mobile

An interesting feature of hero competitions in Lords mobile is that you can use an infinite number of attempts to win, changing heroes and your strategy. Stamina in the competitions remains unchanged. Participation in competitions becomes possible after passing the 4th elite chapter. You can use both standard heroes and heroes bought for money.

Competitions at the Colosseum

Lords mobile, competition, Colosseum Hero competitions in the Colosseum are held between heroes of the whole kingdom, they bring income in the form of gems. In Colosseum you should not only use well-pumped heroes, but also intelligently form groups for attack and defense. We advise you to assemble the following teams:

  • Child of Light, Prima Donna, Boomgilda, Knight of Roses, Black Label.
  • Rose Knight, Demon Killer, Death Knight, Boomgilda, Prima Donna,.
  • Prima Donna, Death Knight, Lighter, Black Label, Boomgilda.
  • Black Mark, Knight of Roses, Demon Killer, Boomgilda, Prima Donna.

Monster Hunt Lords mobile

Lords mobile monster hunt Monster hunting in Lords mobile is a great opportunity to get rewards to pump up your hero, such as his equipment. Periodically in the game on the map will appear monsters, which you will need to destroy by spending energy. But you need to do it in a certain way and with the right command:

  • For each monster you need to select a specific hero that can defeat it. To make the right choice, you need to open the monster's window and look at the information about it. Monsters with high magic defense should be attacked with agile heroes, with high physical defense - with magic heroes, with high physical and magic defense - with the strongest heroes. This tip is valid against level 1 monsters.
  • Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 monsters can be defeated by making adjustments to the team of heroes. Watch the animation of the battle and based on what you see make conclusions, which of the heroes you need: tank, hill or someone else.
  • It is the hero's prolonged survivability in a battle with a monster that is the main reason for a possible victory. If on the animation you see that your heroes are dying quickly, add a tank to the team. If this move is not successful, use the Prima Donna.

Lords mobile hero trials

Lords mobile trials There are 5 heroes in the trials, each of which will use their own skills to pass. There are 8 trials available in the game, taking place in several stages. Each trial is about battling in different locations and defeating a mini-boss. To successfully complete the Trials, it is best to have three attacking heroes and one tank and one healer each. It is important to study in detail the abilities of each hero and their combination with each other. Heroes should complement each other and be as compatible as possible with allies. Selecting heroes and calculating the probabilities of defeating the enemy and your own victories is a very entertaining business. After successful completion, Elite Challenges will open up for you. On them will spend more stamina, but the rewards will be much better. In addition, heroes will get experience, and you will get equipment items and shards (in normal mode) and medals (in elite mode). The latter are spent on pumping heroes.

Guild Guide in Lords mobile game

The first piece of advice in this section is to join a guild as soon as possible. Guilds are an opportunity to cooperate with other players. You can either join an existing guild or create your own. There are open and closed guilds. The first type is available for everyone to join, while the second type is available only on request. Joining a guild will give you allies to help you. You can sell your resources and heroes to them, ask for help in speeding up buildings and help them in return. The main reward will be coins, which can then be spent on various necessary resources.

Lords mobile guild features

  • Build an embassy and send reinforcements to your allies.
  • Building a factoria will allow you to exchange resources, but remember that every transaction is taxed.
  • Provide help - get acceleration and coins. Thus, you can earn up to 40000 coins.
  • The battle room will display data about your allies.
  • Spend coins at the guild store.

Guild assignments

If a guild consists of a large number of players, there is a struggle between them for good assignments that bring more points. That is why the sheet with tasks must be constantly monitored and act quickly. Here works the rule: who was the first to get up, and the slippers. Each player must fulfill the plan and bring points to the guild. The one who was the most passive can be expelled from the guild.

Simple tasks

  • It is better to save the gems you get in the game. When there is a task in the guild where you need to build something and spend gems, you can easily take it up and get points.
  • If you have scrolls, save them for errands. You'll be able to quickly complete fairly simple quests - Day Quests or Guild Quests.
  • The task of hitting a monster will be easy to accomplish if you have energy reserves.
  • Easy to complete will be those tasks where you need to spend acceleration (it is important that it is also available in the backpack), for example - Raise the power of learning.
  • Helping out with resources is also easy. You send a player from your guild wood or stone and get points for it.
  • Raise the Power. An incredibly simple task - by curing your troops in the hospital, you will raise your power. Completed instantly.

Choose tasks that you can complete. If you don't know how, consult with an experienced co-guildmate. It's better than failing it. Experienced players who are in the leading guild do not take small tasks, they wait for the more important ones, earning more points and taking their guild further ahead.

Guild store

Here you can purchase the necessary in-game items with guild coins. Lords mobile guild storeLords mobile guild storeLords mobile guild storeLords mobile guild store

How to create your own guild in Lords mobile

An untrained and inexperienced player should not create his own guild right away. A better solution is to join one of the existing guilds. When your city reaches level 25 and you have a strong army and a constant flow of resources, only then you can think about creating a personal guild. By becoming a guild leader, you will be able to attract allies and guide them in war. Remember that for a guild to last, it must have a sufficient number of players. If there are less than 11 players within 2 days, the guild will be closed. If you are still interested in starting a guild, remember:

  • You can recruit no more than 100 people into your guild.
  • The more powerful the members, the more powerful the guild itself.
  • Come up with a name for your guild that is not too long (up to 20 characters) and write it in Latin.
  • The motto also cannot be longer than 20 characters, but it can be written in any language.
  • You can choose any of the 43 available languages and set it as the main one in the guild.
  • Create an original logo by selecting backgrounds, colors and different symbols.
  • The label must be in English and cannot exceed 3 characters. Punctuation marks are also allowed.
  • When players purchase gift boxes in the store, each participant receives rewards. It also happens after winning a battle with a monster.
  • Earn experience by collecting keys, which can be obtained after activating payouts to buy or hunt a monster.

Castle Lords mobile

Lords mobile castle The castle is one of the most important buildings. Its pumping will not give great advantages in the game, but will open new opportunities. In order to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible, follow these tips:

  • Locate your castle away from others, move it as far away from the castles of experienced players as possible. Otherwise, armies will constantly attack you, slowing down your development. You can move your castle to other kingdoms up to level 5.
  • Don't draw a lot of attention to yourself. You can do this by not asking to join closed guilds and joining established guilds. Keep an eye on how much help you get from the guild. If you don't have enough allies, you can leave the guild and join another one.
  • Build 4 resource-generating buildings and 10 farms. This is necessary in order to supply the army. Mansions bring more gold and speed up the process of training the army. Upgrade buildings one by one. Remember the sequence of improvements: mines, walls, buildings, castle.
  • Don't waste crystals until level 17, at which point you can build a Treasure Trove. It will bring you a huge amount of the same crystals, and it will happen automatically. Accumulate 10000 crystals to build the Treasury.
  • Use your army to defend and open territories. A level 2 army will be enough for you to open territories in battles. Remember that there should always be more hospitals built than army units.
  • Exchange resources for resource items in the Cargo Ship. In this way, you will secure them and get the resources you need.
  • Speed up your exploration, resource generation and construction skills. Use equipment to help make the process faster.
  • Explore food production and construction. After all, construction can stop if food is in short supply. Explore monster hunting. Fight higher level monsters and get valuable items and various boosters.
  • Protect your leader. The bonus to development speed will be lost if he is captured.
  • Before you get the acceleration, equip the leader with skills. In this way, you will reduce the timer. Then enlist the help of the guild. You can get gas pedals on the Cargo Ship, in the store and as a gift.

All of the above methods will help you raise your castle to level 25 in about two months. With a developed castle, you will be able to develop your army faster.

What and how much to build in Lords mobile

Buildings in the city are very important. The right number of them and their degree of pumping depends on how fast you develop, how much resources you get and at what level you fight. In Lords mobile you can build 22 different kinds of buildings. Let's find out what each of them is for.


The castle is the heart of the city, it can neither be moved nor destroyed. Its functions are as follows:

  • Determine the amount of research and construction assistance from guild members;
  • Increase the number of warriors sent on campaign and heroes to defend the wall;
  • determine the improvement threshold for other buildings.

The castle is improved by improving other buildings. The level of a wall, for example, must be at its maximum in order to improve the castle.


You need it to protect the city. The higher its level, the stronger it is and the more traps you can set. Traps stop working if the enemy destroys your wall. At the end of the battle, it will be rebuilt over time.


It is better to build more traps, because the safety of the city and resources also depends on them. At level 25 you can build 125000 traps. Traps are divided into three types and have 4 different power levels. A certain trap kills a certain type of warriors.

  1. The cheapest traps: Spikes, Tribbles, Tower of Archers. The first level of traps will be available for use when you pump Academy up to level 5 and Learned Trap Creation I. Spikes destroy cavalry, Tower of Archers destroy archers and siege weapons, Tribolas destroy infantry.
  2. Class 2 traps: Steel Spikes, Sniper Tower, Turning Logs. They work the same way as the 1st class traps, but they are several times more powerful, twice as expensive and take longer to build. To open them you need to pump Academy up to level 9, learn Trap Power I of level 3 and Wall Power of level 1.
  3. Traps of 3 classes; Glowing Spikes, Fortified Tower, Fire projectiles. To buy these traps, you need to spend 50 units of several types of resources on each trap. You will need a level 17 Academy and a level 3 Wall Improvement II.
  4. Traps of 4 classes: Burning Spikes, Skyscraper, Burning Logs. These traps are more expensive than the previous ones by 25 resource units. They take twice as much time to build. To access them, you need a level 25 Academy, Wall Power Research III and Trap Power I.

Lords mobile trapsLords mobile trapsLords mobile trapsLords mobile traps


This is one of the main buildings of your city. Here you can conduct research, which improves the economy in general, the army and defense and makes it possible to hunt monsters. The higher the level of the Academy, the faster the research progresses.


Barracks are a place to train an army. Build more barracks to train more troops at the same time. This advice applies while you are building. During battles, the number of barracks should be reduced so that troops do not stay there for too long. Barracks increase the defense of the army. By upgrading your barracks to level 25, you get 10% to defense and can train as many as 5000 units.


A creepy place where pagan sacrifices take place. Sacrifice a prisoner and get an upgrade for your army that will last only 24 hours. A well-pumped Altar gives 38% to health, defense and attack, and 21% to map speed. In order to build the Altar, you need a level 17 Prison.


When you reach level 10, you will be able to capture enemy heroes. While he is in prison, you get bonuses to the army's characteristics. You will benefit from trading him for resources or executing him at level 17 of the Prison and getting improvements. To upgrade the Prison you will need shackles, which you can get as a gift from the guild or buy with donated currency.

Combat Room

Upgrade this building, because the higher its level, the more allies will be able to help you in the campaign. By sending troops on a campaign, you protect the army in the castle - the enemy is busy fighting you and your allies. Camping times can be set to 5 or 10 minutes, 1 or 8 hours. The battle hall gives improvements to attack - 10%. To develop it, you need war books. You can also get them as a guild gift.


The Embassy houses reinforcements from allies in the guild. They will help defend the city in the event of an attack, and they will go to an ally's hospital for healing. The higher the level of your Embassy, the more reinforcements it holds. In addition, your Embassy gives you a bonus to your movement speed.

Cargo ship

At level 10 you have the opportunity to use the Cargo Ship, where you can make profitable deals: exchange resources for items. The items can be used to replenish resources and it will be impossible to steal them when infiltrating the enemy's castle. Every 6 hours the deals on the ship are updated. Each deal can be recorded, which can be done later.


At level 10 you will gain access to battles with other players' hero teams. The Colosseum cannot be upgraded. You can enter battles 5 times a day, but no more. Bonuses are awarded to those players who are in the top 5000.

Sawmill, Mine, Farm, Mine.

These buildings produce food, iron, stone and wood. By raising the level of one of the buildings, you increase the amount of resources produced. An army consumes large amounts of food, but will not die without it.


Send troops that have been injured in battle to a Hospital or Hospitals. This saves money that would have been spent on training troops again. The number of places in the Hospital must match the number of troops, otherwise the wounded who cannot fit will die. When your army attacks your opponent's castle, only 60% troops will return. If your warriors are caught off guard while exploring the area, no one will come back. A hospital pumped to level 25 adds 5% to a troop's health.


The mansion is able to increase the speed of troop training. At level 25, the speed increases to 20% and the amount of gold produced is 5000.


In Sanctuary you can hide your leader and some army if your castle is attacked. You can hide your men for 1, 4, 7 or 12 hours. During this time they will be untouchable by the enemy, but also useless for the defense of the city. It is impossible to improve this building.


The basement is also a Sanctuary, but for resources. Everything can be placed there except gold, only at level 25 you can hide gold and 2.5 mln of each resource there.


This is where armor for the army is forged. Of course, you always need a lot of them, so the Workshop should also be pumped up. There are several types of equipment for different tasks. The higher the level of pumping, the more accessories can be used for the hero.


Through the Factoria you can exchange resources between allies of the guild. The better the Factoria is equipped, the more resources you can send or receive. Taxes are also paid through the Factoria. Their size decreases by level 25, at which it is only 8%. Watchtower


This is a kind of bank, in which you need to invest crystals to get interest. It is opened only at level 17. With the improvement of the Treasury the percentage of profit and the size of the allowable deposit increases. The minimum deposit is 10000 crystals. The longer they lie there, the higher the profit. You can take them out early, but you will lose part of the interest gained.


Notifies you of an impending offensive. This notification looks different at different levels:

  • the 1st says only that the enemy is approaching;
  • On the 4th you will know the name of the attacker and the location of his army on the map;
  • on the 7th, you'll know how much time is left before the attack;
  • on the 10th, the guild information will open;
  • on the 15th the leader's name and bonuses will be known;
  • on the 17th, you can count the enemy units;
  • on the 19th, you'll know which heroes will be attacking;
  • on the 21st, you'll be able to see how big the enemy's units are;
  • on the 23rd will open information about the ranks of the heroes participating in the battle;
  • On 25th you can press the "Defense Boost" button, it will help to hold off attacks and reduce damage.

Lords mobile army

Of course, the construction phase of the game will sooner or later get bored. Then your eyes will turn to the army, which in the game Lords mobile there are 4 varieties: archers, infantry, cavalry and siege guns. The game is built in such a way that all types of troops are equalized in strength, and wins the one on whose side will be luck. For example, your infantry army can defeat the archers, but lose to the cavalry army. All kinds of armies fall into traps that only siege weapons can handle - the weakest niche for battles, but the strongest in destroying walls. You can improve your army by upgrading it to level 4. To do this you need to build certain buildings, do research and train your units. Lords mobile army

How to fight

The one who wins the battle is the one who has a more favorable type of troops, whose army is better trained and equipped, has a higher level and is outnumbered. An important point is reconnaissance. It will help:

  • Understand if you will need siege weapons. If there are no traps near the enemy walls and insufficient health indicator, there is a chance to win.
  • Figuring out the inexperienced player. Experienced players never put siege weapons for defense.
  • Find out what type of troops prevail in the opponent's army. This will help you reorganize your own troops and send a "counterweight" to the battle.

How to use hero bonuses

You should not buy bonuses for the whole army at once, but only for one type of troops. To do this, you must equip the hero according to the specific type of army and customize the skills to give the army an advantage. If you distribute the bonuses a little bit at a time to the whole army, you will lose an important concentration of power. Plus, you can always make adjustments if you see that the enemy is stronger.


Familiars in Lords mobile are pets that protect the fortress and can influence its improvement. They are divided into attackers and peaceful ones. Attackers help to destroy the enemy army, and peaceful ones contribute to the development of the castle. In order to introduce familiars into the game, you need to reach level 17 and build a Menagerie. From there you can pump them up and use them for your own needs. Familiars come in first, second and third rarity. Each of them has passive and active skills, which allow you to get additional percentages to pump structures, production, add stamina, speed to the movement of troops, help provide additional defense walls, etc. Familiars of the third rarity have combat skills that are activated when they are maxed out.

How to tame familiars

  • Go to the Sacral Tower.
  • Click on the Covenants section.
  • Pick the right pact.
  • Move the slider.
  • Click Merge.
  • After a few hours, you'll receive a certain number of pacts, which will be displayed in the Menagerie.
  • Go into the Aviary and put the Familiars on tame.

How to pump heirlooms

It's not difficult to upgrade the Familiars. You just need to increase the level of the pet in the Cage, and you can also do it with the help of Shards (for one Shard - 10 experience). Familiars go through three stages of development: Cub - Young (level 20) - Adult (level 40). Each pet has a Rune attached to it, once you have collected enough of them, you can move your Familiars to a new stage of development. Remember: the level of your hero must be higher than the level of the Familiars. When you raise the skill level of your pet, you get bonuses. That is, skills can be pumped in three ways:

  1. Skills button.
  2. With runes.
  3. Shrapnel.

Tip: swing no more than one skill per day.

How to pass some chapters in Lords mobile

Undoubtedly, passing the first chapters of the game will not be very difficult, even if you choose the wrong heroes. But the further you go, the more difficult it is to defeat the enemies. The good thing is that all the chapters have already been passed by someone, and now you can take this invaluable experience.

How to pass test 6.6 in Lords Mobile

In this chapter, the boss is a level 47 Weasel, who appears not once but twice in the fight. He kills at least one hero. To pass this chapter, you need to take 4 melee tanks and one hitman: Big Guy, Child of Light, Oath Keeper, Death Knight and Prima Donna. All heroes must be pumped to level 47 or higher. Use Freeze. Save your energy for the third fight. After defeating the first boss, three more will appear. The first thing they will do is kill the prima donna. You need to throw all your strength into her defense.

How to pass 6.6 elite in Lords Mobile

The main boss in this elite dungeon is a level 54 Prowler, he is assisted by: Armored Train, Dream Bandit, Mole Shaman and Outcast (tanks and shooters). Passes this chapter with this composition: Death Knight, Child of Light, Prima Donna, Black Mark, Demon Killer. In the first fight, you need to navigate quickly and make the most of your skills. In addition to tank opponents, cannons will shoot at you. Copy energy before the last fight, where the boss will appear. Kill the first four and the boss. After that, the second boss will appear, on which you should first of all direct all the forces. One hero usually always dies, so for three cups the chapter is very difficult to pass.

How to pass the elite subway 6.9

The boss is Child of Light at level 56, and his assistants are Ancient of the same level. Send this combination of heroes to the battle: Child of Light, Prima Donna, Lighter, Boomgilda, Death Knight, even if they are a few levels lower. In the first round, take care of the Primadonna. Wait for Boomgilda to charge up and destroy one of the enemy's ranged mages with her.In the second round, immediately attack the 5 heroes in the center, then scatter them and destroy the mage with Boomgilda. Toward the end of the battle, try to accumulate energy. In the third round, fire your Lighter, freeze and kill the Boomgilda. Repeat these actions several times, aiming to destroy all the little heroes. First the ones attacking the tanks, then one attacking the Prima Donna. The second enemy will charge at her. In the resulting pile, shoot the Lighter and Finish with the Knight.

How to get through chapter 6.18

Chapter 6.18 is the last stage, where you have to destroy a Mentalist named Rasmus of level 53. For him you will get 10 medals and the possibility to hire him later. He is assisted by Stormcaller, Glacite, Bird of Doom and Harpy, also level 53. Go to the enemy with this set of heroes: Boomgilda, Child of Light, Death Knight, Prima Donna and Black Mark. In the first wave of battle you don't need to do anything special, just pay special attention to ranged opponents. On the second stage freeze and debuff, use the Black Marker to fight. After the boss appeared, you need to immediately kill the flying girl, whose kiss will wrap your hero on the enemy. With the next one do the same. Try to attack a bunch of enemies. This chapter is difficult to pass without losses, but nothing is impossible.

How to pass elite chapter 7.12

This is one of the most difficult chapters. The boss in this chapter is a Goblin Bomber, and his assistant is a Dwarf, both pumped up to level 63. This chapter can be completed with a set of heroes of level 53: Boomgilda, Child of Light, Black Mark, Prima Donna, Knight of Roses. In both the first and second round, emphasize on destroying the boss. If in the first fight everything happens practically "on automatic", then in the second you will have to use your skills faster against the boss, not letting it to shake off (regenerate). After all the opponents are destroyed, the help will appear. In the third fight, attack the enemy hitman at once.

How to pass level 8.8 normal

In the eighth square you will face a serious opponent - the Falcon, whose assistants will be the Prima Donna and the Singer of the Seas, who are at level 62. Use the Rose Knight, Prima Donna, Child of Light, Demon Killer and Lighter at level 57 against them. Destroy the girl first, who can take your hero prisoner. The second battle has an interesting trick: if you destroy one of the totems on the battlefield, it freezes the heroes standing next to it. In the third round, a boss will appear. Attack the Falcon and the Singer of the Seas at once. In no case do not touch the Prima Donna of the opponent, so that she does not stave off. She will be left as an "appetizer".

How to pass level 8.9

You will meet an interesting set of opponents in this chapter: Rose Knight (boss), Prima Donna, Child of Light, Rascal and Envoy of the Seas of level 63. Counterbalance those who are maxed out with Boomgilda, Rose Knight, Prima Donna, Black Mark and Lighter. They will be able to win even if they are pumped 5 levels less. At the very beginning, don't allow a kiss that will turn Lighter against Boomgilda. Otherwise - Boomgilda will be killed. You can start the game over again until the kiss lands on Prima Donna or Black Label, then all your heroes will stay alive. In the second round, kill the girl giving out kisses, then continue the fight according to the situation. Let all heroes recharge before the third battle. Turn on auto-fight if you see that there is not enough time.

Lords mobile cheats and hacks

Each player when passing Lords mobile behaves individually: someone patiently passes all levels, hanging in the game for months or even years, and someone just does not have the patience, but there is a desire to bring the game to its logical conclusion or put a beautiful fat point. For the impatient there is a great option - hack Lords mobile. It will never be superfluous increase in money, for example. Even the most persistent players can get into a situation where you really need funds for further development, and spending money on built-in in-game purchases does not want to. To implement such a simple plan, you just need to enter special cheat codes in the game.

  1. 800 Gem Combo-F - KI_olBdGvREcW
  2. 140 Gem Combo-A - GQ_rG6R4Rplz2
  3. 800 Gem Combo-D - BM_ixd1hMOs4w
  4. 800 Gem Combo-I - ZR_ZuppVOCn8N
  5. 800 Gem Combo-C - BY_8wD61cQXrU
  6. Special Combo - VF_cIP0rY5sXQ
  7. 800 Gem Combo-G - NJ_C8kbBH5W7E
  8. 800 Gem Combo-E - GW_2r9rKcvbbXA
  9. 800 Gem Combo-H - BG_7lsqP15sEh
  10. 30-Day Supply Chest - IN_gn9RV6YSTf

Thanks to these cheats you will be able to take for free what others buy. Get virtually unlimited possibilities without downloading applications with viruses. Enter cheats unlimited number of times, without Jailbreak and special programmer skills.


Lords mobile is able to draw you for a long time into the world of a fictional universe, which you need to develop and build on your own. You will feel like a real commander of a large army, a conqueror and a great strategist, deciding the fate of the whole world. A separate battle mode with a small squad of heroes is also sure to please you, because in it you can act as a skillful combinator and predictor, gathering the best warriors and defeating everyone on your way.

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