Looney Tunes: The Crazy World of Cartoons

Looney Tunes: The Crazy World of Cartoons

Bugs Bunny versus Marvin the Martian and a bunch of clones - whose side will you choose?

Disney released a game late last year called Looney Tunes: Mad World (download from the AppStore), which was a real revelation for fans of cartoons, strategy and fighting games at the same time. All because their new game combines all of the above elements, and may be of interest to a much wider audience - older players will like not only the gameplay, but also recognizable characters; those who are younger, more remember the drawing and funny, at first glance, gameplay. Now let's talk about the game in more detail.

looney tunes crazy world

The storyline in Looney Tunes is basically unnecessary - let's just say that Marvin the Martian was going to kidnap all the cartoons and take them to Mars for experiments, but he was traditionally interrupted by Bugs Bunny. However, in doing so, the rabbit hit the extraterrestrial equipment, which was destroyed, and the "cartoons" caught by the Martian were cloned in huge numbers. Bugs Bunny will now have to lead a squad to clean up the cartoon world from the clones that have invaded it with the help of real characters. In general, the game's introduction is about that, but then there are almost no references to the storyline.

Looney Tunes game modes

The developers of Looney Tunes decided to integrate the maximum number of available mechanics, so the game will cause a huge number of flashbacks and analogies. Structurally, the game can be divided into several modes: the passage of the campaign, building the game world and PvP-battles. Participation in each of these "areas" gives the player the opportunity to earn resources to open and pump up the characters. What's interesting - "cartoon characters" here have unique abilities and are divided into classes - just like in a full-fledged RPG.

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- Campaign

A series of narrative battles for which you get nice loot and coins to unlock new characters in the game. The resources you receive also allow you to level up your characters, increasing their health, base damage, and the number of techniques they can use in combat.

- Brawl

PvP combat "not in real time". In the game you can earn crates, which contain resources of varying degrees of rarity. The crates, as always, open after some time, and we assemble a team of the best "cartoonists" to guard them. The problem is that these crates can always be claimed by one of the real players - he challenges your team, a small scuffle ensues, at the end of which he either takes your crate or leaves with nothing. In your absence, your team is controlled by the computer, and not always intelligently.

By the way, if you have a box open, you do not have to worry about it being stolen.

Looney Tunes: The Crazy World of Cartoons

When making a team for Brawl, consider (important!) who you're playing against, there are many combinations where the right deck or set of cartoons can win against a stronger (in appearance) deck. For example, if you play against any Daphy, take Bugs Bunny (which they give us at the beginning), he stuns any duck with a special hit. Or the opposite situation, if you're up against any Bugs Bunny, take Marvin Fudd, he'll have +15% to damage. But the epic Daffy Goode (you get him through achievements and then collect him through shards in town) has (attention!) a 50% increased attack against any Porky Pig. Learn your opponent and extra cartoon skins and smash your enemies 🙂

- Construction

Opens when you click on the "World" button. Each of the characters you unlock has its own house - when you unlock it, there is an opportunity to mine resources after a certain period of time. A very handy thing to invest your earned coins in, because this investment will pay off in the first 3-5 "runs".

Moreover, this is almost the only way to collect shards of top characters in the game constantly and without randomness. I recommend to collect only epic cartoon characters and not to waste time on common or rare ones. There aren't many legendary cartoons in the game, so epics are our everything.

Looney Tunes: The Crazy World of Cartoons

- Everyday Tests

Several new challenges are given each day. Basically, they are aimed at obtaining the necessary resources. See what you need more, that's what you get. Sometimes there are tests just for gold, also take, do not despise.

- Union

It doesn't mean much. But from time to time there are guild games in which it is enough to play solo. Thus, the points that each Union player earns go to the guild. At the end of the event, tasty gifts are given out. The Union is not needed for any other purpose.

Get a video introduction to the game on video

Looney Tunes gameplay

Everything seems clear with construction - we unlock new characters, open their houses, start the processes of resource extraction and collection of character fragments. Much more interesting (and dynamic) is the gameplay, which, although it gets boring after a while, is the main feature. Each character has several types of attack - a regular punch and "reception" (super-strike). They differ from each other by the reload speed, the amount of damage inflicted and the consequences for the enemy.

looney tunes world of mayhem

For example, the same Bugs Bunny does the following: digs a tunnel under the opponent, jumps out of it and hits him over the head with a baseball bat, stunning the opponent and reducing his attack. In the future this character will deal significantly less damage, so you should knock out the opponent's DD. Depending on the class the characters may have different tricks - one heals the whole team, another provokes all the damage on himself, the third becomes invisible for a while.

Characters in Looney Tunes

Selecting a team should be based on certain traits - knowledge of basic strategies from MMORPGs, when the ideal mission completion requires a typical tank, healer and 2DD. Thankfully, the developers provide players with such a set of "cartoons" from the very beginning - Bugs is a damage dealer, Foghorn Scout has the skill "provocation" (which makes him a pure tank), and Sylvester Jr. spreads fish and heals the whole team (a typical healer). The team in the game consists of four characters, so choose the lineup at your own will.

looney tunes tasmanian devil

The attack animation repeats the typical "crippling" actions from cartoons, so the characters hit each other with clubs, hammers, throw safes at each other, shoot lasers - in general, the whole set. Now for such scenes cartoonists can lose their jobs, but in the past it seemed like fun. Each "cartoon" has its own actions, so you want to open all of them at least to see how rich in imagination the developers have. By the way, a little tip - if you're tired of looking at all these monotonous hammer blows to the head, in the upper left corner there is a button that speeds up the gameplay - 1x, 2x and 4x.

How you can get cartoons

Characters in addition to classes are also divided by rarity - common, rare and epic.

  • You can get cartoons either from the crates or by using a special wheel of fortune, which can be found in the main menu. The essence is simple - pass the campaign, get gold tickets and open "cartoons". It is better to open for 5 tickets - more chances to get a cool character with good characteristics.
  • Shards of some cartoonists can be obtained in the campaign. Not all of them, but key ones. Usually rare ones, we collect. But again, the campaign is better to focus on collecting potions to raise the level of the cartoonists.
  • And, of course, let's not forget about reatomizer. A reatomizer is an in-game currency with which a basic, but random, number of cartoonists are collected. Reatomizers are collected when passing the campaign. It's important here too, at first there won't be many, but the higher the level, the more of them will accumulate. I don't recommend spending them immediately, because from time to time the store gives lots for epic and rare cartoons. If you buy regular lots, you'll most likely get a regular cartoon.
  • And the fourth way, which I wrote above - through buildings. Each cartoon has its own building and through long tasks you can get 3 to 6 cartoon shards every 6 hours, at maximum building swing. I recommend collecting epic cartoons.

In general, the game is very good - interesting, with a lot of game modes, which will be interesting to players of all ages. And also Looney Tunes is free to download, and so far the need for donation is not observed, which is also good.

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