Favorite Ukrainian apps of the Uklon marketing director

There aren't many Ukrainian ones, but they are

We continue the good column, where we explore what interesting people have installed on their phones. This time, we will find out what are the favorite apps of the marketing director of the cab service and the app of the same name, Daniel Wachowski. The following are Daniil's words, uncorrected.

For a long time I was going to write about my favorite Ukrainian mobile applications. In general, I use dozens of them, but domestic ones are very few. Of course, I will not write about Uklon, but I will list the others, without which I can not imagine a comfortable life.

  1. ROZETKA (download). I didn't like the new branding with the green smiley face at all, so Rosetta left my home screen, but their mobile app is one of the simplest, smartest and most useful. Favorite features are the barcode scanner and wishlists. For example, when I'm in a regular store, I might not put a good half of the items in my cart, but compare prices with Rosetta, add to my Wishlist, and order through the app on the spot or later. Items that I buy regularly, like diapers, I order from my wish list with a couple of clicks. Thanks to the app, a considerable part of large purchases, household chemicals, children's goods, everything now I order quickly and conveniently in Rosetka.
    ROZETKA (download)
  2. My Water Shop from IDS Borjomi Ukraine (download). I have been ordering all my drinking water at home with it for more than a year now. In addition to the usual 18-liter bottles, through the app you can buy packs of one-and-a-half-liter Morshinskaya (it is strategically placed in the rooms), sports bottles for the hall, cans and bottles of Borjomi. In general, My Water covers all the family's needs for all drinking water. Through the app, you can conveniently pay by card and choose hourly delivery intervals. In a year, they have only been slightly disrupted once. The app is very simple, and even if some bugs occur, they are fixed very quickly.
    My Water Shop from IDS Borjomi Ukraine (download)
  3. Multiplex (download). I go to this theater a lot more often than to Planet Cinema, so this app is my first choice. Actually, that's not the only reason. It's just a very simple and convenient service for buying tickets online.
    Multiplex (download)
  4. Gorilla (download). You probably haven't heard of it if you don't live in Odessa. It's a very convenient local app for ordering food. When I was on vacation we had no opportunity at all to go to restaurants with a small child, so we ordered food through Gorilla all the time. It's a very worthy alternative to Glovo, and the coolest thing about it is the near genius of courier tracking.
    Gorilla (download).
  5. Privat24 (download). You probably expected to see monobank here, but even before the release of the new version, it is much more functional than its closest competitor. Yes, the design is a bit outdated, some things are superfluous in it, but it works stably and almost without fail. Integration of Privat payments in a number of stores, the same Rosetta, reduces clicks for purchases.
    Favorite Ukrainian apps of the Uklon marketing director

That's all for now. The Silpo, Kyivstar, Prom, OLX apps are still more like hell. Nova Posta is a good app, but it's time to freshen it up. Separately, I would like to note the applications of gas station networks. Even with all the shortcomings, WOG (Pride) is two heads ahead of the market, all the rest are just rubbish.

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