My PlayHome, a mobile game for people with autism - psychologists recommend

Favorite mobile game of child psychologists

Do not forbid children to play games. Games develop little ones. For example, like this one.

A multi-series game for autistic children from PlayHome Software Ltd is used for children with social skills disorder. Without expecting it, the developers have made their product an indispensable technique for correcting behavioral disorders of autistic children and accelerating their social adaptation. Such simple things as daily self-care are not easy for them. The program teaches them this through simple examples.

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Favorite mobile game of child psychologists

My PlayHome - a game for people with autism

With a developmental game for people with autism My PlayHome can play different family situations that arise in everyday life, they will clearly show the child how you can and how you can't act. All the hidden feelings of the baby, which is so difficult to get out, can easily be transferred to the actions of one of the characters in the game. Thus, parents will be able to understand the causes of anxiety, fear or reticence. This is why the game is beloved by psychologists and is widely used in their practice.

My PlayHome is indispensable when traveling, when it is not possible to take a huge toy house with dolls and furniture.

An interesting feature is that more than one child can be involved in the game. This is an additional useful option to help build social contact. This mode of play became available after the next update. Thanks to this, children with autism develop quickly, comprehensively and up-to-date.

My PlayHome is the best developmental game for children with autism

This is conventionally the first game, because the other games in the series can be used independently of each other. It is a house in which a child settles a family: a father, a mother, and three children. Their racial affiliation can be chosen independently. Such a feature is a great educational and upbringing moment. Children understand that people of the planet have different nationalities, but all are similar to each other and socially equal. The house has several rooms: a hall, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and access to the backyard where the playground is located. By selecting all the family members, the little user places them in different situations. Moving the characters, he can voice them independently or with parents, turning the action into a role-playing game. The age of children who can begin to get acquainted with the application can range from 2 to 4 years old. As a game for autistic preschool children, it is also suitable, because it has a simple navigation.

In the room.

In this room there is a TV you can turn on, a chair on which you can jump, a music center in which you put a CD to play music. Situations played out in this room can be very different: the arrival of Daddy from work, the family watching a movie or dancing till you drop in honor of Mom's birthday.

Favorite mobile game of child psychologists

In the kitchen

You can open the fridge and cupboard, cook eggs, put pizza on the table, pour milk in a glass. All characters can be seated on chairs with their legs bent at the knees, and the pose looks realistic.

In the kitchen

In the backyard

The developers have placed a tree house, which all children dream of, swings, a small vegetable garden and a trampoline. Here children can arrange an exciting game with their virtual dolls and gather a small harvest.

In the backyard


It contains all the necessary bathroom fixtures. It will be fun for a child to take care of and bathe all the family, towel them off, brush their teeth, shave their daddy, and get a vase for flowers or a spare roll of toilet paper out of the cabinet. Just like in real life!


Children's bedroom

It includes a bunk bed, a playpen, and a closet. Before going to bed, the characters can be changed into pajamas. After an active day, they instantly fall asleep in their cozy beds. In the morning, you can invite your friends over, put on their fun headgear and play a little game, blowing soap bubbles.

Parents' bedroom

The doll parents can change for bedtime in a separate dressing room. In their bedroom is a double bed and a closet with various accessories for a social outing - hats and jewelry. Sometimes there are children in the parents' bed who can't sleep if they have a scary dream. Each player will make up his own situation or play something that happened to him in real life.

The level of illumination of the dollhouse is manually adjustable by the user, that is, he chooses when it is day and when night falls.

The developers are positioning their child as an essential entertainment for the new generation of children, but this application has been given a more meaningful and in-depth application. My PlayHome is an online game for children with autism, allowing them to learn to live in society and get used to the algorithm of household tasks.


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