Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat

Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat: When You Don't Need a Live Kitten

For all owners of iPad, iPhone briefly became available the game Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat for free. So everyone will be able to play with a cute kitten, draw his paw, play hide-and-seek with him. Just imagine, you are the real owner of the little kitten, because you will have to take care of him, to teach him, to discover new movements. And by the way, there is absolutely no fur and it does not stink 🙂 The peculiarity of the game is that the developers offer a minimalistic design with simple controls. There are a total of six short games with different themes that both children and adults will enjoy. The tasks are designed in such a way that learning new things is not a drag, but in the form of a game.

Download free (temporarily) game Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat for iPhone and for Android.

Features of Little Kitten

Highlight a few features of the game that will not leave you indifferent:

  • Increasing the child's attention span through games of hide-and-seek;
  • develop creative thinking and imagination after drawing lessons with the SEAL. You can also figure out how to get new shades of paint by mixing existing ones;
  • development of memory after tasks with a game of cat and mouse;
  • learning new tricks after jumping out of bed;
  • Rewards in the form of food for the kitten, which users receive after completing tasks;

The game is easy to control because there are almost no icons or distracting cues, so the child can play with the kitten without parental help. There is also a time limit on the game, which is set manually. When the time limit expires, the kitten simply goes to sleep.

Little Kitten - My Favorite Cat: When You Don't Need a Live Kitten

3D-graphics allowed to achieve maximum realism and colorfulness, the picture is clear at any screen resolution, as developers Fox and Sheep and Squeakosaurus took care of. Little Kitten is recommended for children from three to eight years. According to the developers, a seventh mini-game will be available very soon.

Note that Little Kitten is easy to operate, colorful, exciting, allows you to teach your child through the game, available for iPhone or iPad, and unfortunately we have not found it for Android.

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